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Forever and Again

*chapter 3:Until Then is up!* Everything's planned. The wedding date is set, the move, the changing. Bella is ready to become part of Edward's world; Alice is trying not to go overboard on the wedding; and the Cullens are packing for the move. The only thing left for anyone to do was just wait. But then, just as soon as everything is perfect, Carlisle discovers a girl, already in the middle of changing into a vampire. This girl may be the key to everything, and she also helps the Cullens realize, not everything's what it seems...


3. Until Then

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Bella Swan

Edward suddenly said one day that we were taking a vacation, just me and him.

Of course I was ecstatic—I really needed something to soothe my nerves over the approaching, shudder, wedding—but I was also suspicious. Who could blame me? This wasn’t the first time Edward requested a sudden vacation on the other side of the county. So after I asked him what was up for the millionth time, he sighed, giving up, and said, “I’ll tell you when we get there” for we were on the plane already.

I knew he had a good enough reason to get me to safety, and I knew it had to be big. My thoughts kept roaming to Victoria , but every time I did that, I remembered with relief that she was gone. Gone forever. But I knew it had to be as big as that, something that Edward would keep from me.

I suspected it was something horrid, so I prepared to brace myself when he would choose to tell me. The rest of the plane ride—we had only two hours left—I contemplated to myself what it could be. Edward scrutinized my silence with raised eyebrows for a few minutes before I pulled out A Midsummer Night’s Dream as a disguise for my thoughts.

What could it be? Had Victoria come back to life, seeking revenge on me? But that was impossible—her ashes, along with Riley’s, now lay scattered across the continental U.S. Had Jacob’s pack suddenly decided to claim war on the Cullens, knowing they were going to change me into one of them? I shuddered at the mere thought and moved on to another subject.

There was another conclusion, but it was hard to think of…. Had the Volturi decided to come to Forks? I shied away from that thought, trying not to make myself hyperventilate.

What else could it be? My imagination was used up; I couldn’t think of anything at all. I bit my lip. “Bella?” Edward said silently. “Yes?” I looked over at him.

He had his lips pressed together, fighting a smile. “What are you doing, love? You’ve had that book open to the same page for half an hour.”

I hadn’t realized that much time had passed. “Sorry,” I apologized. “I’m just worried….”

“Yes?” Edward pressed.

I sighed, giving in. “Well, I don’t have any idea why you’re taking me on this ‘vacation’ and I’m starting to worry about it. Has Victoria come back to life? Have the Volturi—”

“Shh,” Edward said, for my voice had raised an octave. I looked around at a few staring people.

“Just please tell me,” I pleaded, turning back to him.

Edward sighed. “It’s nothing. I already told you I’d tell you. You have nothing to fret over. Have a little patience, okay? Until we reach Charlotte?”

I groaned at the thought. “Okay. Why are we going to Charleston, anyway?”

Nothing ever happened in North Carolina to me. What was so exciting about Charlotte? I had never been there. Was it quiet? Small? Green? Ha. We were going to another Forks, if that was the case.

We had one more hour left on the plane ride, so I would wait and be patient, for my time would come to get the answers I needed. Until then.