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Emmett and the Bear

Photobucket Emmett was being mauled by a bear when Rosalie found him. Why you ask, well here's what we think.


1. Chapter 1

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“Robert, look!” Emmett shouted across the campsite, “There’s a bear over there!” Then he pointed into the woods at a huge grizzly bear and her cubs.

“Emmett, that’s a bear. We should probably walk away or something.”

“I want to fight it!” Emmett cried.

“No!” Robert shouted, “You’ll get killed!”

“I just want to see how strong I am.”

“No Emmett.”



“First we have to aggravate it,” Emmett instructed.


“You get the cubs. I’ll annoy the bear.”

Robert jogged over to the smallest cub, picked it up, and ran. The bear chased after him, but Emmett blocked its path.

“Bear! Fight me!” Emmett cried while he poked it. The bear roared angrily.

Then, Robert cried “Emmett, get away! It’s going to kill you!”

Emmett ignored his brother and attempted to tackle the bear. It threw him off and sauntered over to its cub that Robert had recently released.

Then, Emmett ran up behind the bear and poked its back repeatedly. It spun around and hit him squarely in the chest with a huge paw. He sprang back up and grabbed the angry mother bear around the middle. He tried to throw it to the ground, but it wouldn’t budge.

“Emmett!” Robert cried, worried about his brothers safety and sanity, “Get away from that bear! You’re going to be killed and I’ll have to explain your death to our parents!”

“I’m not going to die!” Emmett roared to both the bear and his brother. “I just want to pin it down then we can leave!”

“It’s a bear!” Robert cried as Emmett was flung into a tree. He grimaced in pain, but got back up. His arm had a deep bleeding gash but he ignored it.


He roared in response. Robert ran across the campsite and took cover in the tent.

The bear grabbed the back of Emmett’s shirt in her mouth and whipped him around like a rag doll. It let go and he flew into a tree, and then rolled back to the feet of the bear.

He tried to escape but a heavy paw knocked him back down. He howled in pain.

Robert heard his pained cry and rushed out of the tent, grabbed one of the cubs, and ran. Its paw cut into his arm. Suddenly, the mother bear’s head whipped around and the angered bear roared. Then, it ran at Robert, trying to protect its cub. Scared, he dropped the cub and the bear turned back to Emmett.

“Emmett,” Robert shouted. “Come on! You have to get to a hospital!”

“Tell mom and dad…” he moaned, “that I thought I could take it.”

At that moment, the bear’s strong jaws clamped down on Emmett’s leg and lifted him into the air. Robert ran, abandoning his brother.

The bear shook its head from side to side, dislocating Emmett’s leg. It then batted his head with its front paws. Then, it flung him across the campsite. He skidded to a stop and put up his hands in defeat. The bear kept attacking.

“Stupid bear!” Emmett shouted at it, “You don’t know the rules! Go away! I lose! I give up!” She grabbed what was left of his shirt and dragged him across the ground. Small rocks cut into his back. Then, he lost consciousness.

He knew he was dead when he was being carried by a blonde angel. They were traveling at an incredible speed, almost like they were flying. He thought he was being flown to heaven.

Emmett looked up at her pale expressionless face. She looked down and smiled. Then, he blacked out again.

“Bring it on!” Emmett roared at an angry grizzly. It roared back, and then hit him in the chest with a heavy paw. He didn’t even move, which infuriated the bear further. It clamped its jaws down on his arm, but its teeth cracked. The bear howled in pain. In a desperate attempt to hurt the strange, curly-haired person in front of him, it hit him in the head with its claw. The person only laughed. The bear ran away with it’s tail between its legs.

“Ha-ha!” Emmett cried, “I am victorious! No bear can defeat me, for I am Emmett Cullen!” Then, he ran back to his jeep and sped home, excited to share the story of his victory with his family.