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Alice is having weird visions no one comprehends. There is a new vampire coming? or is it nonsense. Edward is losing his power could Alice be too?

This is my first ever story! How exciting!?!

3. Forks

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Chapter 3 Then my vision ended and we are back here!” I was actually trying to be enthusiastic about the whole thing. Edwards POV

It has been a week since Alice thought we could catch this mystery vampire. It was like I was invisible! I wasn’t told about this vision, I wasn’t even asked to help catch her. I probably could have kept up. Now this! Another new form of torture! I am being forced to go to school. Alice being Alice went shopping and bought us all new out fits.

It was just like any other time we went to school. Rosalie Emmett and Jasper were Seniors and Me and Alice were juniors. I also drove us to school like always, and like always the moment we stepped out of the car everyone stares.

We entered the front office. Like most high schools it was set apart from the rest of the school, as was the gym. I approached the secretary first.

“Excuse me, I am Edward Cullen, this is my family. We are new here and need our schedules.” Unlike any other high school experience it was muffled by the fact that I couldn’t read the secretaries thoughts, or anyone else’s for that matter.

“Oh, um yes” She fumbled with a stack of papers. “Here you are.” I didn’t need to read her thoughts to know that she was surprised by our appearance.

After we walked out I handed everyone their schedules. We then examined them to see which classes we had together. I had none with any of my family. This was going to be a very long day


It was lunch and I don’t think I could handle anymore of the intense stares or everyone wondering if I was single or not. Very few were brave enough to come and talk to us, I realized that this was because of Emmett’s size mostly, but also because they thought us intimidating. As I examined the crowded cafeteria I caught the eye of a junior with brown hair and deep brown eyes. I couldn’t take it anymore! I quickly apologized to my family and dumped my tray of uneaten food. I would explain later, or I would just lie. I swiftly escaped to the parking lot. I was almost at my car the scent hit me.

It was the same scent that Jasper and Emmett had used to track the mystery vampire! It was a fresh trail, I quickly checked to make sure no one would see me and I was off. I got to the corner of the gym building just in time to see a flash of black round the corner. It was much to fast to be human. I was just about up to her when she shot off like a bullet. And the scent faded. DAMN! I almost had her!

Alice ’s POV

Edward had told us he couldn’t stand this anymore and had left. I don’t blame him. He hasn’t been around humans since we left Forks. I decided that I would go and try to comfort him. I knew he was upset about this. He never liked the idea that he was week, I don’t think he is but he would have.

I told the others I would be back in time for class but I was leaving for now.

I had just gotten outside. Wow its really vacant at lunch out here.


We are running through the trees and I see us come into a clearing. But not just any clearing it’s the lawn of our old house in Forks! I wonder why we came here. We slow to human pace as we reach the door. Carlisle opens the door to reveal it empty. He turns around to us. “We will be here for a week. Remember that we are supposed to be a lot older then we appear so don’t let anyone who might recognize us see us.” And he turns back to the house. “Oh by the way if you do meet some one you can tell them- only if they ask- that we are staying here for a week. Have fun visiting and remember to stay out of sight.” And Carlisle runs up to his study. Rosalie and Emmett leave the way we came and Edward looks around for a second. “ I am going out. Don’t worry I’ll stay in Forks and I wont let anyone see me.” With that he turns and runs out the door.

End Vision

I realize I am sitting just outside the door and Jasper is just coming out.

“Alice? What did you see? Is it the vampire? Edward? What?”

“No its not the vampire, or Edward! You’re a horrible guesser! I just saw us return to Forks for a week! I think it is next week. There is a vacation then so I guess we could go then!” I was really excited. I knew the others wouldn’t be but I wanted to go. Edward was going to be hard to convince.

The rest of the day was normal. Everyone stared and the teachers were surprised by our appearance. A few guys already asked me out but I told them I was taken but thanks anyway. Thanks to that we would probably have to explain that me and Jasper were together along with Rosalie and Emmett. Also that we were all adopted. That was our usual story at least.


We were just getting packed up to leave. I had finally convinced Edward that no harm would come of going to Forks again. He could sit inside and mope the whole time or explore. I knew he might explore a little but other wise he would mope.

We arrived a little later and everything happened exactly like my vision.

“Alice? Do you want to go exploring with me? We can see if we can see anyone from high school. They would all be middle aged now.” Jasper asked me a few minute after Edward left.

“Alright Jasper! I wonder how Angela turned out! I miss her so much…. And I bet Mike ended up with Jessica.” I was actually excited!

A few hours later we returned. I had found all of our old friends. Angela had married some one that we didn’t know and had three kids. She was happy. Jessica and Mike did end up together, they had two kids and a dog. Jessica was very, very happy and Mike was content. I think he still missed Bella. Jasper and I were sitting on the lawn admiring a sunny Forks day when Edward ran passed. He looked really upset.

“Edward?!? What……” Was all I got out and he was gone.

“Jasper? What was with Edward? Do you know?” I asked

“I… Um…..Alice Edward never should have come…our gone on his own. I have never seen him like this. Its worse than when we left…. Its even worse than when he found out Bella…….died…..” Jasper stated in a grim tone.


It was our house……the new one. The door opens and the vampire walks in. she walks straight to the couch and sits down. Emmett comes running down the stairs and sits beside her. Its like he has known her all his life… “Hey Emmett! What are we watching?” the vampire says. “oh… Well, Bella I was going to watch wrestling but if you don’t want to….. know what? To bad we are watching wrestling.” BELLA?!? Did he just say BELLA!?! That’s not possible! “Ha! Not if I can help it! I don’t want to watch wrestling!” and ‘Bella’ jumps on him. They start play fighting. Edward walks in then. “Hey! Watch out!” Edward sits down and turns the tv on. Emmett and ‘Bella’ stop fighting and look at Edward. “We aren’t watching THAT! Change it!” ‘Bella’ says to Edward. “No.” Edward replies. Emmett looks at ‘Bella’ and they both tackle Edward.

End Vision

“Alice? Are you okay? Why are you so confused?” Jasper looks really worried. He seems to be worried about my visions a lot lately. Its probably because I am always confused or scared.

“I don’t know……. Its not possible…. It can’t be possible” I tell him.

Jasper sends waves of calm.

“What isn’t possible Alice? Tell me please.”

“I am so sorry Jasper. Its just I am so confused. I saw the vampire with Emmett. Only Emmett called her Bella….But Bella died right? So how is that possible? I think it was sometime soon though.” I was getting calmer by the second. “Don’t tell anyone though. Not until I get thins figured out. I’m going to go talk to Edward.” With that I got up and headed to what used to be Edwards room.

Knock ,knock “go away Alice…. Please.” Edward was defiantly really upset.

“No Edward. Not until you tell me why you are so depressed all the sudden!”

“UGH! Fine! I’ll explain but then you leave and don’t bug me until we leave and are home again.” Edward sounded really, really sad.

I slowly opened the door. Edward was in a ball in a corner. Edward had left everything here. I sat down on the sofa and waited for him to start.

“ I went to the cemetery. I don’t know what I was thinking… anyway I was looking for Bella’s tombstone and I didn’t find it. They didn’t burry her! I went to her house next. All her stuff is gone! Everything! It’s an empty room. Charlie sold all her stuff! Its like no one remembers her! I snuck in, Charlie was at work. There isn’t any pictures of her. Nothing. I went to the high school, I disguised myself and all, no one there remembers her at all! Not the teachers, the secretary! I then went and found Mike Newton, He doesn’t remember her! Him if anyone should at least remember her! Its like she never existed! People should remember her……” Edward looked like he was a little less depressed and when he looked at me his eyes were dead. At least before we came there was a little life left. Not much but a little.

“Oh, Edward! I am so sorry I made you come! Forgive me please!” I said as I threw myself down beside him and hugged him. This was my fault! I should have known what would happen!

“I know Alice, I forgive you. I just… Well…. I thought they would at least have the decency to burry her! Or remember her!”

Edward was right. What kind of town forgets some one like Bella! And leaves literally no reminders of her existence!

“Edward lets go home okay? I’ll go tell them we should go. It was a bad idea coming here.” I said as I got up.



We had been home for two days. Tomorrow we go back to school. All except Edward. He has the ‘chicken pox’ so he is staying home for a while.


Edward is running. I recognize this path! Edward is going to Volterra! He keeps running. Why hasn’t he been stopped? The ‘Bella’ vampire runs into him side ways. Edward goes flying while she looks around confused. When she spots Edward her eyes turn huge. The baby is in her arms. Luckily not harmed. Edward would feel horrid if something happened to the child. “Edward?” the ‘Bella’ vampire says. Edward looks up stunned. “um….yes…… I am sorry but I do not recall knowing you.” Always a perfect gentleman. “oh right…I suppose I look a little different from when we saw each other last.” She closes her eyes and changes right in front of him. She looks exactly like Bella, only more vampire. “Its me Bella. I am so sorry for bumping into you… where exactly were you going? if you don’t mind my asking.” Bella looks nervous standing there. “I was…but you were…… and now…… I’ll explain later……How the Heck is it that you are here?” Edward looks scared .

End Vision

Jasper was out hunting so I wouldn’t have to explain myself. I knew he wouldn’t have agreed with me on letting Edward run to Volterra and the Volturi. I knew now that Bella and Megs would be there to stop him. I was happy with that.