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Part of Your World

i based this poem off of the little mermaid songs... its mostly about bella wanting to be a part of edward's vampire world... so enjoy!

this is my first ever poem so please tell me if this is good!!!! review please!!!!!

2. Chapter 2: The Arguement

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Edward: I won’t make you one of the eternally damned!!

Bella: You don’t understand…

Edward: Just listen, will you? I can’t take that risk!!! I may not be able to keep the monster inside of me

under control once I taste your blood…

Bella: You’re not a monster….

Edward: Don’t use that line against me! I won’t turn you!! Haven’t I made that clear? I won’t damn you to this life!!!

Bella: Edward, please!!!

Edward: No, I’m the one who can change you; I think I have some say when and where I can change you! But I won’t make you a part of this eternal world!