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Visions of Mary Alice

This is what happens before Alice was turned into a vampire.

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2. Chapter 2

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I lay, curled on my bed. How could Marie have died? Why didn’t anyone stop Peter? Why didn’t anyone believe me? I knew tonight, I would have to stay up to hear what my parents would be saying after this. I would be in trouble forever and I knew it. It would have been worth it if just once, I could have saved a life.

I sat up, late into the night, but the conversation that I was expecting never happened. Instead, everything was unusually quiet. I just couldn’t take it anymore.

Reaching under my bed, I felt something long and thin. It was my only ways of escape, though I had never used it before. Theoretically, I could shimmy down the house and run to Clayton’s house. He was who I needed. I trusted him more than anyone.

I knew the next day there would be a big funeral in Marie’s honor, but I didn’t want to be there. It would be too much of a brutal reminder of what was wrong with me. I could have saved her and even know, if people listened to me, they would know the true murder. But yet, I knew no one would believe me or even talk to me.

I landed quietly on my feet and left the home-made rope dangling from the window. (After all, I had to get back home somehow.) I was only wearing my slippers and they were getting wet in the grass so I threw them into a nearby bush. I would pick them up later.

Suddenly a piercing siren came down the street. I jumped behind a bush and watched as two men stepped out of a van in front of my house. My parents came out to meet them. I face pricked and my heart stopped beating. One of the attendants looked unbelievably beautiful, like living stone. My face was burning now.

My younger sister ran outside and looked up at my mother. She was shooed back inside but she refused to go, clinging to my mother’s leg. Soon, she caved and picked her up and rocked her very gently in her arms. I don’t remember the last time she did that for me, though I was certainly small enough. Did I mention I was very small for thirteen?

My father pointed to the rope that was hanging from my window and I literally slapped myself. The beautiful man strides over to me and smiles. I suddenly have a vision and go blank. I see myself in a dark, enclosed space with barely enough oxygen to breathe. My hair is shaven and I look like every other prisoner. I start to weep; I can’t help it. It is just so awful.

The two men lift me easily and I do not struggle as they take me away. I could not win. I am too small, too weak. I am put in the back of the van and there I cry until my eyes are swollen shot. Finally, the two men finished talking to my parents. I looked out and saw it was now daybreak. Clayton was doing his morning chore of watering his mother’s bushes. I waved and he waved back, looking confused. My parents were already backing inside. I turned away from them and cried.