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The Sympathy Card

It is the day of Bella and Edwards marriage! It is one of the most perfect days of their lifes and existences. But could it all their happiness be destoryed by the hate and jealousy of another ... Jacob Black! Chapter 6 - The Final Chapter is up!!! Disclaimer - I own NOTHING, it all belongs to the wonderful and talented Stephenie Meyer


6. Chapter 6

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Chapter 6

Inside the white envelope was an unusual card – a sympathy card. The cover was of a bouquet of roses laid across a table and in gold writing were the words ‘ My Deepest Sympathy.’ I knew immediately whom it was from – rage suddenly filled me and I knew everyone could sense it not just Jasper.

Dear Bella, I am sorry that you can’t see the mistake you are making!

I am sorry that you can’t see what a jerk Edward is and how perfect I am for you!

I am sorry that you can’t see how much I truly love you!

I am sorry that I had to ruin your wedding to show you how much you mean to me!

I am sorry that you are throwing away your life to be with a cold and heartless leech!!

I know you love me but I am sorry I am not enough!!

I will always love you, Bella! Never forget your second option!!

Love Jacob xoxo

Fury, rage consumed me, so intense I thought I would ignite on fire! Suddenly I was crying, I don’t exactly know how, but all I can guess is that the exhaustion caused from such a huge day cause my emotional breakdown. All I could manage to do was cling to Edward and weep.

“What’s wrong?” he asked anxiously. But I couldn’t reply.

“She’s having an emotion breakdown, Edward. She is just really tired,” Jasper explained.

“Shhhhh… Everything will be fine, get some rest, you’ve had a big day” Boy, that was an understatement, firstly it’s my wedding day, then I get attacked by a werewolf during the wedding, finally get married, have a large party which was enough to make me want to sleep for an entire day and the card from Jacob was the straw that broke the camel’s back (and if you’re wonder that camel’s name is Bella). Though, Edward’s words were still comforting.

Jacob’s card was forgotten and I saw Edward eye Jasper suggestively. Suddenly I felt really tired but I knew it was Jasper doing. “Jasper!” I said angrily but I was asleep before I could hear his reply.

* * *

I was walking in a green forest, it was an overcast day but I couldn’t feel the cold. I felt really thirsty so I walked through the endless sea of trees towards the gurgle of a nearby stream, at the edge of the stream I got down onto my hands and knees and leant over to get a drink. In the moving water I saw my reflection. My eyes were jet black and my skin was even paler. My features also seemed different but I couldn’t quite say exactly what was different – they looked more refined, sharper. I took a sip of water but I couldn’t quench my thirst.
I continued to stare at my reflection in the water then, standing behind, I saw a wild beast – Jacob. His paw was raised high in the air and before I could turn to see him properly, his paw came crashing down hard against my back; I could feel the deep gouges his claws had made in my skin but I couldn’t feel the sticky blood ooze down my back.

“Bella,” I heard Edward scream as he ran towards me.

“Edward?” I said confused,

“No!” I scream as Jacob turned to attack Edward. Edward ran at Jacob with fury but Jacob’s huge paw slammed down on Edward head so quickly Edward couldn’t react. Edward’s body crumbled to the ground, his eyes filled with nothingness.

“Arrrrggg,” I screamed as I jerked forward awakening from my dream. I continued to scream as I looked desperately around the unfamiliar room. Suddenly a cold arm was around my shoulder.

“It’s alright Bella. I’m here,” he whispered but I barely realised. I was staring ahead not seeing anything, I was gasping for breath. Suddenly his room was filled with people. But I stared past the strangely beautiful ghosts, still gasping for air.

“What’s wrong?” someone asked.

“Nightmare,” he replied.

“Is it usually this bad?” the strangely familiar voice said again.

“No,” Edward sounded worried. I suddenly came back to reality; I wrapped my arms around him.

“You’re alive, he didn’t hurt you,” I whispered, barely audible. He suddenly understood and wrapped his cold arms tightly arm me.

“Don’t worry, Bella, I’m here,” he said as he kissed me on the forehead but I could hear curiosity burning in his voice. I suddenly remember the staring faces.

“Are you alright, Bella?” Alice whispered.

“I’m fine,” I said as I pulled away from Edward. I twisted to face her and my back suddenly soared with agony. The pain took my breath away and Carlisle was at my side in a second.

“How’s your back?” he asked.

“Sore,” I admitted as he poked and prodded different areas.

“This should help,” and he passed me two blue pills. I slowly felt the pain subsiding.

“I’m going to kill that … DOG!!!!” Emmett yelled with disgust, “Look at what he’s done to her,” he indicated to me. I didn’t realise tears were streaming down my face. I quickly wiped them away.

“I’m fine, I swear. No wars on my behalf,” I said lightly.

“But he’s broken the treaty … too many times,” he said with a snarl. I tensed.

“No one’s fighting anyone,” Edward said reassuringly.

“Yet,” Emmett replied.

“Try to get some, sleep,” Esme said caringly.

“Okay.” But I couldn’t find the strength to close my eyes. I knew the image of Edward’s lifeless body, on the forest floor, was still lurking behind my eyelids. My greatest fear was now realised – losing Edward!

* * *

I sat staring at the flames that dancing across the wood in the fireplace. In my hands I held a simple sympathy card whose message tore my heart in two. Edward and the boys were out hunting – as some-kind-of male bonding, but for that I was thankful, I needed some time to just think.

I quietly studied the painful words; they were merely scribble due to the fierce shudders that must have been consuming Jacob’s body as he wrote this. It was so obvious that these words were written out of anger. I knew that he would never write anything this hurtful if he was thinking properly, but anger and fury must have clouded his mind. His anger was only a mask for the pain he felt, but at least he was venting out his emotion; he was releasing his pain through anger and rage. He would always love me, of that I was sure, but he would move on, he may even imprint and for that I was glad.

I stared at the card wondering why he was sorry; he had nothing to be sorry about. I let out a brief sigh “I’m sorry Jacob, for staining your heart with only half of my love,” I thought silently. I had tried to warn him; to let him know that I could never love him fully because my heart belonged to another. But he didn’t listen and I let him go so much deeper, causing him so much more pain, all because I needed him to plug the dark and empty hole in my heart, I thought glumly.

The anger from the previous night had faded and now I only felt a small ache in my heart commemorating the loss of my friendship with Jacob. I hated for our last memories of each other to be so full of hate but I knew that if I wanted Jacob to ever heal that this would be the easiest way, for him. I had easily forgiven Jacob of everything he had done while he had been consumed by rage; I held none of it against him but I was still saddened that he thought of me in such a hateful way, even though I knew that it was only the pain and anger that made him act that way.

I silently closed the card, sealing away a small piece of my heart that would always belong to Jake. I gently threw the card and it fluttered in the air for a second only to be caught by the flames, moments later. The card crumpled under the heat and at the same time a new smaller hole was being burnt into my heart as I broke my final ties, connecting me to Jacob. I quickly wrapped my arms around my chest, as the quiet aching became strong flares of agony. Tears quietly tumbled down my cheeks, but a simple thought made a small smile creep across my face – at least I have my Edward.

As the card faded into oblivion, I heard a lone wolf’s mournful cry echo in the silence of the night.

The End