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Last time, he had been there to save me. Now, no one was there. I was truly alone... Another accident occurs at Forks High School. Once again, Bella Swan is in harms way. This time, no vampire was there to help. She was on her own, and is now 'awakened' from the numbness. Can she handle what life has to throw at her now? cloakI am working on this again! The next chapter should be up soon!

All charecter belong to Mrs. Meyer, the genious who brought us the world of Twilight...

11. Chapter 11

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Chapter 11

I stretched as we left the crowded airport. I had held my breath the entire trip from the plane to the front doors, and I was feeling strong relief as I was able to breathe and smell again.

Jane was walking forward, looking utterly bored. After I had told her about Victoria, and explained that she was the mate of James, who Edward had killed, she had lost all interest.

Felix and Demetri walked behind me. They were whispering over the chances and possible outcomes of the fight. Demetri wanted to take out Victoria first, and deal with the newborns in groups. Felix wanted to take them on all at once.

I ignored them as we walked into the darkness of Port Angeles. There were few people out now. I knew that the others wanted a snack, so I went off in another direction when they found a group of men walking around.

I wandered in the woods. I was extremely hungry, and hoped to find a large animal soon. Being around humans so long had increased my thirst. The venom was flowing stronger in my throat.

A young doe was walking by. Before it had the chance to run, I was on top of it and drinking its blood. The sweetness of it filled me, making me hungry for more. I stalked through the woods a little bit more, until I found another large buck and a small fox.

Once I was fully satisfied and sure I could go around humans, I went back to Port Angeles. The others were waiting next to me inside of a dark unfamiliar car. It had tinted windows and was big and black.

I slid into the backseat like in Italy, right next to Jane. I looked up at Felix. “Did you steal this one or rent it?” I asked with a big grin.

He smirked at me. “We stole it of course. And we’ll have it back before anyone knows it’s gone.”

“You expect we’ll finish that quickly?” I asked in disbelief. He just shrugged.

“I hope we do. I don’t like being in America. Everything is too free,” he complained.

I laughed. “Felix, that’s why it’s called the home of the free. I thought you were older than me.”

“Ah, but not smarter,” Demetri chuckled. I beamed at him, while Felix growled loudly.

“Felix, control your anger,” Jane snapped beside me. She looked bored and slightly annoyed, just like usual. “Now, can we please go faster? I want to go home.”

“Will do,” Demetri sighed. He stepped onto the pedal, and sped down the dark highway.

I watched the familiar landscape go by. I was surprised slightly when we entered Forks. I was about to turn and ask Jane why were here, when something flickered in my mind.

Victoria was hunting me. I used to live in Forks, so that was where she would go to look for me. Which meant we would have to go and look through my hometown for her.

Another thing clicked in my mind. The car accident was too random, and the car shouldn’t have exploded. The person inside looked like they could have purposefully been pushing it out of control.

Victoria caused the car accident.