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Just Another Love Story

I felt my head being snapped backwards, before the cool point of a knife dug into my throat. I could feel his sweet breathe on my neck, as he placed his hands almost lovingly against my bare neck. Will Edward lose Bella, or will their eternal love prevail? Bella might just have to make that choice....whether she's ready or not.


4. The Trick

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Here’s the next chapter guys! As usual, enjoy. ;DChapter 4- The Trick

The air whizzed past me as I felt myself air born. Not again… I hit the ground with barely a jostle as a pair of arms the size of tree trunks held me safe in a protective cage. I looked up to see Emmett grinning like a mad man.

“You know, I don’t know why you’re so happy. I’m a human, not exactly what I’d call a challenge” I icily told him, while standing up and brushing myself off.

“Oh I know” he told me, his grin bigger than ever. “The expression on your face makes it worth it though.” I could hear Jasper chuckling behind me, but he quickly stopped at the murderous glare I was sending him.

“Nice try Bella” a silky voice suddenly told me, before Edward hugged me close. Shivers of delight ran through my body. “Now try again.”

“Edward” I grumbled. “I’m hungry and tired. We’ve been at this for three hours! How many more times must we go through this?” I sighed, before muttering “It’s hopeless anyway… I’m only a human and a handicapped one too”. Clumsiness counts right?

His eyes flashed, obviously hearing what I’d said. “Don’t talk like that Bella! It will work, even Alice said it would.” He glanced at Alice, for reassurance. She smiled, and nodded. It came just a second too late however. I shrugged. She probably has a lot on her mind right now.

Edward smiled, reassured. “C’mon on Bella, we’ll try something else now.”

“Edward, I don’t want to” I whined. I knew that I sounded like a real baby, but there was only so much I was willing to take.

“Don’t argue Bella’ he told me, his even and straight. I looked at him, well more like glared, but I instantly softened when he gave me the puppy dog eyes.

“Fine, but you owe me, just remember that.” He laughed.

“Ok, here’s what I want you to do. Emmett, come here.” He obeyed, happy that he could have a chance at humiliating me again. “Wrap your arms around her waist and hold her tight Ok?” I smirked at the jealous tone in his voice. It felt like I was being held against a very very large tree.

‘Now Bella, I want you to try and get out of Emmett’s grasp”. Emmett and I exchanged surprised glances. How was, I, little Bella Swan, going get out of Superman Emmett’s grip?

“Edward get real.” Emmett smirked.”Like she’s going to get out my grip.” He flexed his muscles too prove his point.

“You’d be surprised at what Bella could do when she’s pushed to the limit.” The voice caught me by surprise. Jasper.

I gave him a weak smile and turned back to the others.” OK, here goes nothing.” I squirmed, kicked, tickled and punched, but to no avail.

“Try again Bella” Edward called.

Ten minute later, I was still captive against Emmett, with only a pair of very sore ribs to show for my effort. I had accidently tickled him, and he responded by laughing and squeezing. A little too hard I might add. Luckily, Edward grabbed me from his arms just in time.

“Your doing fine Bella. You can’t expect to be able to beat a vampire after only three days of training.”

“Well, I’ve had enough for one day.” I snapped.

In a blur of movement, Jasper and Alice was at Edward’s side. I tried to hear what they were saying, but just like their movements, it was too fast for me to catch. Emmett must have heard, as he started laughing. It probably felt similar to someone picking you up and shaking you.

“What?” I hissed.” Tell me what their saying.”

He was about to tell me when they fixed a glare at him.

“Fine, just great. Keep the human out of the loop.”

The shrugged and quickly finished their conversation. Alice and Jasper turned and ran into the house.

“OK Emmett, let her go.” He gently sat me down, but my legs had other ideas.. I would have fallen, had Edward not caught me.

“Are you happy now?” I asked.

“Insanely so.” He gave me my favourite grin, before giving me a soft and sweet kiss. “You’ve earned your break. How does pizza sound?”

“Great” That kiss had made my day. I sighed. “Are you going tell me what you guys were talking about back there?”

“Oh it was nothing. Just some new game had wandered into the area, and Jasper was getting hungry. They’ve already left.”

True to his word, Alice and Jasper were nowhere to be seen. Only a pizza box was left in the oven. Of course- Alice had already ordered it. I couldn’t help but laugh as I tucked in.


It felt great to be running through the forest, even if we were going to go and meet the dogs, in order to help Bella. Unfortunately, that thought bought me back to my vision. I could still recall it perfectly, even though it was days old…

Bella screaming Edward’s name as she free fell from the cliff before being knocked unconscious….. Edward’s horrified face……Victoria’s laugh, wild with glee…… Bella’s body, cold and lifeless, covered in a pool of her own blood, her face in twisted in a mask of fear and pain….. Edward, sobbing his heart out, before running into the forest, taking Bella’s body with him...

I shuddered. It was awful, but the pain only worsened as I realised that after this…event… None us would ever see Edward again. My heart twisted in pain and fear. How was I going to cope with losing my best friend and my favourite brother?

Too late I realised that Jasper could read my moods. Luckily for me, he didn’t know about my vision. Edward was too worried about Bella to be paying attention, and Jasper was too occupied with handling both Bella’s and Edward’s constant pain and worry.

“Its okay, Alice honey. I won’t let those dogs harm you. Besides, it was your idea remember?” He rubbed soothing circles on my arm.

“I know, but you know how temperamental they are.” There was no need to tell him that he’d misread my fear, so I played along.

“Still, let them try to ham you…”

“They won’t. Although I can’t see them, I’m sure Jacob would be very interested in keeping Bella alive.”

“Your right. I just hope Bella doesn’t kill us for what were about to do to her”.

“ I wish I could answer that, but Bella has been very unpredictable lately, so I have no idea. However, I can tell you that she won’t be very impressed.”

Jasper laughed.” But I’m sure Jacob wouldn’t mind.” I couldn’t help but laugh with him.

“Look Alice, we’re here.” I nodded, and held my breath. I wished that they’d take a bath now and then. They smelled awful.

BPOVI had just taken the last bite of the delicious pizza, when my plate disappeared. I sighed. Please don’t say, please….

“C’mon Bella. Break’s over. Time to get back to your training.” Damn.

“If I knew you were such a tyrant, I would never have agreed to marry you” I muttered under my breath.

His only response was to smile, before scooping me up and running outside.

“ OK everyone, where ready to try again”.

“ Everyone? I thought that Jasper and Alice had gone hunting.”

“ They did, but their back”. He motioned behind me, and I saw them coming out of the forest.

I sighed, before the breath was knocked out of me, as Emmett grabbed me again. “Emmett. I. Can’t. Breathe.” I gasped for air. He quickly stopped squeezing so hard. Great, just how I wanted to spend my afternoon…having Mr. Muscle Man squeeze me to death while I try to escape.

“Sorry Bella” he said, a sheepish smile in place.

“That’s Ok” I rasped, trying to get my breathe back, as Edward glared at him. I saw Emmett looking down, before he looked back at Edward, a curious look on his face. Edward nodded in reply.

“Now, I’m going count to three, and when I do, I want you to try your hardest to get away, OK?”

“Ok” I complied. He turned and ran to the edge of the field.

“Ready?” I felt Emmett shift in anticipation. “One… Two…..” He faltered, and his eyes got that look that he only reserved for when werewolves were about.

“Edward? What’s going-“My heart leaped in fear. NO!

At the precise moment that I thought that, a huge russet wolf jumped out of the forest, aiming straight for Edward…

“Edward!” I voice screamed over and over. “Someone help him! JAKE, LEAVE HIM ALONE!” He had tackled him to the ground, and was now aiming for the kill.

The wolf paused, and turned to look at me for a second, before he let out a piercing howl.

I tried to move towards Edward, but I found that I couldn’t move an inch. Then I realised that Emmett still hadn’t let me go, and was staring at the scene before him in shook.

“EMMETT! LET ME GO! HE NEEDS OUR HELP!” He didn’t seem to hear me, or at least he was pretending not too… But why would Emmett do that? He loves to fight!

So I did the only thing that I could. I kicked, punched, pitched and bit him. It did nothing. I looked around in panic. Where was Alice and Jasper? How could leave us at a time like this?

A rustle in the bushes momentarily distracted me from my panic, before it came back, double as strong. The entire pack was here now, and they had him cornered..

“Emmett! Help him! Please!” He continued to act deaf to my pleas. When I heard Edward’s furious roar of pain and rage, something snapped within me..


I looked at the heart breaking scene below me. Bella was being held back in Emmett’s arms, while her one true love was seemingly being ripped to shreds in front of her eyes. I covered my ears as she let out a piercing scream, but it was nothing compared to the panic and pain she was letting off.


“Not yet Jasper… It will happen any moment now…”

“Bella’s emotions are insanely strong… it’s becoming hard to handle”

“Shush, and keep watching.”

But beneath her harsh words, I could feel her emotions, and it matched mine.

Hurry up Bella, we know you can do it...


When I heard Edward’s furious roar of pain and rage, something snapped within me... I had to save him... I couldn’t live if he died.

In a moment that was so unsuspecting and blindingly fast, I wriggled out of Emmett’s grasp, and raced as fast as my legs would go. I didn’t have time to ponder this miracle that had just occurred… I had to save him…


Oh my goodness, she actually did it! Bella did it!

I grinned in happiness.

“Did that just happen?” Carlisle and Esme asked at the exact same time. I could feel their pride and joy, and it matched my own. They had arrived just in time to see Bella escape Emmett’s unbreakable grasp.

“ I told you it would work.” Alice said, smiling.

They shook their heads.

“Nevertheless, it was a cruel and harsh trick to play on Bella.” Esme scolded.

“I sure don’t want to be in any of your shoes when Bella finds out” Carlisle added. “Just in case….. Esme and I will be out hunting. We have our cell phones if you need us.” They turned and ran out of the room, vampire speed.

“Oh, boy, Bella is going to be soo mad when she finds out.” Alice gulped.

I looked at Alice. “Did you see it, or do you think she’ll be mad?”

“I saw it.”

Oh boy………

I gathered my courage, before muttering,“ C’mon, we’d better go and tell her it was fake, before it actually does turn into a real fight.” Alice nodded.


I was only a few feet away, when I felt Emmett grab me again. “Are you Insane? Why are you acting so stupid? Let me GO!” I had never been so angry in my life. I could hear Emmett yelling something at me, but it didn’t make sense. I didn’t have time to talk. They were ripping him into shreds….

To prove my point, something sharp and white flew across the ground and landed at my feet. I felt myself go weak… Edward…

“Bella! It’s OK” Emmett was yelling. “It’s not real.. None of this was. We only did this to make you desperate enough to escape me!”

I barely heard him. I was shaking from fear and exhaustion. “Edward” I sobbed. I collapsed on the ground, forgetting everything around me.

I was dimly aware of both Alice and Emmett talking to me. Jasper was helping Edward, but it was too late. I knew it was.

“ENOUGH” I heard Edward roar. Oh great, I’ve cracked again…I continued to cry. Suddenly, a pair of arms that felt so much like Edward’s around me… This is worse than the first time... What’s Charlie going to think of me now?

Bella” Edward said. “Look at me” He placed his hands under my chin, and forced me to look at him. As I looked into those beautiful eyes, I knew he was still alive. I continued to cry, but this time in relief and anger.

“But I though… I saw…” I couldn’t get the words out.

“I know, and I’m sorry that you had to go through that. It was the only way, but as you can see, I’m fine” he tried to soothed me. “Look, I even found my finger and its working again.” He showed me to prove his point. I dimly heard laughter over the sobs racking my body. Werewolves…He held me for a few more minutes, as I cried my last tears. What had just happened? I felt my anger rising, as realization hit me. Oh, they are in so much trouble….

I leaned away from him, and dried my tears, before fixing my eyes on him. He started right back, concern evident in his eyes,

“Are you ok?”

Am I OK? What kind of a question is that? I thought he was dead, and now I am supposed to be OK? Every single vampire and werewolf present shrank back from the look on my face. My reply however was calm. Let them think I am calm, before the real fireworks begin.

“You have some explaining to do” Edward gulped, before starting the story……

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