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Alice is having weird visions no one comprehends. There is a new vampire coming? or is it nonsense. Edward is losing his power could Alice be too?

This is my first ever story! How exciting!?!

4. Run!

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I knew now that Bella and Megs would be there to stop him. I was happy with that.

“Jasper can we go for a run?” I asked.

Jasper and Emmett were watching wrestling. I decided that I should tell them all, it was Bella in my visions. I am sure of it now and that we have to let Edward try and run to Volterra.

“Sure Alice, Lets go.” Jasper hopped up and was at my side in an instant.

“You and Rosalie can come to, Emmett, if you want.” I guess it will be easier to tell them all at once.

“Sure, Rosalie come on!” although he didn’t raise his voice Rosalie was there as quickly as Jasper was.

“Where are we going?” Rosalie asked.

“Oh! I don’t know…. Lets just GO!” I was so excited! Bella was going to come! Or at least she was alive!

We were somewhere in the middle of the forest. I guess this was a good a place as any! I sat down on a rock and motioned for them to also.

“Okay! So I had another vision……..Edward is going to try and run to Volterra! Isn’t that great?” I know I probably sounded insane right know but I couldn’t think of anyway else to start.

“What? Alice I can see right now you are honestly happy about our brother running to go kill himself!” Jasper said getting up.

“Calm down! It was my vision! See I figured out who the vampire is!”

“but you just said you had a vision of Edward running to Volterra! Please explain and hurry!” Emmett was defiantly confused, Jasper thought I was crazy and Rosalie didn’t seem to be paying attention.

“I did! You see I had a vision that Edward is on his way to Volterra and the vampire runs into him in the literal sense! And even better, I know who the vampire is….. And so do you!”

“So, Edward is to be allowed to try and kill himself for the sake of us finding this vampire?” Rosalie asked. “Why do we care who she is anyway? Also should we really risk Edwards life for her? She might change her mind!”

“Well…. I am glad you asked that! You see we should all be used to this by now! She has put us in danger at least once before! And again, you know who she is and isn’t anything worth risking to make Edward as happy as he was?” I knew they still thought I was insane but I wanted them to guess!

“Alice! Just tell us who it is, please!” Emmett practically begged.

“Well…… If no one will guess……. I guess I could tell you. But first Jasper think of the way she looked when she saw you…… who else has ever…..not in this family……looked at you like that, has looked at you like you were an old friend?”

“Um……..” Then Jaspers expression lightened with understanding. “But that’s impossible….. She died.”

“but so did we!” I knew he was catching on.

“Holy CRAP! This is awesome!” Jasper was probably as happy as I was that Bella was coming. Even if he thought he was the reason we left.

“WHO IS IT! I really want to know! I demand you tell me!” Emmett roared. He was getting really mad.

“Its Bella you idiot! Now calm down!” I told him I didn’t want this to become an argument. Rosalie scowled. They had never really gotten along.

“AWSOME!...... But awww! Damn! I’m happy Bella is alive but now there isn’t a chance I will get to kill a vampire.” Ha, that’s just like Emmett.

“we should tell Carlisle and Esme. But keep this away from Edward. If he knows she is alive, He might not run.” I warned.

“Right! I will go find Carlisle and Esme. You wait here okay?” Jasper said over his shoulder as he ran.

Rosalie scowled at the trees. I knew she was sort of happy though, She would be happy not having to deal with Edwards moping, if nothing else.

We told Carlisle and Esme next. I didn’t have any fun with that though. Emmett blurted it out before they could even look confused.


It was the day back to school. It was only 12:00 pm. I was sitting outside watching the cloudy sky. Edward was moping. Probably trying to come up with a plan to escape, Rosalie was in her room with Emmett and Jasper was beside me. I don’t know where Carlisle or Esme was.

VisionIt was pitch black. Maybe I was having a werewolf vision…… Suddenly there was a light. Bella stood before me. “Alice I know this is really weird but I have to talk to you. Well I have to tell you something. First congrats. I am glad you found out. I will also contact you through visions. I will try to do this a good times but I might slip up. Edward is going to run during lunch time today. Don’t ask how I know. If you want me to come back with Edward leave a note on your window. All it has to say is yes or no. thank you. For not telling Edward I mean. I am really quite nervous about the whole talking to him for the first time in so long. By the way I don’t still love him. I know you were worried about that before. Goodbye Alice. I will be seeing you soon.” And with that she was gone as suddenly as she came.End Vision

Jasper had his arms on my shoulders.

“What did you see Alice? Was it you know who?” Jasper asked. Edward was still in hearing range.

Yes it was. She says Edward is going to run at lunch. She will be there to stop him, she doesn’t love him and to leave a note on the window of our room- whether or not to come back with Edward. Of course I am going to write Yes on the note.” I whispered so Edward wouldn’t hear.

Jasper nodded.


Edwards POV

Everyone was just heading out the door to school. Carlisle and Esme were leaving later to hike. I figured today would be as good as any to make my escape. I decided I would wait until after Carlisle and Esme left. I hope Alice hasn’t seen me running yet. Maybe they have given up on me. I doubt it.

“Have a nice day Edward. See you later.Rosalie said as she exited.

“See you later Edward. Enjoy the time off.” -Jasper

“Lucky! You get to stay home! I wish I had a day off!”Emmett

“Goodbye Edward! Have a nice time today. See you later”–Alice

Weird Everyone seems happy! It has been a while since anyone in this family smiled. Oh well. I need to focused on my plans of contingency. I just hoped that by the time Alice saw me running to Volterra it would be to late. It was a vain hope.

Soon Esme and Carlisle were walking out of the door. They both waved goodbye without a word.. I hated this. Oh well, time to make my escape. I waited until I was sure they were to far away to matter and ran.

Alice’s POV

There was one period left until lunch. I knew Edward would be getting ready to leave now. Everyone was on edge. Finally the dismissal bell rang. I stepped outside in time to notice Esme and Carlisle running through the forest. I walked to lunch and met the others. Jasper was looking at Rose funny. I wonder what was wrong with her.

I was just reaching Jasper.

Vision“Alice?!” Bella’s frantic voice rang through my mind. She was showing her running through the forest at an impossible speed “Alice! I don’t know if I can make it in time! I got stopped. Don’t ask okay? But if I am correct which I usually am I will miss him by seconds! I am so sorry! I will try and make it but if not again I am sorry. I can try but I can promise anything” Bella was streaking through the forest even faster now. End Vision

I gasped as the vision ended. There was a large circle of students standing around me. Jasper looked very worried, Emmett was worried for once and Rosalie looked pissed. Probably guessing what I saw.

“Um….Alice are you okay? Your still not feeling well, huh? I guess we should take you home.” Jasper said. I played along hoping every one else would.

“yeah…. Um.. could you carry me? I don’t think I can walk.” I said looking at Emmett.

He scowled but picked me up anyway and walked me to the car. He almost threw me in the back. As soon as we were out of sight Jasper turned to me.

“Alice what did you see?” Jasper looked really worried, probably because I was so scared when my vision ended.

“I saw Bella, She was talking to me through the vision. She said some one held her up. She was really trying but she didn’t know if she could get there in time. I know what you mean when you said she was fast. I could barely see anything around her.”

Rosalie hissed under her breath. She really must hate Bella. I mean I can understand her being upset but Bella was trying.

Bella’s POV I hope I can make it. I was running faster than I usually do. This surprised me. I could sense Edward close. I might miss him. Megs had her head pressed into my shoulder. I was coming to the path about ten feet in front of where Edward would be in less than a second. I slowed down slightly. Timing had to be perfect. I really wanted him to hit me just right so he would go falling. That would be fun. I slowed and stepped into the path. Half a second later there was a loud crash. Megs winced and covered her ears. “I’m sorry Megs.” I whispered in her ear. No one but her would be able to hear it.

“Edward?” I said trying to sound confused.

Edward looks up at me stunned Who is this? How does she know my name? He thought.

“um….yes…… I am sorry but I do not recall knowing you.” Edward is still a perfect gentleman.

“oh right…I suppose I look a little different from when we saw each other last.” I said still trying to pretend I didn’t purposefully run into him. I close my eyes and concentrate on what I used to look like.-“Its me Bella. I am so sorry for bumping into you… where exactly were you going? if you don’t mind my asking.”

I was getting really nervous. Edward didn’t love me or so he had said so long ago. But then why was he running to Volterra after going to Forks and finding no proof of me, I guess that was my fault.

“I was…but you were…… and now…… I’ll explain later……How the Heck is it that you are here?” Edward looks at me like he is seeing a ghost.

“Oh that’s simple. I will tell you later. Oh this Megs. She is three, I found her when she was six months old. A vampire was going to kill her. She knows I am a vampire though, I am not sure she knows exactly what that means yet.” I realized I was babbling

I can’t Believe it. Bella died. Am I insane? Is this all a terrible day dream or something? I highly doubt that if Bella were a vampire she would be this friendly towards me. After what I did to her. I can hope though right? I can still hope she would forgive me. I miss her so much. She is so pretty as a vampire. I can’t remember why on earth I would think of leaving Bella.

“You know Edward, There is no reason to worry. I forgave you. I understand why you left.” I said. I realized after that, that Edward still didn’t know I could read minds……. Oops.

“What? How……” Bella? Can you read my mind? Can you?

“Yes. Now, I know you were going to go to Volterra to the Volturi. But why Edward? Why would you try and kill yourself? Even If you don’t believe you have a soul- which you obviously don’t believe because other wise why would you try and kill yourself?- anyways how could you do that to your family?” I was getting angry, I needed to stay calm. I don’t want to think of what might happen if I lose my temper.

“I….I thought you were dead.” Edward whispered, looking straight into my eyes. The way that used to make me forget to breath when I was human.

“Edward, I have been dead for over twenty years! Are you just trying to go kill yourself? And again what about your family?” Calm, Calm Itold myself in my head.

“I don’t know what I was thinking… leaving in the first place. I- I-I I just couldn’t believe you died, and for that I didn’t want to live, and when we went to Forks again to find that no one even remembered you. Not even Mike Newton!”

I ran over at normal vampire speed and put my arm around his shoulder. He had sat up and leaned into me. Suddenly his head snapped up and he was staring at Megs.

Edward was more composed. I tried not to listen to his thoughts but I knew he had convinced himself that even if this was a dream or he was dead or whatever he didn’t care.

“Edward….. We should be getting back to your home now. I assume you know the way back. I don’t. I would like to come see your family, but if you want me to leave I will. I wouldn’t want to impose or be an inconvenience to you.” I wonder, if he doesn’t love me anymore, why would he try to kill himself for me? I guess we have some catching up to do.

“NO! No you must come. Alice will be so happy to see you, Emmett and Jasper to. Esme will be delighted, And Carlisle will be overjoyed. I even think Rosalie will be happy! Come on now lets go!” He said as he got up. I hit him harder than I thought I did. He was still stiff from the fall.

We ran, I stayed a bit behind, making him think he was still faster than me. Also to keep up the charade that I didn’t know where he lived.

I could tell we were getting close. I could smell them from them running and hunting. I decided to hide mine and Megs’ scent. Edwards head whipped around to stare at me astonished by the fact he could no longer smell us. I simply shrugged. I could see the house. It looked almost exactly like their house in Forks but a bit bigger. Probably a few extra rooms.

We approached the front door. I could hear Emmett and Jasper watching wrestling, Rosalie flipping trough a magazine and Alice pacing across the floor. I wonder where Esme and Carlisle were. I could smell them but I couldn’t hear them at all.