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Everlasting Fire

Jake is still gone, and the Pack is starting to crumble without him. Then, strangers appear, attempting to kill the Cullens in revenge. Surprisingly, the Quileutes step in. What is going on in Forks now? How many secrets can this town hold before it finally blows over? Bella is still set to become a vampire, the wedding draws closer than ever, and they still need to get everything sorted out before something happens... something terrible.

Written by addictedtotwilight and chadley. Disclaimer: All characters belong to Stephenie Meyer. We hope you enjoy it!

3. Ambush Of War

Rating 5/5   Word Count 1430   Review this Chapter

"Jacob!" Bella exclaimed, throwing herself at him, never mind the fact that he was mostly naked. "Thank God! When did you get back?"

Jacob caught her, holding her close to him, a bittersweet expression on his face. "Just now, actually. We've got problems."

"We know. That's why we called Sam," Edward informed him, taking his fiancee back from the other man in love with her. "You know about the other Pack?"

Jacob nodded. "That's why I came back when I did. I ran across their trail, and followed it. They were all through the forest down by La Push, and all along and past the boundary."

"We know all about that, I'm afraid," Carlisle said ruefully. "They were in our home."

"Um, can we talk about this somewhere else?" Emmett suggested, extracting one of Sam's elbows from his side. "There doesn't seem to be enough room in here."

Sam yanked his arm from Emmett's grasp and nodded. "I agree," he growled. "Why don't we just go to your place and pick up the trail?"

"What are we going to do when we find them?" Bella asked scornfully. "Ask them to please stop attacking the house?"

"We are not going to do anything. You're staying here." Edward said firmly.

"What if they track you or us back here?" Jake shot back. "She'd be a sitting duck with our scents all over her."

"Why are we already assuming they're here to hurt us?" One of the younger werewolves asked, his innocence coming through in the the way he paused before asking.

"I don't think it's really a matter of they're threatening or not. It's a matter of what we're going to do about it if they are," Quil chimed in sensibly.

"Hello? Different venue? One, not so smashed, preferably?" Emmett yelled again, this time pushing Leah Clearwater off of his lap.

Sam nodded at his brothers -- and sister -- and they retreated back through the door into the yard. The Cullens followed, Edward bringing Bella with him. Jacob's words had struck a chord in his common sense, and Bella would not be leaving his sight for any reason unti lthis new threat was taken care of.

"Ok. So, we track them. Then what?" Esme was asking as Edward and Bella emerged, so much slower than the rest moving at Bella's human pace.

"We can't just kill and ask later, it doesn't work that way! Why don't we try to talk to them, find out why they are here?" Esme's reluctance to kill endeared her to Carlisle even more.

"They're on our territory, and fucking up our Treaty. We have the right to kill them, bloodsucker, and we will!" Paul bellowed, a tremor running down his spine as he stared at her ageless face.

"Paul, chill out." Sam ordered. "She's right. We've never met another Pack before, it might be cool to see what they've seen. And get their experience fighting bloodsuckers --"

"I would appreciate if you could keep the vulgarity out of our conversation while there are ladies present," Carlisle said stiffly, looking offended that Paul had called his precious Esme a bloodsucker.

"We track, then talk. That actually sounds like a decent plan, Cullen," Sam told Carlisle, ignoring his request.

"What if they attack first?" Leah asked quietly, looking like she was having a hard time maintaining a grip on her human form. "Do we just let them walk all over us?"

"Of course not," Sam defended his plan. "We hold our own. Jake, did you happen to figure out how many they are?"

"Uh... four, I think, maybe one more." They were walking over each others' tracks, so it was hard to tell." He said tensely, ignoring the stares from the rest of the Pack. Embry quietly walked up to, a look of hesitance on his face.

"Dude, where the hell were you?" Embry asked as the rest of the Cullens turned away politely. This was not their business, and it personally didn't concern them.

"I'll tell you later," Jacob mumbled, keeping his eyes straight forward. He made sure to keep his thoughts in check just in case Edward was listening in. Embry nodded quickly and the group kept walking. When they came out of eyesight from anyone else who could possibly be watching this large group of people, they all began to run to the Cullen mansion.

Edward paused for Bella to get on his back and Jacob watched with a spark of envy shining clearly in his dark eyes. Quil noticed and clapped him on the back reassuringly.

"We'll go to the house and then track, yes?" Carlisle clarified, his hand entwined with Esme's. He didn't like the prospect of hurting this new Pack, but if it came down to that, he would, just to keep his family safe.

"Yea. Come on guys," Sam's voice echoed around the vicinity clearly as he called out orders to his Pack. And then the vampires were off, their feet gliding noiselessly over the sodden ground below them.

Bella clung to Edward's back, looking behind them as he began to run. The Pack was busily stripping the little clothes they had on, and tying them to a leg or arm. Then, one by one, they popped into their wolf skins, and began to follow. Jacob phased last, reluctantly, knowing that as soon as he did, his brothers would know exactly what had happened to him and what he was feeling.

They all ran swiftly through the forest as the full moon shone brightly down on them. They reached the gigantic Cullen mansion within minutes and everyone came to a sudden halt. The scent of the other Pack was everywhere, clogging up everyone's noses. It smelled hardly any different from the La Push pack, yet there was something small that was different. A spark of pine mixed in with this other scent, which was absent from the La Push pack.


They were coming.

The sweet scent of the vampires hangs bitterly in the dense air all around us. We are ready. We put our snouts to the damp forest ground, sniffing out a reasonable trail to follow that will lead us to our prey.

We begin to plan, choreographing the battle that will soon take place.

A few of us can not wait for the hunt as they yip and snap. They shuffle their paws irritably, causing the leader to snap angrily at them. A twig snaps behind us and we all turn, our teeth bared for what ever disturbance is under the cover of the forest. A rabbit scurries across the forest floor.

A few of us groan in irritation, they are too eager for the hunt. One of our number is fed up with his inability to think without being heard and changes back, his dark skin damp with sweat. He looks up, his wide chocolate eyes stare curiously towards the bright, full moon up above.

"Hi," a small voice says nervously, making him spin around and stare in amazement at the thin human girl standing before him.

"H-hello," He stutters, taking in her fragile frame and long, lustrous hair, all the while trying to cover his nakedness. We pull back into the trees, hoping his stupidity will not give away our posistions. She cocks her head to the side, her wide and comforting brown eyes traveling over the barely visible silhouettes of the other wolves.

"My name's Bella."

"My name's uh, Hayden," He clarifies, his wide eyes still staring in shock at Bella.

She smiles pleasantly while saying, "You know, your brothers can come out." Hayden's eyes widen even more as he stares incredulously at the girl in front of him.

"Wh-what d'you mean?" He stutters as the rest of us growl in annoyance from our hiding spots in the thick brush.

"Werewolves," she says, her face still strangely pleasant.

"How do you know?" We growl at our brother angrily. He just basically told her she was right!

"Common sense," She replies, a coy smile lighting up her innocent face as she shrugs. "You're the only strangers around -- and my friends can tell from your scent."

"Friends?" He asks, an uneasy feeling creeping up into his stomach. She steps back, revealing the Pack we had observed earlier -- and our enemies. We can't believe it -- an army of vampires and werewolves alike jump out of the forest and circles us.