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Visions of Mary Alice

This is what happens before Alice was turned into a vampire.

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1. Marie

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“Mary Alice, can’t you ever stop lying?” my mother stood above me, her thirteen year old daughter. “You are not physic and you cannot see the future! How do you ever expect to have a successful marriage when you have everyone in the town scared?” She pressed her hands upon her temples and closed her tawny eyes.

“If I can’t see the future then how did I know you were going to have another baby?” I challenged. “How do you explain that? I know what I saw Mom! There’s going to be a murder- Sara’s sister is going to die unless we do something. We have to do something!” I shrieked forcefully.

“Mary- Marie is not going to be murdered! Now go up to your room before you scare your sister with all this silly nonsense!” She kept glaring at me with malice in her eyes so I trudged up to my room. I knew my parents didn’t love me; they didn’t even understand me. I heard them deep into the night wondering if I would be able to make a successful marriage or not. That seemed to be all they cared about- getting money from someone who would take me out of their hands far away- preferably far, far away. Last night, my father had even suggested an institution. They were both still considering that when I fell into a deep and rewarding sleep.

When I woke up, I saw a scary- no a terrifying- vision. Marie Umbra was going to be murdered by Peter whom was courting her. I am sure we could do something if only people would let me and help me. But yet I knew no one would, not even Clayton, my best friend. He was dead scared of my visions, especially this one. I had already told him about it earlier in the morning but before I had even finished he ran away from me like a frightened foe.

I made my way to my bed, plotting the entire way, if my parents wouldn’t help Marie I would have to. I knew that she was going to be murdered at the country club, but that was over ten miles from my house, plus I was on serious lock-down-mode. There was only one telephone in my house and it was in my parent’s room. They insisted on knowing everything that is going on ever since I first started having my visions on my fourth birthday though I don’t remember that at all! Supposedly I was able to accurately predict what every single one of my presents were so ever since then I’ve been on lock- down-mode.

Sometimes I wish I don’t have my powers but then in situations like these I am glad for I get to say goodbye, which everyone else doesn’t get to do. Of course, my visions can be changed and that’s what I was hoping to do with Marie’s. I wasn’t exactly friends with her but she was just too full of life to die- too young. The shrill ring of the phone from my parent’s room interrupted my train of thought and I listened closely hoping to figure out who it was. My mother’s young voice answered the phone after a split second.

“Oh, hello? Mrs. Peterson? What do you mean that Mary’s vision was correct? What?” She paused to hear what Clayton’s mother said and I spread out over my bed. It was too late; Marie was forever gone because of people’s hesitation. When would people believe me? It was always too late! What was the purpose of me having this aptitude when it didn’t do any good?