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Last time, he had been there to save me. Now, no one was there. I was truly alone... Another accident occurs at Forks High School. Once again, Bella Swan is in harms way. This time, no vampire was there to help. She was on her own, and is now 'awakened' from the numbness. Can she handle what life has to throw at her now? cloakI am working on this again! The next chapter should be up soon!

All charecter belong to Mrs. Meyer, the genious who brought us the world of Twilight...

3. Chapter 3

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Chapter 3

I woke up what felt like a short while later. I looked around me to see I was in the back of a limo with tinted windows. I was lying on the seat furthest back, with my medicine and monitor hooked up to me still.

I saw that Demetri and the other vampire were in the front, driving. I glanced out the window, and saw that we were going very fast through the Tuscan hills. The sun shone brightly, and lit up the countryside.

I sighed, wincing as my lungs stretched to let in the extra air. Okay, that’s going to be a problem, I thought to myself.

I didn’t say anything, but the two vampires in the front knew that I was awake from the change in my heartbeat. The brunette leaned through the window dividing the front from the back, and smiled kindly at me.

“We’re almost to Volterra. We should be there in about five minutes,” she told me quietly. I tried my best to nod. She smiled again, and closed the window.

I was starting to really remember the past few days. Going to school, and then the car accident. The EMS workers trying so hard to save me, along with Charlie, until the explosion, which killed them. And would have killed me, if Demetri’s master hadn’t wanted to meet me…

I felt tears start to form, and I let them. My old life was over, if it hadn’t already ended in September. I winced, but let myself cry for everything I had lost. My father, my friends, my life, my family, my love.

I felt the car turn, and I glanced out of the window with blurred vision. We were entering a large stone gate, into a very medieval looking town. There was a castle in the center, and many large building in its shadow. It made shivers run down my spine.

The car door quickly opened. We were in the shadows of an alley, and both vampires were shrugging on grey cloaks that fully hid their skin from the shining sun. Demetri smiled at me, and then picked me up. The brunette took out all of my medical equipment.

“You won’t need these much longer,” she told me in an ominous voice. I gulped, and closed my eyes as they ran into the castle. I knew that they were going at vampire speed, and didn’t want to get sick or dizzy, and become even more of a nuisance, one that they could take out whenever they wanted.

I was being set down on a bed before I realized that Demetri had stopped. I opened my eyes, and saw I was in a lobby, with fluorescent lights, and tasteful furniture. A woman was sitting at the desk. She looked at me and smiled, her green eyes kind and respectful.

“Welcome back, Demetri, Heidi,” she said respectfully.

“Gianna,” Heidi said, nodding her head. Demetri just nodded, and wheeled me into a long passageway. We walked for a few moments, and then we were in a cool stone room off to the side.

There was a large olive desk, and an old lamp. A man was sitting at the desk. He was the oldest vampire I had ever seen.

His skin was paler than any I had seen before. His skin looked papery, almost, as if one hard jab might shatter it. His ruby eyes were milky and clouded, and I wondered if that affected his vision. He had long black hair, and was wearing a black cloak. I recognized him from the painting in Carlisle’s office.

His face lit up when he saw us. Heidi and Demetri bowed to him, and then left the office.

“So, Miss. Swan, how do you like Volterra so far?” He asked casually, as if I were visiting him as a friend.

“It’s a very beautiful city, sir,” I said quietly. He chuckled lightly.

“Yes, it is a marvelous town, isn’t it? That’s why we chose to live here, so many millennia’s ago,” he said, a happiness creeping into his voice. I guessed that he really did love his town.

I waited for him to speak. He was the one who had brought me here, the reason I was still alive at this moment. He had all of the cards, and I could only wait to see what fate had in its hand for me.

“I am glad that you like our city, for it will be your home for a long time,” he said. I blinked. Did he mean for me to join his coven?

“I don’t understand what you mean, sir,” I said. He blinked, and then smiled.

“Of course you don’t! All that is going on right now is to help you, and no one thought to inform you! Well, that’s funny, isn’t it?” He said. I nodded.

“Well, let’s start off simple. My name is Aro, and I am one of the leaders of the Volturi, along with my brothers Caius and Marcus. We are the ruling class, you may say. We look after all of the other vampires; keep them from telling our secrets, as with you.” As he said that, he fixed his cloudy gaze on me. I stared back fearfully. He noticed that, and tried to make his face reassuring.

“Don’t worry, I promise that I won’t kill you. You see, I am very interested in you. I have heard that you are immune to Carlisle’s son’s powers.” As he said that, I winced. He seemed to not notice, and went on. “My powers are very similar to his, you see. While he can only see what a person is thinking at that moment, I can see everything. I just need physical contact with the person to do so.”

I was confused, and quietly voiced it. “Wait, how do you know all of this? Did the Cullens visit you?”

Aro shook his head. “No, actually, a female came here not too long ago, requesting death. I believe her mate, James, was killed by the Cullens. I gained all of her memories, and learned about you.”

My eyes widened. Victoria had come here, to the Volturi, to die. I never knew that she had loved James. I wish that things could have worked out differently, but I was unconscious for most of it.

“I was just wondering, you see, if you were immune to my powers. Would you mind if I see if that is true?” Aro asked kindly. I knew I really didn’t have a choice, so I held out my hand. Most of it was wrapped up in gauze, but there was some skin showing.

Aro gleefully took my hand, and closed him eyes. His face went blank, and I wondered if it was working. He stayed still for a few more moments, and the slowly opened his eyes.

“Amazing,” he muttered. Then his face brightened. “Well, it seems you are immune! You will be an excellent addition to my guard, you know. I can’t wait to see what power you may posses!”

I stared at him. He was going to change. Finally, I was getting what I wanted. But it was months too late. I wanted to be with him when I changed, and instead I was with these bloodthirsty vampires who wanted me only for power.

“I will allow you to call anyone you need. I know that this is hard, letting go of your human life. We don’t want people looking for you, so take whatever precautions you need,” Aro said happily. It didn’t seem like he remembered humanity at all, the way he said it. It was more of a well rehearsed speech than a true sympathy.

I nodded, my brain fast at work. Who could I call? Everyone thought I was dead by now, or was dead. Wait, I thought, there are some people who you can talk to.

“Do you have Carlisle Cullens’ phone number?” I asked. Aro looked at me curiously, but nodded. He dialed the number, and handed me the old telephone. Once he did, he left the room.

“Hello?” Came the voice of the father of my family.