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Last time, he had been there to save me. Now, no one was there. I was truly alone... Another accident occurs at Forks High School. Once again, Bella Swan is in harms way. This time, no vampire was there to help. She was on her own, and is now 'awakened' from the numbness. Can she handle what life has to throw at her now? cloakI am working on this again! The next chapter should be up soon!

All charecter belong to Mrs. Meyer, the genious who brought us the world of Twilight...

5. Chapter 5

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Chapter 5

Time passed, even though I wasn’t I wasn’t aware of it. All I knew was that I was on fire, and that it consumed me, without turning me to ashes. If I could have ever chosen a time to die, it would have been then.

My veins felt like they would explode as the fire went through them. I was aware of every point of my body; my fingers and toes felt like they were being melted off, and my chest felt like a nuclear explosion was being contained in it.

Sometimes, icy fingers would touch my face, cooling me and relieving me of some of the pain. I couldn’t concentrate on it, though. I was becoming an animal; I only thought of what was needed for my survival. I couldn’t think of anything complex in the pain of the fire.

I wondered briefly while the pain resided for a moment if they had killed me, and I was in hell. I didn’t think I was though. No God would make anyone go through this for eternity. Not even a murdered deserved this kind of pain.

As more time passed, I found myself wanting to die. After all I had been through, I finally wanted to die. I knew that in a sense, I was, but I couldn’t think that far. I only wanted out from the tongues of flame licking my body, shaping it to fit its wants.

Slowly, after what felt like an eternity of fire, some small relief’s came. I could feel the pain lessening, becoming smaller and smaller as the fire started to die. I felt like I was ice after being in the fire for so long.

Thinking the transformation was almost over, I started to try and move. That was a mistake.

Fire erupted once again in my chest, burning my heart. It started to beat faster and faster, trying to get through the fire. But soon, the fire stopped it. It slowed down, until it almost stopped.

Thump- thump...

Thump- thump…





My heart stopped. Silence seemed to fill up all the spaces around me, suffocating me. I couldn’t find the will to move, though. I was tired from the transformation, and afraid that the fire would start if I moved.

“Is it over?” A familiar voice demanded, Aro’s.

“Yes, master. Her transformation just finished,” another voice replied. I could hear footsteps and the felt someone lean over me.

“Isabella, open your eyes,” Aro’ voice asked softly. I opened my eyes. Aro and Heidi were standing over me, while Felix remained by the door.

I sat up carefully. My body felt different, stronger. I could feel the iciness of my body freeze the heat my body left on the bed during my transformation.

Aro smiled. “Welcome to the Volturi,” he said happily. I looked around. I was still in my room, but it looked different, more vibrant. My eyes could see the smallest details in everything; small cracks in the stone, the stitches of my bedding.

My hearing was also magnified. I could hear everything in the room perfectly. The steady breathing of the vampires, and movements so small no human would notice.

“I’m a vampire now,” I whispered. Aro clapped his hands happily, and Heidi gave me a knowing smile. Felix scowled.

“Ah, none of her memories have been lost with the transformation!” Aro practically sung. I didn’t understand why he was so happy.

“He’s just glad we don’t have to re-explain this all to you,” Heidi said in a low voice. I nodded, understanding now. I wondered how many times he had to explain immortality to newborns.

Aro shook my hand. He was smiling when he let go. “I see you still are immune to my abilities,” he said, shaking his head. I smiled to myself. I was happy I got to keep some things to my self.

“Master, Marcus is calling for you,” Felix interrupted in his deep voice. Aro stood and nodded.

“Heidi, help Isabella get accustomed to her new life. And if you notice anything special…” He trailed off. Heidi smiled her breathtaking smile and nodded. Aro left the room, with Felix tailing him.

Heidi turned to me. “So, ready to see yourself?” She asked.