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Forever and Again

*chapter 3:Until Then is up!* Everything's planned. The wedding date is set, the move, the changing. Bella is ready to become part of Edward's world; Alice is trying not to go overboard on the wedding; and the Cullens are packing for the move. The only thing left for anyone to do was just wait. But then, just as soon as everything is perfect, Carlisle discovers a girl, already in the middle of changing into a vampire. This girl may be the key to everything, and she also helps the Cullens realize, not everything's what it seems...


1. Awakening

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Something was tugging me, like a rope, pulling me out of my sleep. I didn’t want to wake, though. I didn’t want to have to think or breathe or have any emotions ever again. I just wanted to lie inside myself, alone and peaceful.

Why couldn’t I have peace?

The rope was tugging me harder, and I tried to fight it. No, I thought. Don’t make me come out of my slumber.

But—against my better judgment—the rope won; it always won. I was being pulled to the surface of the water, the surface of life, where everything would be confusing, where everyone would be at war and fighting. Where I would be in pain.

I struggled against it, but it didn’t notice. Soon, I was an inch short of consciousness, and I could hear certain sounds, certain words that didn’t seem to make any sense, yet seemed to make the most sense in the world.

What’s wrong with her?”

“How come she wasn’t in pain?”

“I think she’s dead.”

“No, she’s breathing.”

“Three days have already gone by and nothing yet.”

“Wait. I think I see her moving.”

Sighing internally, I gave up, letting the rope win in this game. Later, I thought maliciously, I would beat it and it would lose. Let’s see how it feels after that.

My eyes opened, and I gasped for air, thrusting myself into a sitting position. I didn’t know how much I needed air until I took it in.

Leaning over me, in all their glorious, inhuman beauty, were six figures, all of whom staggered back after I opened my eyes.

My un-beating heart dropped as I stared at my hands, white as the snow and cold as ice. Vampire…

The word hit me with a force that was almost hard enough to knock me over. It was too late. I had lost the game. I was, forevermore, among the undead.