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We Love Edward Much More Than Jacob


for all of those poeple who truly love Edward (Or just want to find out why we love him)

1. Chapter 1

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You are perfect and we would just like to say… WE LOVE YOU!

We love how you’re skin is always so cold.

We love the way you save Bella’s life… repeatedly.

We love that you are not a smelly dog.

We love how tall you are. It makes us seems not as tall. And for the some of us who are short like Bella, you are very protective.

We love when you took Bella to prom and promised not to leave her side. It was so sweet and we don’t blame you for breaking that promise…IT WAS THE STUPID DOG’S FAULT!

We love the way you DON'T LIKE MIKE NEWTON! (does anyone?)

We love when all of the vampire haters get mad because we love you and not some smelly dogs. Sure, dogs are cute… WHEN THEY ARE A NORMAL SIZE.

Gosh, we just love you! Really, who wouldn’t?

In all the words of Edward lovers combined...WE LOVE YOU!


Everyone who loves you in the world plus maybe some of the people we know truly loves you and just wants to keep it a secret. But mostly the obsessed people (like Blondie and Fish).