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Everlasting Fire

Jake is still gone, and the Pack is starting to crumble without him. Then, strangers appear, attempting to kill the Cullens in revenge. Surprisingly, the Quileutes step in. What is going on in Forks now? How many secrets can this town hold before it finally blows over? Bella is still set to become a vampire, the wedding draws closer than ever, and they still need to get everything sorted out before something happens... something terrible.

Written by addictedtotwilight and chadley. Disclaimer: All characters belong to Stephenie Meyer. We hope you enjoy it!

2. Triumphant Return

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"Aw, Carlisle," Emmett whined. "Why do we have to go back already? We haven't found any grizzlies yet!" Carlisle had just mentioned leaving for his oldest son's benefit, knowing that it pained Edward to be so long away from his beloved. Of course, Emmett didn't like the plan.

"Emmett, shut up." Rosalie ordered, smacking him in the back of the head. "I'm done. Everyone else is done. You'll just have to come along quietly."

Emmett grumbled, but obediently followed when the rest of the family began to run towards home.

"Edward, she'll love it! She just doesn't know it yet..." Alice tried to convince the groom-to-be that his bride would love the over the top decorations she was planning, but Edward would have none of it.

"Alice, Bella has already told you no lace, and no ridiculous soda fountain. Please, just let it go," Edward said firmly.

Alice stuck her bottom lip out, then ran ahead to catch up with her husband, someone much more sympathetic to her wishes.

At the break neck pace Edward set, the Cullens' property appeared quickly on the horizon.

"Wait!" Edward hissed, coming to an abrupt halt. "Smell."

Each vampire took a deep breath in, flinching at the stench of dog. It was disgusting... like manure left out in the sun for too long.

"Why would the Quiluetes be on our side of the boundary?" Esme wondered out loud, her motherly face screwed up into a grimace.

"They have violated the Treaty!" Jasper hissed, fury radiating from his still form. He tried to hide it, but everyone could still see his joy at the prospect of killing. And not only could they see it, but they could feel it, too.

"No." Edward said quietly. "Breathe in again. It isn't the same." He would never admit it, neither to his family or Bella, but the idea of killing the werewolves was repugnant to him, especially after seeing what Jacob had gone through to save Bella. Granted, he had done it in hopes of winning her affections for himself, but still.

"Nonsense!" Jasper growled. "What other werewolves do you know of, Edward? We have the opportunity to destroy them now, and I say we seize it the chance!"

Alice stroked his arm, pulling his enraged face down to her small one and whispering in his ear reassuringly. Jasper calmed under her gaze, but still gazed stubbornly at Edward, making his opinion clear.

"Why don't we talk to them?" Alice suggested. "We could call Jacob from Bella's house, and find out what's going on."

Edward nodded, and most of the family mumbled an agreement.

"Very well then. Edward, lead the way." Carlisle directed, and Edward spun the other direction, heading for the place he spent more of his life than his own home.

Charlie's police cruiser was gone, which made things easier for the Cullens. Without him in the house, they could be much more frank with Bella.

Bella herself was in the kitchen, stirring something on the stove for Charlie when he got home, and humming to herself.

Edward appeared beside her, wrapping his arms around her waist. She jumped, and her heartbeat accelerated enough for everyone in the room to hear.

"Edward! You scared me!" she accused, but smiled anyway. She brought his head down to hers, and kissed his lips. Edward smiled, but backed away, gesturing towards his family still standing awkwardly in the doorway.

Bella flushed bright red. "Hi!" She exclaimed nervously. "What are you all doing here?" She pulled at her shirt self-consciously as the rest of the Cullens grimly responded back.

"We need to talk to your dogs," Emmett said bluntly, which earned him another smack on the head from a glaring Rosalie beside him.

"What Emmett means to say is that we need to talk to the Pack. We found a rather odd scent around our house, and we think it may belong to their kind. Could we use your phone?" Carlisle asked politely from the head of the group. Bella's eyes widened significantly as she nodded. She was overall very worried, if another werewolf pack was in the area, it'd mean there would be more enemies of the Cullens.

Bella walked slowly to the phone and put it in Carlisle's outstretched hand. She watched as Carlisle's slender fingers dialed the familiar phone number of Sam Uley. He put the black phone to his ear and waited. The air grew tense around them all, and Alice started tapping her foot impatiently. Bella looked at her curiously and Alice slowly mouthed the words of her concern.

"Our future just disappeared," Alice mouthed. Bella nodded in understanding. The disappearance of her family's future was worrisome. Finally, Sam must had answered the phone because Carlisle started talking rapidly into the reciever.

"Hello Sam, this is Carlisle Cullen. We've had a disturbance on our side of the Treaty line and we were wondering if you have had any visitors...Well, yes, they would be of your kind...Their scent was all over our house...No, we have not seen anything unusual...We thought as much...Yes, very well. We're at Bella's home, currently, we couldn't go inside our own home... the door had been broken down and the groundsd were permeated with their essence.Yes, I'm sure. Positive...Alright, I'll tell everyone else. Thank you...Goodbye," Carlisle hung up the phone and everyone looked at him with gleaming eyes.

"Well? What's the verdict? Do they have anything to do with this?" Emmett asked from the living room, excitement saturating his voice. Rosalie rolled her eyes at his eagerness for a fight.

Carlisle heaved a heavy sigh before continuing. "It seems they do not know anything. They've never even heard of other Packs, and they weren't planning any sort of ambush. But, they will be coming over soon to check the scent out. They want to be ready when and if this new Pack returns." Everyone nodded, understanding, but only in a vague sort of way.

"Wait, then they're coming here? On our side?" Rosalie hissed from her position against the kitchen counter. She hated the prospect of those dogs on their side, as did mostly everyone else.

"I'm afraid it is the only way, Rosalie. We need their help now, especially since we do not know anything of this new Pack." Carlisle said, his face impossible to read.

Jasper grunted from the stairwell in disagreement. If it was up to him, he wouldn't be wasting time with their enemy. He'd take direct action. As would Emmett, who released his opinions more openly than him.

"Where will we be meeting them?" Esme asked, her gentle voice reminding everyone that violence was not the answer when it came to their werewolf enemies. Carlisle looked over towards Bella, almost sheepishly which was highly unusual for him, as he answered.

"I hope it's alright with you, Bella... they said they'd come here." This sudden revelation caused Edward to stiffen as Emmett growled.

"That's great. Just flipping great. First, they fight with us side by side. Then, we need their help because of another Pack. Now, they're coming over on our side anytime they freaking want to," He grumbled sourly as he reached for the remote.

"My house isn't on either side of the boundary, Emmett. And keep in mind that this is just as difficult for them as it is for you! They didn't ask for my bad luck to bring the army of newborns here last month, and this isn't their fault either. You're just lucky they agreed to come at all after what happened after last time!" Bella threw her arms out in exasperation.

Seven pairs of eternal eyes turned to her in confusion. She hung her head in shame at her outburst, but didn't elaborate.

"Bella, what do you mean, 'after what happened last time'?" Edward asked, pulling her back into his arms.

"Jacob is gone," she mumbled into his chest. "He ran away after he got an invitation to our wedding." she turned to glare accusingly at Alice, who looked back at her in confusion.

"Bella, I didn't invite him. I didn't think that would be such a good idea." Alice said, shooting Edward a knowing look. Edward shrugged uncomfortably.

"Love... I sent him that invitation," he admitted cautiously.

She stared up at him, surprise widening her eyes. "Why... why would you do that?" she sputtered. "I told you I didn't want him invited!"

"I know, but it didn't seem fair. I thought that if it were me, I would want to be given the choice. It was the right thing to do... but you're right. We're lucky that they're coming at all, if we caused them their second in command."

Emmett and Jasper scoffed together, but were silenced by identical glares from their wives.

Suddenly, a pair of bright headlights flashed through the front window and everyone, including Bella, gave an audible sigh of annoyance.

Charlie was home.

"Oh, damn it!" Bella cursed. "What are we going to do know? We can't have a supernatural blow out with Charlie in the house!"

"It would probably be prudent if we were to make ourselves scarce... perhaps you could get your father's friend -- Jacob's father? -- to invite Charlie there so we can talk?" Carlisle suggested, watching Charlie step out of the cruiser and near the door.

Bella sighed, wincing at the thought of talking to Billy now. But she reached for the phone that Carlisle had put on the coffee table and dialed the one phone number she would never forget. It rang several times, loud and shrill in her ear, and then finally the familiar gruff voice of Billy Black answered.

"Hello?" His grunt brought Bella back to many trips to the Black house, and she found herself enjoying the sound of his voice.

"Hey, Billy. It's Bella. I need a favor," She mumbled as she watched with Carlisle as Charlie took his time getting out of the cruiser in the driveway.

"Call Charlie and get him down there. We're having a problem with werewolves, and the Pack is coming here to meet the Cullens," she explained in a rush. She heard Billy heave a big sigh on the other end of the phone as she twisted a loose thread from her shirt around her finger.

"What's going on?" Charlie asked as he walked in the front door, soaked from the heavy rainfall.

The Cullens had all disappeared, leaving Bella alone in the kitchen as her father entered. Bella looked around bewilderedly, surprised they had left so fast and had been so silent in their hasty departure.

"Uh, not much dad, but Billy's on the phone -- here." She handed Charlie the phone and he he quickly grabbed it, a grin on his face at the mention of his friend.

Bella stood completely still, hoping that Billy had absorbed enough of her plea to get Charlie out of the house. Charlie pressed the phone to his ear, and after a second of nodding and polite conversation, his face broke out into that familiar grin.

He hung up after murmuring, "Sure thing, Billy," and turned to Bella. "It looks like I have plans for the night at Billy's. He needs his friends right now, with the whole, well, you know, Jake situation." Bella nodded in understanding as she stared out the kitchen window,somehow making out a pair of topaz eyes through the gloom. It comforted her to know that Edward wasn't very far away.

"You sure you'll be ok, kiddo?

Bella nodded eagerly. Charlie narrowed his eyes once, but he soon shrugged and gathered his coat before heading towards the front door.

Within seconds, he was gone, and the Cullens reappeared inside the tiny kitchen. Emmett was suddenly sitting at the kitchen table, his feet propped up in front of him as he smiled widely, exposing gleaming white teeth.

"That was well done, Bella," Carlisle complimented her. Bella blushed on reflex and smiled shyly at him.

"Here they come," Jasper's hiss cut off any reply she might have made. She felt Edward tense next to her, and she grabbed his icy hand.

"What's wrong?" She heard Esme ask Alice, who stood next to Emmett with her eyes glazed over, staring aimlessly forward.

Alice spoke so quickly Bella could not understand in a statement meant only to be heard by the vampires. She looked curiously towards Edward, hoping he would be able to clarify what ever Alice had just told everyone.

He was no help, though, as he blurred out of sight. She heard someone call her name nervously as she felt two marble arms grasp around her torso.

"What's going on?" Sam bellowed as he and the Pack walked into the middle of the kitchen. Including Jacob.