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Alice is having weird visions no one comprehends. There is a new vampire coming? or is it nonsense. Edward is losing his power could Alice be too?

This is my first ever story! How exciting!?!

2. Almost caught

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“Another strange thing about her was it was like she knew I saw here through a vision. The way she kind of looked at.. Me… I guess. I don’t know what it means but it was strange”

Everyone was pondering that. I wish I knew what was going on.

“I think we should go hunting now. We planned to anyways. You didn’t see… our um…. Visitor coming during the day did you?” Carlisle asked, calm as ever.

“Yeah Alice cause you know I could stay here and hold down the house! I want to kick some Vamp BUTT! A vampire hasn’t threatened us in so long! I miss it.” Emmett said this. Always so eager to fight.

“No, I think its safe to go.” I told them.

Carlisle nodded and asked Emmett and Jasper to go get Edward. Rosalie walks over to me and she is actually looking worried for once.

“Alice?...” Rosalie asks me.

“Yeah Rose?” Rosalie looks really worried. I wonder why.“Well… um.. about this visitor…. Is she um…. Well.. Is she prettier than me?” ah.. so that’s why she is worried. Same old vain Rosalie.

“I don’t know Rose, like I said, I didn’t get a good look at her.” Just then Edward comes- at human speed- down the stairs.

“who are you talking about? Is someone coming?” Edward sounded so….dead!

“yeah…um Edward, I saw a vampire coming to visit. Well I saw her watching the house and running away when me and Jasper walked out. So I’m not sure if she will actually visit.”

Edward looked like he didn’t hear or see anything. He just ran out and went hunting. Edward hunted on his own now so who knows were he goes. He is always out longer, but at least he hunts.

After a few seconds we all ran out to hunt. Me and Jasper found a few wolves hunting a deer. We took down the deer and three wolves. I was just finishing burying the wolves when I had another vision.


The strange vampire from my earlier vision, is standing with the child in a meadow. It looks like the one Edward took Bella to in Forks. The vampire is sobbing tearlessly. Suddenly her head whips up to look right at where I am ‘looking’ from. She stares for a second. “OH! OH it works! You can see me!” the vampire starts to walk forward but stops. “You can see me right? Right you cant answer! Of coarse you can’t! oh what was I thinking!” The very strange vampire cradles the child to her for a second, she then bows her head close to its neck. NO!! I wish she could hear me! I can’t believe she is going to bite the baby! The vampire smiles and kisses the baby very lightly on the neck and whirls around and runs.

End Vision

I slowly again drift back to reality. I am in Jaspers arms. Bless him.

“Alice!?! Oh, what is it Alice? What did you see?” Jasper looks worried. I wonder what my face looks like…..

Oh! What am I going to tell them? I don’t even know what I saw! I could tell them exactly what I saw, but then again the vampire told me to lie… Oh NO! I guess I could tell them half the truth. That works for both sides!

“Alice? Are you okay? What’s wrong?” Jasper looks more worried.

I guess that took a little long to think about.

“I’m fine Jasper. Don’t worry. I saw the vampire again. The one with the child. But now she is in a meadow. It looks like one in Forks. I don’t know why she is there. But anyway she just ran again. I thought she was going to bite the child for a second. She treats it like its her kid. But that’s not possible right? Vampires can’t have kids!”

I think I started to babble for a second there. I wonder if Jasper thinks I’m crazy yet? Hhmmm… no he looks like he believes me. I wonder if rose will go shopping with me..

“We need to tell the others Alice. Come on lets go.” Jasper helped me up. We soon found the others. They were done. All except for Edward was there. Something told me this was a good thing and that Edward shouldn’t know about this. I guess I’ll have to ask the others to keep it from him.

After I explained the vision to them… like I did to Jasper, I asked them not to tell Edward. The all agreed. Besides, Edward is so lifeless now he probably won’t ask again.


I was wrong about that last assumption.

“Alice.. did you see anymore on that vampire? I don’t really care, but I don’t like being left out of things.” Edward asked-in a monotone that was driving me crazy- when he walked into the living room. We had been back for about an hour, Edward was just getting back.

“umm…….. well not really…..” I knew he knew I was lying but I had to try. I still had that feeling Edward shouldn’t know until he had to.

“Alice, I can tell you are lying to me. Can you please tell me what you saw!”

I just shook my head. I think that was a bad idea. He got really mad.

“ALICE! WHY THE HELL WON’T YOU TELL ME!?! UGH!! I CAN’T BELIEVE THIS!” He was defiantly mad. “the one time my powers aren’t working! This is utterly horrible!” Edward muttered as he stormed up to his room. This was going to be very hard. Jasper feeling my distress, sent waves of calmness to me. I hugged him to say thanks and went to sit in our room and try to figure this out.


Jasper came up to get me. It had been about 4 hours since Mine and Edwards little fight. I guess it was time to do as I saw in my vision. I walked to the door with Jasper. I told him that in my vision, I went first. He thankfully didn’t argue.

We walked outside. Emmett was around back. Waiting for me to tell him it was okay to go. Me and Jasper got to the steps. That was when the vampire ran in my vision. I stopped there.

“…….Go ahead Emmett. She was in the bushes.”

I knew she would be just out of hearing range when I said this. Emmett and Jasper raised off. Within seconds I heard a smack.

“ got a trail. We’re going to follow it.” And they were off.

Jaspers POV

We got the trail and were off. I could tell we were getting close. I could see movement ahead of us. We caught up easily. I reached out my arms to grab her. The vampires head snapped back for a second to glare at me, when she saw me though a huge smile spread across her face. Holy Crap! This vampires wicked fast! She speed up out of no where and we lost her. I could still smell her and all but could no longer see her. We ran as fast as possible. Suddenly the trail cut off. Just out of no were. Emmett was staring in the vampires general direction. Probably trying to figure out what could have happened.

“Emmett, come on. Lets go tell the others we lost her.” I told Emmett who was still staring after her.

“yeah man. But hey did you see her eyes? Alice wasn’t exaggerating when she said they were really blue!” Emmett seemed to forget about how fast she was.

I hadn’t realized how far we had gone though.

“Yeah I know. Also the huge smile that spread across her face when she saw me! I wonder what that was about?” And I truly did wonder. It looked as though she had known me, but I don’t even faintly recognize her.

“Hey, Jasper….. Maybe she has a thing for you! Ha!” I could easily tell Emmett was being sarcastic.

We reached the others then. Even Edward was there. Although he was really angry for some reason. I automaticly blocked him out by singing in my head. I knew this drove him crazy, although I was still unsure if he could even read my mind anymore….

“So!?! Did you guys get her……. Apparently not. Why not? What happened?” Alice asked as we sat down in the living room. Edward had trudged back upstairs.

“No we couldn’t catch her. I almost had her, but she shot off.” I explained.

“Yeah! She is super fast. But…… She didn’t shoot off, until after she turned her head and glared at Jasper, then smile like she has known him her whole life.” Emmett had to put in.

“yeah but her trail ended. I don’t know what happened. We were on her trail and then BOOM! It just stopped.” I threw my hands in the air to exaggerate the ‘BOOM!’.

Alice’s POV

Jasper explained to us what happened. After he was done we all went our separate ways. Emmett and Rosalie went to their room, Carlisle went to his study and Esme went for a run.

Me and Jasper sat in our room. I was trying to concentrate on the vampire, so I would have a vision of where she was. I don’t know what Jasper was doing.


The vampire and child were in the forest. The vampire was knelt down crying again. I wonder why she is so sad …… She slowly looks up again. “Oh, I am so sorry. I shouldn’t have come.” The vampire said. Then she looked down at the child. “This is Megs. I always wanted a child you know…… I found her. I think her parents were killed by vampire. I couldn’t just leave her…… Oh CRAP! CRAP, CRAP, CRAP!!! I wish I could have five minutes to be alone! FINE!” And she was gone. A few seconds later Esme runs into the clearing. She looks around frantically. Then circles it a few times. She then runs back the way she came.

End Vision

Jasper was sitting beside me.

“Alice? What? What did you see?” He looks concerned again. I wonder what my face looks like this time?

“Oh, I saw the vampire. She was crying. She had the baby again. Also she looked up at…me?... again and said she was sorry, and that she shouldn’t have come. The she said the baby was Megs and she found her. The Vampire also said that she thought a vampire killed the parents. Then She ran again, And Esme ran into the clearing. She probably caught a scent and assumed that it was the vampires. Then my vision ended and we are back here!” I was actually trying to be enthusiastic about the whole thing.