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Just Another Love Story

I felt my head being snapped backwards, before the cool point of a knife dug into my throat. I could feel his sweet breathe on my neck, as he placed his hands almost lovingly against my bare neck. Will Edward lose Bella, or will their eternal love prevail? Bella might just have to make that choice....whether she's ready or not.


2. The Nightmare Begins

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Hey! Sorry for my lack of updating since I posted the first chapter, however do not worry, I have written most of this story and will update regularly. Please dont hestitate to give me your opinion.

I do not own anything, but the plot. If only….Chapter Two- The Nightmare BeginsThree Weeks before the incident at the cliff………….

I moaned in quite delight as a pair of cool, perfect lips gently explored my own. This was my kind of heaven. I could feel his muscles beneath my hands, but it wasn’t enough.. I wanted more. Trying to be sneaky, so as to not break the kiss, I inched myself as close to him as possible.

Our kiss continued on for a few more minutes, and I was very surprised that he hadn’t broken away yet. It occurred to me that I should maybe be worrier as to why he was allowing us to break his boundaries, as he put it, but I was too into our kiss to stop. Not that I would ever complain about this. If I could, the majority of my time would be spent making out with him. If it wasn’t for him and his stupid rules……..

When his lips started to explore my neck, I couldn’t contain the delight I felt. It was delicious, this fire travelling down my neck. He chuckled softly, and stared into my chocolate brown eyes. I could feel his desire for me, with a hungry look on his face. His hair was ruffled and out of place. My goodness he was hot. A growl of longing escaped his throat. I felt my breathe catch in my throat, before slowly increasing, leaving me gasping for air. Before I could get it back though, he once more leaned in to kiss me. I closed my eyes, this passion I felt for him was reaching breaking point..

Bang. We both jumped, and Edward nearly dropped me from his lap. He caught me just in time. I turned in wonder to ponder the sight before. Emmett, Jasper, Alice and Carlisle were lying in a tangled heap on the floor on top of what used to be Edward’s door. Wait.. Carlisle?!What on earth?

I turned to look at Edward’s shocked face, but it was quickly turning to a mask of anger. I couldn’t help but agree with him.

“WHAT ARE U DOING?” Edward yelled at them, his voice still slightly breathless from our kiss. In an impossibly short time, they were all standing up and staring at the floor with the guilty looks of a “child caught with their hand in the cookie jar” on their faces.

They begun to look at one another in desperation, especially Jasper , who could feel Edward’s wrath coming off in waves.

“ We.. uh.. we were just… um….” Jasper tried to begin, but stopped at the look on our faces. “ Well, um, Im sorry guys, but I got to run….” he was out of the door in a flash.


It was too late however, they’d all turned and ran for their lives, and I mean that literally. Only Carlisle remained with a very sheepish looking on his face.

“We’re very sorry Edward and Bella. We couldn’t help it. Emmett thought it would be fun to listen in on you, and when he heard you guys from the living room, we couldn’t help but join them.”

Now it was my turn to blush. I glanced at Edward, and saw the laughter he was trying to conceal. Hmm, see if I ever kiss him again… He read my expression perfectly, and openly laughed.

When we turned to face Carlisle again, there was nothing but empty space.

“Rotten cowards” I grumbled under my breath. I could hear their laughter ringing throughout the house. It was as if a choir of angels had decided to grace the Cullen household with their singing tonight.

I stretched and yawned, before glancing at my watch. It read 1: 30 in the morning. No wonder I felt so tired. Oh well, that kiss was worth it.

I suddenly felt myself air borne in a pair of steel arms. I wrapped my arms around his neck and breathed in his heavenly sent. I once told him that if there was a type of food that smelled just like him, I would be the fattest woman on earth by now. It took me ten minutes to get him to calm down from his laughter. I smiled at the memory.

“It’s getting late, darling and you need your sleep.” I sighed but realised that he was right.

“Will you stay with me? “ I asked as he put me down and wrapped me in the silky soft covers of the bed.

“ Of course... Forever.”

He began to hum my melody, and I had never felt safer in his arms. I drifted off to bed, satisfied.

I woke up the next morning to find Edward staring at me. “ I hate it when you do that you know.” I grumbled at him. His face split into my favourite grin.

“ I know.” I hit him with a pillow. He was about to retaliate when a knock on his door interrupted us.

Wow, he must have already fixed it. Impressive. Why couldn’t they just have given us a few more minutes?

“ C’mon in Alice” Edward called. She danced in as usual, and gracefully sat down on the couch.

“ I know what you’re thinking Bella, and believe me, I didn’t want to interrupt you guys again. But it was necessary. I had a vision.”

I felt Edward stiffen beside me, and my heart automatically started to pound in my chest.

“ Is something wrong Alice?” he question. Alice must be blocking him from her mind….

“ I’m not sure” Alice isn’t sure? Since when did that happen?!

A new coven of vampire’s are coming soon. I’m not sure who they are, or why they’re here.” She shook her head, obviously very frustrated. I quickly climbed out of bed and moved to comfort her.

“ What does this have to do with us?” My voice was soft as I asked.

She looked at, with a heartbroken expression. Her beautiful wise eyes were filled with concern for me.

“Because Bella… I saw you… dead…” If she could have, I was sure she would have been crying.

My heart stopped. Edward’s enraged snarl filled the air, before I was held captive against his chest.

“I thought you said you didn’t know why they’re here” his voice was deadly. Alice glanced at him, her eyes flashing, before dimming again with worry.

“The reason they’re here isn’t clear, but somehow Bella’s death is connected with them.” He voice had choked up when she’d said the word “ death”.

“Your visions aren’t set in stone Alice” I pleaded with her. Alice gave me a look, and I felt like I was missing something. Edward growled, but this time it was no longer playful. It was menacing and filled with hate.

“Oh Bella!” she cried. “Do you think that I would be freaking out this much if I knew that there was a possibility that it could change?” A piercing howl of pain bought the entire family running.

Carlisle reached us first. “What’s the matter?” he asked as he took in the scene: Me, pale and in shock, Edward, furious and worried and Alice, dry sobbing and heartbroken.

She glanced at us. “I’m sorry…….. But this is one vision that will happen.”

Carlisle and the other’s gasped as they realised what had happened. My vision began to fade as I realised that I would lose my one and only love…… forever.

The last thing I heard was a voice yelling “Bella! Stay with me!” before I gladly sought the relief of unconsciousness.

Thank-you so much guys!! I know that this may be confusing to some, so if you have any questions feel free to ask. By the way, don’t worry, I will continue the story after Bella falls from the cliff, so rest assured. This bit is just building up the scene what happened, and how Bella got there. Now please you know the drill.P.S English is not my first language, so my spelling sucks. Sorry guys, I will try to do better.