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Alice is having weird visions no one comprehends. There is a new vampire coming? or is it nonsense. Edward is losing his power could Alice be too?

This is my first ever story! How exciting!?!

1. Visitor

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Alice 's POV

it had been 30 years since we left Forks. Also it had been 15 years since Edward gave up suicide after hearing about Bella's death. He had tried it all. when he tried to walk into the sun it Volterra, we stopped him. When he decided to go hunting inside of volterra, we stopped him. when he tried to..... throw a car, and break the leaning tower of Pisa we luckily stopped him. Now he just sits in his room and mopes. He only comes out to hunt.

Edward specifically asked to not be disturbed, Emmett Specifically chose not to listen. Right now he is about to enter Edwards room. The house was exactly like the old one in Forks. Only this one had a guest bedroom. I don't think we ever gave up hope that Bella would some how find us.

A loud snarl irrupts from Edwards room. Then a loud crash. Followed by two fighting brothers.

"Jasper, honey could you go calm down the two babies upstairs? I would like to keep both brothers." I asked Jasper trying to stay calm.

“of coarse darling. What ever you want.” With that he walked up to Edwards room. The snarls died off.

“Forgive me Emmett, That was unacceptable. But please do not bother me anymore. Was there something you needed from me?” Edward said in a hoarse whisper.

Edward hadn’t talked to anyone in at least 10 years so his voice wasn’t the greatest anymore.

“I forgive you Edward, It was almost fun to wrestle again. I wont bother you anymore, I guess. I just wanted to see if you were okay.” Emmett was trying to choose his words carefully now. I am sure he would have just thought them but Edward was having trouble with his power- it wasn't working at all. As much as Emmett loved to wrestle, he wouldn’t want to set Edward off again.


It was outside of our house at night. There was a strange vampire watching the house. I heard the door knob turn. The vampire wheeled around, to stare in the direction I was in my vision. The vampire was beautiful! She had midnight black hair, with blond and brown highlights all through it. Her hair reached her waist. That wasn’t the weirdest part though. She had Icy blue eyes with flechs of gold in them. Also she wasn’t alone. She was carrying a human baby that looked about a year old. After a second glance back at the two emerging figures that were Me and Jasper, She ran. The vampire was faster than any I have ever seen. She was almost hard to see, even for me!

End Vision

I drifted back to reality then. I was in Jaspers arms. He looked worried. Also the family- except Edward of course- was surrounding me. They all looked worried.

“Alice? What did you see? Is everything alright?” Carlisle asked me.

I stood up, so I could then walk to the living room and sit down.

“It was really strange. It was night and there was a vampire watching the house. She was really strange though. She didn’t have gold or red eyes. They were blue. Also she had a human child with her. I didn’t get to see much else because then Jasper and I came outside.” I told them. They all looked like they were deep in thought.

“Well, I guess tonight you and Jasper will have to go outside. See if you can catch her scent. Do you know if she posed any threat? It would be helpful.” Carlisle was all business now.

“I don’t think she is a threat. But I also don’t think she wanted us to know she was here.

“Another strange thing about her was it was like she knew I saw here through a vision. The way she kind of looked at.. Me… I guess. I don’t know what it means but it was strange.”