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Everlasting Fire

Jake is still gone, and the Pack is starting to crumble without him. Then, strangers appear, attempting to kill the Cullens in revenge. Surprisingly, the Quileutes step in. What is going on in Forks now? How many secrets can this town hold before it finally blows over? Bella is still set to become a vampire, the wedding draws closer than ever, and they still need to get everything sorted out before something happens... something terrible.

Written by addictedtotwilight and chadley. Disclaimer: All characters belong to Stephenie Meyer. We hope you enjoy it!

5. Moonlight Lovers

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"Warren?" Sam's tone was a little sharper than he had intended, but he couldn't really determine the reason. His and Leah's relationship had ended as soon as he met Emily, and he certainly did not begrudge her the joy of imprinting. Right?

"I apologize," the strange, lovestruck wolf said slowly. "But, who are you?" he was addressing Leah, of course.

"Leah. Leah Clearwater." The only female werewolf of the La Push Pack answered, her eyes soft for the first time since her relationship with Sam had ended.

"I see," Warren replied smoothly. The rest of the Quiluete watched silently as the Cullens wore brief expressions of amusement on their beautiful faces.

"Well, this is just freaking dandy. She has to fall in love with one of them!" Emmett huffed as he laughed loudly at the ironic scene. Carlisle shot him a look that cut off his laugh -- not quite a glare, but a close approximation.

"Look, let's finish what we started before you two go off, alright? I mean, seriously," Quil clucked his tongue and crossed his arms over his chest, watching with a spark of jealousy in his eyes. Embry snorted quietly as he looked on.

"I must agree. Could we please concentrate on the task at hand?" Carlisle added gravely, his eyes narrowing slightly as he watched the two Packs begin to warm up to each other. Sam sighed loudly as he watched Leah gaze at Warren.

"Well, yes, of course." Warren hastily mumbled as he tried to force his eyes from Leah.

"Finally. It's about goddamn time," Emmett grumbled noisily as Rosalie smacked him on the head.

Leah sent the coven of vampires a hate filled look, but returned to gazing at Warren with unadulterated adoration soon after.

Warren nearly called for the rest of his Pack to reveal themselves... all two of them, but for some reason, didn't. He wasn't yet sure he wanted these vampires to know their numbers, just in case it turned out they weren't as trustworthy as they seemed.

"So, what now?" a very irritable Bella asked. She didn't like being ignored. She was human, not stupid. And she wouldn't even be human for very long -- why wouldn't they talk to her instead of around her?

"Now, we go," Sam ordered. "We can't really do much tonight... we don't know the full story. And it's obvious that these guys are exhausted, so we'll take 'em home and find them a place to stay that isn't wet. Then, tomorrow, we'll reconvene. What time?" Sam was very official, not taking no for an answer.

"Whenever. It's not like we really need to go to school... and you're the ones who need sleep," Edward reminded them. "You name the time. We'll be there."

"Four o'clock, then. So the younger ones don't miss school." Sam shifted into his wolf form, and began to lead his Pack and the other down to La Push.

Jacob stood from his posistion on the ground and turned to Bella. "Bella, you can't come tommorrow."

"What?" Bella gasped, surprised, angry and hurt, all at once. "You can't stop me, Jake."

To her great chagrin, Jacob turned to Edward, who stood silently by her side, neither defending or arguing with her.

"You get it, don't you? Why she can't come?" Jacob entreated. Slowly, Edward nodded.

"Yes, I do. But I don't think --"

"Edward," Bella looked up at him, eyes wide. This was the first time she had ever heard her friend use her fiancee's name before, and it was a bit strange. Especially becuase he was donig it to make her lose her fight. Edward sighed loudly as he rubbed his temples.

"I appreciate you're concern, Jacob, but I think it's up to Bella," Edward murmured softly. Jacob looked at him with wide eyes, surprised and shocked. Bella was at a loss for words at her fiancee's side.

"Well, I'm going. So, that's that." Bella beamed as she looked up towards Jacob. He looked between Edward and Bella, his eyes flickering back and forth. With a sigh, he turned to the side.

"In that case, I'll see you tomorrow," He delcared as he gazed towards his retreating Pack.

Before Bella could reach out to him and tell him to hold on for a second, he was already running into the hazy forest that surrounded them.

Soon, the vampires dissapeared as well, leaving the forest deserted. Almost.

Leah came out of the foliage from the left, her expression guilty. She shouldn't be doing this. She knew she shouldn't be here right now, against both Pack's wishes. But she had to know...

"Leah?" Warren's deep voice echoed through the stillness.

"Here." She called back, totally unable to stop herself.

And then, in all of his magnificence, the leader of the Wampahton tribe appeared next to her.

His skin and hair were even darker than hers; a sign of a lot of time spent in the sun. The hands that were suddenly holding hers were big and callused, causing her a brief moment of discomfort as they reminded her of Sam's.

"I haven't been able to stop thinking of you all night night," Warren hoarsely whispered as he stared down at the ground. His eyes dark, shadowy eyes flickered up to Leah's and back down.

"Me neither," Leah whispered back, a faint smile spread upon her lips as she mumbled. She sighed lightly, a blissful sound, as her eyes flashed to the full moon overhead that cast them in the shadows.

"What do you think your Pack will do?" Warren asked tensely. He already had it figured out that he would not be able to leave Leah, at all costs. And if her Pack wouldn't give her up, then...

"I don't know, but," Leah calmly stated as she guided Warren's face up with her index finger under his chin. He still loomed over her, but now she could see clearly into his eyes as they penetrated wistfully. His eyes narrowed slightly as she broke off her sentence.

"But what?" He prodded as his muscular arms wrapped around Leah's waist. She let him guide her closer.

"But I don't care," She whispered, her eyes staring right into his as she leaned over and lightly pressed her lips to his.

He reacted; surprise first, then pleasure at her taking charge of the situation. His hands drifted down her back, and he felt her shiver under his experienced hands.

The kiss broke off all too soon, but another one quickly took it's place, this one a more animalistic one. His tongue sparred with her, fighting and battling instead of teasing and caressing. This was the wolf part of both natures fighting to come out.

"Enough," Leah gasped, pushing him away. "We're gonna be here all night if you keep that up." she said, her eyes darkening.

"I don't see anything wrong with that," Warren argued, and tried to pull her back to him. Leah braced her hands against the already familiar planes of his chest and shook her head.

"I barely know you! This imprinting thing may take care of the attraction, but I promised myself I wouldn't go to bed with anyone that I wasn't sure loved me ever again." Pain entered her eyes at this statement, but, surprisingly, the pain didn't consume her as it usually did when she thought of Sam and Emily.

Warren's eyes narrowed at the thought that she had been hurt before, and vowed then and there that he would find out who had hurt her and separate his head from his body.

"I understand," he said finally, after he had gotten his body back under control. "Until tommorrow, then, my love."

Then, with a giant pop he was a giant, dark colored wolf, and he dissapeared into the foliage, his eyes on her face until he had completely dissapeared.