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Just Another Love Story

I felt my head being snapped backwards, before the cool point of a knife dug into my throat. I could feel his sweet breathe on my neck, as he placed his hands almost lovingly against my bare neck. Will Edward lose Bella, or will their eternal love prevail? Bella might just have to make that choice....whether she's ready or not.


1. I Love You

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Just Another Love Story

By CrystalHeart01

I own nothing, but the plot. However much I wish otherwise. LOL. Anyway, read and review. I want to know what you’re thinking! It provides me with such inspiration *winks* By the way, this is my First fan fiction, so be please be nice. Flames are okay, but praise preferred. :D


- I Love You-

Boom Boom. Boom Boom. Boom boom.The sound of my heart was the only thing present in my head, apart from the never ending darkness. I slowly forced my eyes open, and found myself looking up at the sky. It took my brain a moment to register that I was lying on the ground. I slowly moved my body in order to stand up, moving with extra carefulness in case I was injured. It was too late however. I doubled up with the excruciating pain that coursed through my body. I tried to find the source, but it was everywhere. I desperately tried to think of anything that would distract me from this torture, but of course, in a typical me fashion, I thought of the one person that could bring me pain beyond anything else imaginable on this world. I thought of Edward. A pain that was hell itself ripped my already shredded heart at an inhuman speed. When an agonized shriek ran through the air, I jumped with the sound of it, until I realised it was me.

“Shut up you useless excuse for a human!! Be quite or I shall remove your tongue from that pretty little head of yours!!” a voice commanded from the darkness, thick with an unrecognizable emotion. I had no chance to respond before he was at my side. I felt my head being snapped backwards, before the cool point of a knife dug into my throat. I could feel his sweet breathe on my neck, as he placed his hands almost lovingly against my bare neck. Drops of moisture started to drip from my lips as they cracked under the pressure that I was applying to them, in an effort to hold back the bile that had risen in my throat.

“Now, now Bella” he purred into my hair. “I really do not want to hurt you… not yet anyway.” For a reason unknown to me, he started to chuckle at his own joke. The sound was like wind chimes blowing in a summer breeze.

I felt rage bubbling up inside me like kindle to a fire. How dare he touch me? At that moment, I vowed to get revenge, even if it cost me my life. I had done nothing to deserve this hell. I was beyond furious that someone would try to destroy the peace my family and I had had…I was so close to breaking point that it took every last inch of self control that I had to not give into my instincts. One person could only take so much before snapping… As if on cue, the fire inside me reached boiling point as Edward’s perfect face swam into view. This was no time to lose my head… I had to get away for Edward’s sake…


I stared into Edward’s gorgeous eyes. My mind turned to mush, and I felt myself go weak. I could hear him chuckling at my reaction, but I was too far gone to care. I leaned into him, my mouth already watering from the perfect kiss I was expecting.Two steely hands gripped my arms in an unbreakable lock, ruining the moment. I looked up to see Edward give me a reproaching look.

“Bella, be serious please. I’m trying to talk to you!! It’s important!!” He gave my shoulders a shake to emphasis his point.I sighed disappointed. “What is it Edward?” I was slightly grouchy now, and he knew it too. He gave me a brief grin before his eyes transformed into two liquid pools filled with worry.

“I need you to make me a promise.” He glanced at me, before taking my slender hand into his.

What’s going on here? One minute we’re about to kiss, and now he’s looking like deaths at the door?!

My reply was calm however, and I couldn’t help the feeling of pride that washed over me. I usually had no control over my emotions when Edward was near me.

“It depends on the promise. What is it?” I pressed again.

“Promise me…that you will never let yourself die. I know you’re a danger magnet, but I need you to promise…” He trailed of, and looked away.

This time my reply was frosty. “It’s not exactly my fault you know! I never asked to be the source of all trouble in this family!”I regretted the jibe as soon as I said it.

‘I'm sorry Ed-“I broke of as he turned his back to me, sorrow etched onto his face.“Edward, I'm sorry… “My voice was gentle as I wrapped my arms around his waist. “ I promise! “I whispered, desperate to place a smile on his angelic face again. He glanced down at me, his eyes boring into mine. “I promise Edward. “ I said repeated, clearer this time. His answering smile was brilliant and I couldn’t help but smile back. I don’t know how long we stood there, perfectly happy just being together.

I sighed as I thought about my promise. Unfortunately, this was one promise that I might not be able to keep. Even Edward in all his glory had trouble keeping me alive… How was I supposed to do it, especially considering the circumstances? I buried my head into his chest. I felt him smile as I suddenly was airborne and gently placed onto his lap. His eyes were playful, but I could still feel his sadness as if it was my own. I decided not to press it and enjoy this moment instead.

“Thank you” He said at last, breaking the silence. I gave him a grim smile before his lips captured mine with his own…


The vampire must have sensed the change in me, because his grip tightened. I gagged as I inhaled the feral scent that was blood. My skin crawled as the blood started to drip down my neck and it was an effort for me to hold onto my consciousness. I breathed deeply, and in a movement almost vampire like, I squirmed and broke his grasp. I was surprised that I was able to move at all with this pain, but the thought of seeing Edward again, made it worth it.I looked down at my broken body and realised that Edward hadn’t been training me for nothing after all.

I smiled at the shocked look on his face. It was at that point that the moonlight shone clearly through the trees and I could clearly see my surroundings. We were in a meadow, similar to the one at home, Forks. I could hear water gushing behind me, and turned to see a cliff with wild waters storming along the bottom of it. It would have been more beautiful if I wasn’t so petrified.

“How did you do that?” The honey smooth voice of my capturer yelled. His face showed anger so intense I couldn’t answer. He started to advance on me. My breathing crept up a notch as I realised that I might die here tonight…

“Relax Louis. She’s a mystery to us all”. I jumped at the sudden appearance of the breathtaking woman that was now standing beside him, one hand casually placed on his shoulder. Victoria. Her wild hair blew gracefully away from her face in the wind.

I was starting to get desperate. Edward my love….. if I die here tonight… please forgive me.

“I see your precious Edward isn't here to save you” she spat his name.

Her black eyes glowed demon like in the moonlight. A low snarl escaped her lips.

“It’s a real mystery to me as why someone like you should smell so delicious……..”

Without warning she sprang at me, growling and snarling all the way. I closed my eyes in anticipation of that blow.

But the blow never came.

A sound like thunder crashed through the air, followed by a noise that I thought I would never hear again. I looked up to see Victoria locked in a ferocious battle with another vampire… Edward. I vaguely realised that Louis was frozen in a stance, before all my attention was snapped onto the angel before me.

My heart sang for joy, and I made a move towards him.

“NO BELLA!!” he screamed. “RUN!! AND DON’T LOOK BACK!! He turned his attention toward the mane of red hair. Her furious snarls filled the air, followed by a howl of pain.I looked up as a hard white object flew at me. I ducked just in time as I realised what it was. My stomach protested heavily.

My brain refused to think properly as I watched the two vampire’s fighting .I was knocked breathless as I watched Edward fight… He was so graceful and beautiful. My heart swelled with love. That thought bought me back to earth.

Edward…. He needs my help and here I am ogling like a brainless twit!.I shook my head to clear it. I don’t know what to do. I mean, I'm just a human…… with my luck I would get us both killed.

A distant part in my brain told me that I was dangerously close to breaking down from the stress, but i couldn’t quite understand as to why that should matter. I shook my head again, and took a determined step forward.My decision was made. I looked up to see Edward’s gorgeous eyes filled with horror for me, and I turned around. I would bet the rest of my bank account that my gasp could be heard throughout the rest of the forest.

Louis had broken out of his trance, and was now coming after me. He grinned so evilly, my heart stopped in panic. He crouched low to the ground, ready to pounce on me any minute.“BELLA!!” Edward yelled in panic. Time seemed to stop, or slow down at the very least. I turned my head and looked at my angel for what I knew was the last time. It was like a scene from a horror movie.

I mouthed the words I Love You, and snapped my head back just in time to see Louis spring at me. This time I felt the impact. It broke the rest of my ribs that weren’t broke before. I screamed in agony, and Edward’s furious roar matched me in a perfect harmony.

I closed my eyes, and waited for the bone-shattering impact I knew was about to come. When it didn’t, I opened them again. The sight that awaited me was chilling and another piercing scream erupted from my throat. I hadn’t realised how close to the edge of the cliff I had been standing, and we were now about to go over.I felt my head being cupped with an icy hand, and then rather forcefully turned to face Louis.

“This is where I leave you, sweet Bella” he whispered into my ear, before smashing his lips onto mine. With desperate hands, I tried to push him away, but it was like doing the same thing to a brick wall.I was ashamed to say that he was a good kisser… and even more alarmed to be having such thoughts considering the present situation.

However, as soon as it had begun, it was over. Next thing I knew, Louis had let go, and I was flying through the air.“Edward!!” I screamed, but my next words were cut short as I hit the edge of the cliff and bounced off. My hands desperately tried to hold onto to it, but I was in too much pain and too weak from my ordeal to hold on. I started to slip.

“Edward” I gasped out. “I’m sorry. Don’t try to kill yourself over me please. I will always love you.”

“Bella, NO! Hold on!” In an effort I can only call heroic, he threw of the psychotic vampire and ran over to me in a blur of white.But it was too late.

My hand slipped…and I began to fall, gaining momentum with every passing second. I used the last bit of air I had left in me to scream his name, before my back hit something hard, and I started to do somersaults.His face, broken and empty, yelling my name, was the last thing I saw before my eyes closed.I’m I'm sorry I broke our promise my love. Please forgive me, and then I fell into the dark whole waiting for me.

Thanks for reading!! I hope you enjoyed it!! I'm counting on your support guys, so please just press that pretty review button over there and tell me!! REVIEWS URGE ME TO WRITE FASTER. Just a little hint to you guys.. Is it too much to ask for or 10 reviews for the next one?? I thank you guys in advance.

P.S. I have only a vague idea about where this story is going, so I’m just as clueless as you. If there are any grammatical errors, I would just like to state that English is not my first language! :D