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Beware of Creepy Chatrooms

Photobucket creepychatrooms.com is... well...creepy


1. Chapter 1

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DangerMagnet has signed on

MasochisticLion has signed on

DangerMagnet: Hey Edward

MasochisticLion: Hello Bella

Psychic_Pixie has signed on

Psychic_Pixie: Heyya guys

DangerMagnet: Hey Alice

MasochisticLion: Hello

Psychic_Pixie: What are you guys talking about?

DangerMagnet: We signed on like two seconds before you

Avenging_Mate has signed on

Avenging_Mate: Do you guys want to

Avenging_Mate: Come with me deep into the woods where nobody can see or hear you?

MasochisticLion: No thank you

Psychic_Pixie: No thanx

DangerMagnet: Sure!

MasochisticLion: Don’t you have work?

DangerMagnet: Shoot…

DangerMagnet: Sorry. Not today.

Avenging_Mate: Later then

Psychic_Pixie: Ok

Avenging_Mate: Bye

DangerMagnet: bye

Avenging_Mate has signed off

MasochisticLion: That was really weird…

MasochisticLion: Alice??

MasochisticLion: What site did you make us accounts on? The IM cookies didn’t say…

Psychic_Pixie: creepychatrooms.com

DangerMagnet: No danger there

Psychic_Pixie: Nope ;)

MasochisticLion: I wonder…

DangerMagnet: ?

Psychic_Pixie: Spit it out

MasochisticLion: I wonder who Avenging_Mate is…

DangerMagnet: Probably some creepy stalker.

Psychic_Pixie: I agree with Bella

Psychic_Pixie: There are a lot of creepy stalkers out there

HotStuff has signed on

HotStuff: Bella?

HotStuff: Is that you?

DangerMagnet: Mike?

MasochisticLion: Newton…

HotStuff: I didn’t know you had accounts on creepychatrooms.com

DangerMagnet: I didn’t know the name of the site when Alice registered me

DangerMagnet: and put up the cookie

DangerMagnet: Alice…

Psychic_Pixie has signed off

MasochisticLion: What do you want Newton?

HotStuff: I was wondering if Bella wanted to go hiking

HotStuff: I heard she used to go with Jacob Black

DangerMagnet: Mike

HotStuff: ?

DangerMagnet: I don’t hike

DangerMagnet: Besides, I have work

HotStuff: Ok…

DangerMagnet: Sorry

HotStuff has signed off

MasochisticLion: I guess it’s just us

DangerMagnet: yea…

MasochisticLion: Bella?

DangerMagnet: Yes, Edward?

MasochisticLion: Will you…

CalmDoctor has signed on

Mom has signed on

Grizzly_Man has signed on

Emotion_Dude has signed on

Psychic_Pixie has signed on

Shop_Till_U_Drop has signed on

MasochisticLion: Ugh!

MasochisticLion: I was about to propose when you interrupted!

Psychic_Pixie: We wanted to be there in a sense

DangerMagnet: Wait?

DangerMagnet: You were about to propose?

MasochisticLion: Yes, until we were interrupted.

Mom: I’m sorry

Mom has signed off

CalmDoctor: Edward, I’ll leave you to propose

CalmDoctor: Unless you would rather do it in person

CalmDoctor has signed off

Grizzly_Man: Do it already!

Emotion_Dude: Emmett,

Emotion_Dude: We are annoying him

Shop_Till_U_Drop: This is lame

Shop_Till_U_Drop has signed off

Psychic_Pixie: Start chanting!

Psychic_Pixie: Edward

Grizzly_Man: Edward

Psychic_Pixie: Edward

Grizzly_Man: Edward

Psychic_Pixie: Edward

Grizzly_Man: Edward

Psychic_Pixie: Edward

Grizzly_Man: Edward

MasochisticLion has signed off

Emotion_Dude has signed off

Psychic_Pixie: Bella?

DangerMagnet: I’m here

Psychic_Pixie: Sorry we ruined it

DangerMagnet: It’s okay…

Grizzly_Man: Bear hug!

DangerMagnet: -gets squished-

Grizzly_Man: lmao

Psychic_Pixie: Good one Bella

Grizzly_Man: I have to go

Grizzly_Man: Rose wants me to see her new clothes…

Grizzly_Man has signed off

Psychic_Pixie: I have to go try on what she bought for me

Psychic_Pixie has signed off

DangerMagnet: I’m alone…

DangerMagnet: ALONE! *echo*

DangerMagnet: alone alone alone

DangerMagnet: they left me –cries-

DangerMagnet: oh well

DangerMagnet: Lalalalala

DangerMagnet: Ah spanenya Falaliz Felalow Muahahaha

DangerMagnet: That’s the Lion King song right?

DangerMagnet: Hello? *echo*

DangerMagnet has signed off