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Visions of Mary Alice

This is what happens before Alice was turned into a vampire.

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4. Chapter 4

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The days were long and tedious, yet they passed quickly between shock treatments and other tortures in my dark and depressing cell. Daniel visited me everyday, bringing me my meals and giving me company. They were the only part of the day that I enjoyed.

My parents never visited me, not that I expected them to. After all, they were the reasons that I was in this dank prison with no means of escape. Was this the only solution that they could come up with? Were they really that uncreative?

My days were not counted, at least by me. The only change was the banging of chains one day and moaning the next. I could not see any difference between day and night in my dingy cell.

My only indication of the hour was the visits by my angel. I was in love with him and him with me. I had even kissed him once when he proclaimed it was my eighteenth birthday. That was the day that he told me that he loved me which made up for the fact that I had been here for five years.

He promised that one day I would be free and those words in the promise were what kept my heart beating, day after day. I noticed that he never seemed to age and somehow he looked exactly the same as when I had first met him. He still looked seventeen.

Every week, my hair was routinely cropped short and then I would go to a shock treatment. It was the only time that I could be in the light. That was the only time of the week that I could take a cold shower.

Every other day of the week, I was covered with dirt and grime. My hair was constantly matted down on my constantly sweating neck for there was no breeze or air circulating in my cell. I didn’t know how Daniel could love me, considering how I looked, but I was glad that he did. It was the only thing that kept me sane.

The pain from the shock treatments was sometimes too much, it overwhelmed me. I cannot say where all the time went, five whole years.

I remember the day that I first saw James. Daniel had led him into my cell, looking weary like he didn’t want him to be there. I didn’t mind, it wasn’t often that I got visitors. James had grasped my wrist, pulling me to my feet and attempted to take me away. Daniel didn’t let him.

Daniel pushed him out the door and then, without saying anything took my wrist and bit it. James burst through the door saw the crescent shaped mark on my wrist and turned towards Daniel. He struck out and Daniel fell. I turned away and then fainted. When I looked back, my cell was empty. The bars were also open. I went out and looked around.

The fire started, but it wasn’t as bad as the shock treatments so I continued down the long hallway; I was on the way to my new life.