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Last time, he had been there to save me. Now, no one was there. I was truly alone... Another accident occurs at Forks High School. Once again, Bella Swan is in harms way. This time, no vampire was there to help. She was on her own, and is now 'awakened' from the numbness. Can she handle what life has to throw at her now? cloakI am working on this again! The next chapter should be up soon!

All charecter belong to Mrs. Meyer, the genious who brought us the world of Twilight...

21. Chapter 21

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I gripped the armrest tightly as the person behind of me shifted, making their scent come at me even stronger. It took all my concentration not to crack the flimsy plastic.

Did no human on the stupid plane realize that they needed to stay still and not stir the air at all, making their scent come at me even stronger? A growl slipped through my teeth, too low for any of the mortals to hear.

A familiar white hand gripped mine, pulling it off of the armrest and straightening it out. “Just try and hold your breath,” Edward whispered, clutching my hand tightly.

I stared at him for a moment, unable to say anything. Then I regained myself and nodded, stopping the flow of unneeded air into my lungs. Now all I needed to do was tame the craziness of my persistent thoughts and feelings.

I was trying to concentrate solely on my ability to make sure it wasn’t my heart saying anything—only my head. I didn’t trust my heart that much anymore. All it did was give me more pain. Even though I was aware that he still had some feelings for me, I couldn’t shake the doubt. If he loved me, why did he leave me? Had he realized that even though I was special to him, he deserved better than a mediocre human?

The instinct that I had been given was showing me faint images, dull from human senses. My memories back then wasn’t as sharp as mine was now, and I had seen it all weakly. But I could still understand.

His eyes looked deeply into mine, glorious, agonized. “You are the most important thing to me now. The most important thing to me ever.” The sincerity in his voice at the time was impossible to even consider doubting.

“If I could dream at all, it would be about you. And I’m not ashamed of it,” he whispered into my ear softly, gently. He held me in his arms, and I felt indefinitely safe. I would always be safe with him.

“Like I said, as long as it makes you happy…as long as it’s best for you,” he whispered to me, his voice like the gentle notes of a lullaby.

Why do I have to be going through this right now on a plane! I thought angrily to myself. This wasn’t fair at all. My mind was telling me now that Edward loved me and that he only left because he thought it was safer for me, and I couldn’t even do anything! I was bound to stay with the Volturi. I would only be allowed to leave with good reason, and I knew Aro would twist any argument I had to go. And a part of me didn’t want to. I wouldn’t be able to be around Edward pain free without him admitting and explaining everything to me, and that could hurt me more. I was afraid of that pain more than almost anything else.

Why give anyone the chance to hurt me again? I wasn’t human anymore, and part of me felt like that was the only reason he had liked me in the first place. My scent, my warmth, my softness. Human things. Now I was a vampire, cold and hard. Unchangeable.

I flexed my fingers slightly to alleviate some of the tension building up in me. I glanced down at my hand and humor washed away some of the building aggravation.

“Bella, what exactly is wrong with your hand?” Demetri questioned, amusement hidden in an undertone in his fluid voice. I frowned at him and looked at both us my hands before noticing the ring finger on my left hand wasn’t there anymore. In its place was a stump. My eyes blackened slightly before I looked up to the trees where I had fought Victoria.

“One moment please,” I muttered, gliding over to the trees and hurriedly picking up the small white appendage and placing it near the stump. It reattached itself with a popping noise similar to the sounds of it coming off.

“Laugh and your head will be in a box,” I muttered violently to Felix. He gave me a daring look and I bared my teeth at him. He immediately scowled at me, lowering into a crouch, looking for a good fight.

“Stop it both of you,” Jane said severely. Felix and I immediately straightened, and I couldn’t help but notice how all of the Cullen’s eyes seemed to darken at the reflex.

I pulled out of my memories as if I had hit stop on a DVD player. There was another show of what I was beginning to realize. Even if I wasn’t sure if it applied to Edward as well still, I was positive that the Cullen family missed me, and wanted me back with them. But could I leave?

I glanced to the seat ahead of me, where Jane was sitting with Felix and Demetri. There was a look on her face that said she was in a bad mood. And it really wasn’t hard to figure out why.

Sitting in the two seats on either side of me was Edward and Emmett. Alice and Jasper sat across from us, with an empty seat next to the aisle way. It was obvious they didn’t want me to suddenly lose it and randomly start attacking humans like any other newborn should have. And Emmett wasn’t making it any easier to stay restrained.

After a long silence with the loud sound of heartbeats and noisy breathingechoing in my ears, Emmett started asking me more questions. He had inquired earlier about my gift, and my hunting preferences. He seemed pleased that I liked bear. No shockers there.

“So Bella, how are you not jumping people right now? You should be ripping throats out, not pieces of plastic,” he asked excitedly, as if my answer would give him a big treat.

I tensed slightly before opening my mouth to let out some of the air I had been holding. “It seems that I have a better restraint than other newborns. I skipped over the emotional problems too partly.”


I rolled my eyes at him, avoiding the other gaze I felt burning me, listening intently to my voice. I realized I didn’t have any air left, and gripped the armrest again before taking in a swift breath, along with the smell of everything around me. A red haze temporarily took over my vision, egging me to reach around me and take the blood of the young family visiting Italy for the first time. I reminded myself that I didn’t have the right to take away their life before answering Emmett’s inquiry.

“I have the occasional temper tantrum. And the smell of human blood,” I closed my eyes tightly, imagining I was in an empty box, “is incredibly tempting to me, though I can somewhat hold myself back.” As I spoke, the armrest cracked slightly and my hand moved of its own accord, trying to reach behind me. Edward firmly held onto my hand, not letting go or weakening his grip even slightly. I glared at Emmett. “See?”

After that he didn’t ask me many questions.

I was beginning to wish that there was some random island in the middle of the Atlantic Ocean that the plane could lad on. I had had my brief break in New York where I could get some fresh air, but now it was back to the torture chamber, it seemed.

Now I had to just make it for another five or so hours.