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The Sympathy Card

It is the day of Bella and Edwards marriage! It is one of the most perfect days of their lifes and existences. But could it all their happiness be destoryed by the hate and jealousy of another ... Jacob Black! Chapter 6 - The Final Chapter is up!!! Disclaimer - I own NOTHING, it all belongs to the wonderful and talented Stephenie Meyer


1. Chapter 1

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I sat, not noticing the roar of noise around me, staring absently out the window into the dark sky – but thanks to Alice, I knew there was no chance for rain. I was sitting in the Cullen’s living room waiting for the time when my father would come to walk me down the aisle.

This was a very auspicious day, though I couldn’t help feel a slight pang of panic as the realization finally hit me – I was going to be married! An involuntary shudder when down my spine and my hands shook.

Neither Charlie nor Renee was too pleased with the idea of me getting married at the early age of eighteen but they seemed respect my decision.

Time passed quickly as shapes of people blurred past me, though I remained oblivious, still trying to get grip and tell myself that this is really happening and I was defiantly not dreaming; although the last past months have felt just like a wonderful dream, that I never want to wake from.

“Bella?” Charlie said bringing me back from my thoughts, “It’s time!”

I smiled to myself – I was really marrying Edward Cullen; the idea didn’t sound so bad, now. I stood up and followed the white satin carpet that Alice had laid down for us. She had made sure that I hadn’t seen any of her work, so as I stumbled out of the door into the open yard and saw the brilliant white tent pitched in the middle of it, I was in shock. I told her not to go overboard, but then again, this was Alice we were talking about.

Charlie continued to lead me down the satin path towards the tent. As soon as we entered everyone fell silent and I could feel every eye in the room staring at me, but I didn’t mind; I only cared about the golden eyes that stared directly at me from the beautiful young vampire dressed in a stunning black tuxedo. I finally drew my eyes away form Edward and I really noticed the work that Alice had done.

The tent was made of a light white material that hung delicately from its frame, which complimented the white satin path that guided me all the way to the Altar. As I entered I noticed two mahogany tables either side of me, with huge bouquets of light pink and white roses whose aroma filled the tent. Around the clear vases were wedding gift addressed to ‘Bella and Edward’; although I specifically asked for no presents, it felt good to have my name next to Edwards – maybe this whole marriage think was not so bad after all. Soon I was passing rows upon rows of beautiful white chairs, with soft white backs and bases so that the guest would not be uncomfortable - leave it to Alice to think of everything. Around the backs of the seats Alice and Rosalie had tied delicate little bows out of a white ribbon trimmed with gold. Rosalie and I had now put aside our differences; she was like a sister to me now and in a few hours she really would be my sister. White balloons held to the ground by golden-covered weights also filled the tent.

My gaze shifted forward and I noticed there was a wooden rise at the very front with a tall mahogany Altar, behind there stood the priest. On either side of the Altar were two more bouquets of roses. It truly looked exquisite – Alice had honestly outdone herself once again.

I was still walking down the aisle with Charlie; it felt like it was taking a lifetime. My gaze shifted to the faces of the guests. I saw Angela and Ben, her head rested upon his shoulder. They were both smiling at me – Angela’s smile felt honest and sincerely; I felt honored to have such a true friend like her and I was sure that I would miss her undying support after I was changed. I quickly smiled back to them.

Mike and Jessica were sitting next to them; Jessica smiled but I could see in her eyes that she was plotting what rumors she would say behind my back – but Angela’s smile made the thought of untrue rumors so much easier to bear. Mike had his arm laid lazily over Jessica’s shoulder but was still looking at me hopefully. He sighed and stared towards the front. How, I wondered, could he remain hopefully even as I walked down the aisle?

Mum was sitting in the in the front row next to Phil. She was smiling though silent tears rolled down her cheeks, but they weren’t tears of sadness and despair rather tears of happiness; I felt relieved that she was so happy for me and willing for me to go through with this. I thought she would be extremely difficult about the whole marriage think but she seemed to be handling it fine. I smiled at her and more tears started to splash onto her cheeks.

In the front row on the other side sat Esme and Carlisle. Esme looked like she could cry but that wasn’t something that vampires could do.

Carlisle’s face was gleaming with happiness; his eyes were full of pride for his first son. The rest of the Cullen’s were standing on the wooden rise.

Alice was my matron of honor. She stood next to the Altar, her graceful body angled slightly towards the aisle. She was wearing a strapless white dress that fitted to her shape with the help of a corset, the dress then frilled out into a light and fun skirt. Around her waist was a thick golden ribbon that tied into a delicate bow at the front. Like me she was wearing a stunning golden pair of Stiletto’s, but unlike me, she was able to move gracefully in them without stumbling. Her hair hung lightly around her face; framing her flawless features. Happiness radiated from every corner of her perfect face, she flashed a beautiful teeth-filled smile at me when I looked at her and I knew that she was truly ecstatic.

Rosalie was my bride’s maid and stood next to Alice. She was dressed similarly to Alice both with gold stiletto’s and a golden ribbon tied around their waist although instead of having the dress frill into a knee-height skirt, the white satin material was cut at the top of her thigh and angled across her perfect legs until it gently trailed along the ground near her left ankle; the material remained perfect, without a single crease. Her hair hung in ringlets some of which were pined back to make an elegant crown. She smiled at me as I looked up at her. I could tell from her joyous expression that our friendship had come along way since she had told me about her pass.

Emmett was Edwards’s best man. He was wearing a black tuxedo with a white shirt underneath. It looked absurd on him with all his muscles – I had to suppress a giggle. Like everyone else his face was covered by a huge grin. Jasper was dressed the same as Emmett but his expression was more stern. I knew it would be very difficult for Jasper to control himself but he was handling it very well and he knew that Alice was there to help him.Finally my eye drifted to his face. It was so entirely beautiful. His golden eyes stared at me with sense of awe; his smile just about covered his perfect face. Though something was different, as I stared into his perfect eyes I realized that they were filled with pure joy and nothing else. I had never seen him so unconditionally happy; I was filled with a million different emotions at once.

I continued to walk towards him, staring into in brilliant eyes, but then suddenly stumbled over the unseen rise. Edward gracefully caught me and placed me on my feet again, my face turning scarlet from embarrassment.

“Ready?” he whispered almost silentlyI nodded, smiling at him and he took my hand.

Then the ceremony proceeded.

The priest was an old man, who I had rarely seen because I never really visited the church here in Forks. We were very fortunate that he agreed to come here to do this wedding despite the fact that he really didn’t know either of us. He was dressed in a long white priest’s gown, which was barely visible behind the Altar. He spoke in a low, wise voice as he continued with the ceremony.

"Into this holy union Edward Cullen and Isabella Swan now come to be joined. If any of you can show just cause why they may not lawfully be married, speak now, or else for ever hold your peace."

“I do!” said a cold voice full of hatred.