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Everlasting Fire

Jake is still gone, and the Pack is starting to crumble without him. Then, strangers appear, attempting to kill the Cullens in revenge. Surprisingly, the Quileutes step in. What is going on in Forks now? How many secrets can this town hold before it finally blows over? Bella is still set to become a vampire, the wedding draws closer than ever, and they still need to get everything sorted out before something happens... something terrible.

Written by addictedtotwilight and chadley. Disclaimer: All characters belong to Stephenie Meyer. We hope you enjoy it!

4. Sparks Fly

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"Easy," Bella whispered softly. "They don't want to hurt you or your friends, Hayden. They just want to talk."

Hayden scoffed loudly. "We don't have any interest in talking to them! Those bloodsuckers decimated our home and killed our families! And those who would call themselves protectors sit there beside them, ready to defend!" A shudder tore apart his middle, and his wolf form burst forth, uncaring of the helpless human who stood in front of him.

Edward roared in anger and blurred into the air, but it was Jacob that saved her. He lunged in front, meeting the other wolf's attack head on. He bore Hayden to the ground, careful not to hurt him. As much as he would have liked to rip the imposter's head off, disobeying a direct order from Sam in wolf form was not an option. But how dare he attack Bella!

Jacob had suggested this, sending Bella out to meet them first. She was the least threatening, after all, and wouldn't spook this new Pack. Edward had argued, but Sam and the head blood sucker had seen the sense of his plan and agreed.

Now, he regretted his logic. Bella was the least threatening, but she was also the most vulnerable. He could have gotten her killed, again.

Edward had gathered her into his arms, still glaring balefully at the wolf pack emerging from the greenery.

"Jacob, change back," Sam's voice called, his signal to release the one who called himself Hayden as a gesture of good faith. The hope was that the other pack would change forms as well, making it easier to talk.

Jacob obediently released the smaller wolf and stepped back, concentrating on his human form.

"If you all would also switch your forms," Carlisle began pleasantly, "We can discuss this as adults."

"There's nothing to discuss!" A strange, dead voice came from Edward's throat, and the new pack attacked. A deep red wolf flew at Edward, and a tawny colored one hit Carlisle, recognizing them as some of the biggest threats. Two wolves set upon Emmett, including Hayden... he was the biggest, after all, and needed more strength to bring him down. The leader remained crouched on the ground, recognizing the Quiluete pack's superiority.

He sent out the order through the Pack mind, hoping to stop his family before Jacob's Pack began to assist the vampires. He couldn't lose any more of his family.

They all obeyed... reluctantly, albeit. Sherra was the last one to listen, as always. She was the most stubborn of the entire Pack, and the most independent. She hated to obey anyone. It was good to know that even though their lives were drastically different, some things always stayed the same.

Next came the order to change back. This strange Pack was still in their human forms, trying very hard to look non threatening, even the obvious leader. What had the other one called him? Jacob?

The Leader set an example, changing first. His furry body lengthened and filled out, his fangs receding, and became human again. His dark skin was bare, shining beautifully in the moonlight.

"I am Warren. We are the Wampehton Pack of the greater Washington region." He rolled his head to the side deferentially. "I beg your indulgence on my family... we have come a very long way seeking vengeance on these monsters." I ignored the leeches, staring carefully at Jacob.

Jacob looked bewilderedly from Warren to Sam, wondering how in Hell this man had gotten the impression that he was the Alpha. "Um, nice to meet you, but you're going to want to talk to Sam, not me. He's the Alpha..."

Warren blinked confusedly. "Oh. I apologize. I thought that... anyway, why do you protect them?"

"We don't exactly need protecting," Emmett hissed angrily, flexing his impressive muscles. Warren didn't even glance his way; his self control put even Sam's to shame.

"Because we know they didn't do what you seem to think they did." Sam answered coolly. "They don't hunt humans, or can't you tell? How long have you been around? Obviously not long enough to know that if their eyes are topaz, they haven't killed any humans."

Not exactly correct, but close enough. Sam didn't want them to think he was covering for the vampires, but he couldn't just come out and say 'recently'. That would just be unnecessary.

Warren's face hardened at the slight. "You don't seem to understand the situation. We followed the trail here."

"We understand perfectly. Rouge vamps pass through here all the time. You're probably looking for one --or several -- of those," he stated clamly, his face set in stone.

"They are the killers, they are abominations. They must be slaughtered," Sherra hissed from behind Warren, her eyes glistening with sparks of fire and anger as she glared at the Cullens. A few of the Wampehton Pack grumbled in agreement. They didn't want to risk the chance of letting their prey get away.

Sherra's eyes flashed towards Bella, taking in Edward's arms protectively secured tightly around her. He let out a low feral hiss as he took notice of her icy glare.

"We understand this is a very unique situation, but we can truthfully say we had nothing to do with what has happened in the past, and we are willing to help you," Carlisle declared, earning a shocked stare from Emmett and a groan from Jasper. Warren's eyes flickered to Carlisle for the first time since they met as he took in his stance. He noticed that even though some of the coven did not agree, they followed his lead. Just like the Alpha with his Pack.

"We do not need your help in our search for vengenace," Warren calmly said as he took a deep breath of the clean, forest air.

"And if you refuse our help, how the hell do you think you'll find these rogue vampires?" Emmett shot back, the muscles in his arms flexing as he crossed them over his broad chest. He raised one single eyebrow as he waited for Warrnen's response.

"Emmett," Carlisle warned. He did not want his son to push the limits of this new Pack. Emmett simply rolled his eyes and grunted in response.

"He has a good point," murmured a timid voice from the hidden shadows. A young woman stepped out, her long black hair shining in the pale moonlight. She looked shy, her gray eyes pointed downcast, as she shared her thoughts on the situation. Emmett grinned widely, satisfied that at least someone agreed with him.

"Ah, Amy, and why is that?" Warren asked, his face weary and tired. Amy was a very shy girl in the Pack and never went against their beliefs or their actions. This must have been the first time she had done so.

"Well, we clearly did not do so well when trying to find these other vampires because the scent lead us here. Maybe they could help us find them. Maybe they're better at tracking than us," she mumbled, slightly ashamed that she was going against what her Pack thought was right. And what her Pack thought was right was to kill this foreign coven of vampires.

"She is right. My son, Jasper, is experienced in that area. We could probably easily help you," Carlisle responded, his head inclining towards Jasper, who looked slightly out of place.

"We could all help you. We both know this area better than you, we have lived here for many centuries," Sam smiled grimly. Warren assessed the situation through narrowed eyes as he took in all of the Pack and the Cullens. He had to admit, this Pack was exceptionally large and so was the coven. He had never seen such a big number of vampires together. Except for the Denali coven, of course.

"We will accept your help, but you must know," he turned his body to face Carlisle as he adressed the vampires, "We do not trust you, and we probably never will. Your kind and our kind have been enemies since before most can remember. We will always be thankful for your help, but expect no more," His low, deep voice echoed around the vicinity as he delcared his thanks.

"We understand completely," Carlisle said, a slight smile on his face. He had expected no more from this Pack, and just like with the La Push Pack, it would take time to build solid trust.

"Good, now that everything is set, we get started. Tell us everything you know," Sam's head turned towards Warren, his head cocked to the side in order to tell them to begin their story of vengeance and pain.

But Warren wasn't listening anymore. He was staring at Leah, who had just stepped out from behind her over-protective brothers.