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Forever and Again

*chapter 3:Until Then is up!* Everything's planned. The wedding date is set, the move, the changing. Bella is ready to become part of Edward's world; Alice is trying not to go overboard on the wedding; and the Cullens are packing for the move. The only thing left for anyone to do was just wait. But then, just as soon as everything is perfect, Carlisle discovers a girl, already in the middle of changing into a vampire. This girl may be the key to everything, and she also helps the Cullens realize, not everything's what it seems...


4. My Own World

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Elizabeth Walker

I closed my eyes again.

I shouldn’t have been surprised; I knew this was going to happen, though I kept trying to convince myself it was only a dream. I think it was just the shock that momentarily stunned me. Goodbyes were still caught in my throat, and it took a few minutes for me to realize that it was too late for them.

Something wasn’t right; I could feel it. Somehow I knew that newborn vampires weren’t supposed to feel the way I did right now. I felt…hyper—like I had just chugged forty gallons of Mountain Dew. My mind felt refreshed, my body remade, my senses re-maxed. It felt…good.

Somewhere amongst the confusion and surges of energy, I sensed a new flavor, an unfamiliar yet exciting scent. Something big that I didn’t have before. It was a very subtle feeling, but I still felt it.

All this power was extremely intoxicating and overwhelming. The tips of my fingers tingled with excitement.

Finally, I opened my new mind to the unfamiliar thoughts around me.

Then, something happened that was completely and utterly unexpected. A century of memories overflowed my head. They passed in a blink:

Vampire, Cullen, werewolf, Maria, Alice, bear, cliff, Volturi…

My eyes fluttered open, but the images across my sight kept dancing. They were all I saw—like my visions, but different.

My mind processed the information faster than I thought possible. Stolen memories now lay, stored in my brain.

I blinked, the images fading away. What had just happened? Who was Jasper? Rosalie? Esme? But then, as my vision cleared, I saw them standing there, crowding around me, the people from the memories.

I felt myself sit up, but I had no control over my body.

“She’s awake!”

“For real this time?”

“I believe so.”

I recognized the voices as Alice, Emmett, then Carlisle . How did I know them? How were their emotions and memories now in my head?

I felt like crying. Of course, that was impossible now. I tried to speak. “Why am I here?” I croaked, my throat parched. Why me? Why was I ever cursed the day I was born, with visions, with telepathy, and now—with eternal life? I don’t want to live forever. I want to grow old and get age spots and have my hair wither and gray. I want a family and a future. I want…to be normal.

The man named Carlisle spoke. For some reason I felt respect for him, like he was a saint. “My name is Carlisle Cullen,” he spoke in a formal manner. Though he tried to compose it, I could still see a hint of shock on his flawless face. My, she’s only a child. “I found you on the side of the road—”

But his memories—him, stopping in his car; me, bloody and broken; the bite mark on my ankle making him gasp—forced me to interrupt him.

“I’m so sorry. I should’ve been more careful. I’ll leave now.” I got up from where I was laying on a very nice, white sofa. As I looked around I noticed everything was white. Boring.

What the heck is she doing? Emmett, the big one.

He stopped me as soon as I was to the door. “And where do you think you are going?”

I shrugged. “Somewhere close to home. Harrisburg maybe. I just need—"

“That was a rhetorical question,” Emmett interrupted.

I didn’t answer.

Jasper, the tall, lean one, said, “What do you mean ‘should’ve been more careful’?”

I bit my lip, hesitating, but then Carlisle gestured to the sofa with a confused expression. She knows what she is. “Please—sit.”

Hesitating, I thought about what he could want. But as I dwelled too long in his mind, I realized he was just being sincere and—though he denied it—insanely curious. I sat.

None of the women spoke. Alice, Esme, Rosalie—they were waiting for when they had something to say. It was weird. I felt like I’ve known them my whole life; I knew everything about them already. Yet they knew nothing about me.

My eyes strayed away from Esme’s warm face, Rosalie’s cold eyes, and Alice’s awesome hair, to Carlisle.

“My name was—is Liz Walker. I know what I am, what you are, what Dr. Grey is. I know how I came to be this.” I paused, closing my eyes. It was too hard to continue. There was no possible way for me to just accept this so easily.

My eyes opened as I tried harder. “I know who you are, Carlisle. What you’ve done, why you did it, your whole history. Alice , Jasper, Emmett, Esme, Rosalie…” I looked at each of their youthful faces as I spoke their names. I also realized two people which were in their thoughts were missing. “I know all of you, and I don’t know why or how…”

My breathing became irregular as I started to hyperventilate.

“I wasn’t able to do that when I was human. Why can I do it now? And my visions….My visions!” I suddenly remembered. “Are they gone now?”

I could still hope, couldn’t I? There was reason for at least a little of that, right? In this time and situation?

The people around me were shocked, I sensed, though I was able to block specific thoughts. And I didn’t have to read minds to see the same frozen expression on each of their beautiful faces. Alice’s face, though, was curious.

Hers was an interesting little mind to see. People thought of her as quirky and energetic, sometimes even annoying. Deep inside, though, I could see her pain, her past, her secrets. The only person who actually, really knew her was her soul mate, Jasper. And now me, I guess. Though that didn’t really count because I had just met her. I found that I connected with her because she, like me, has visions. They weren’t of the same things; hers were of all things that would happen if a person were to take a certain course. Lucky.

“You can see the future?” she asked me.

“When you were human?” Carlisle interrupted, intrigued.

“Conditionally,” I murmured, hesitant. I didn’t want to tell them what I was ashamed to admit, what I kept from my mother, that I could only see deaths and that was one of the main reasons why I was even here.

But, I figured—since I was already screwed—it wouldn’t really matter if I told them or not. I was too overwhelmed, however, with the current situation that I couldn’t relive it again. I looked at Carlisle, my mouth open as if to say something, my eyes filled with fear and desperation. He seemed to understand at once.

“Why don’t we leave Liz alone for right now?” he suggested. “I think she needs time to process it all.”

The Cullens stared at him like they couldn’t believe what he was saying, and then—after they saw the look on his face—four of them exited the room one by one.

Esme turned to me when they were gone. “Would you like to go into Carlisle’s office? No one will interrupt you in there….”

I nodded once, and Esme smiled warmly at me. I could assume as much that she was the motherly figure without even having to pick it out of her mind. I turned towards the stairs and trudged up them, already knowing where it was from seeing it in her mind. The room was smaller than the other rooms in their ginormous house, but still big. I looked up at the high ceiling and at the huge canvases that held memories of another era, a familiar lifetime.

I walked over to Carlisle’s fancy desk chair and sat on it. It was comfy, relaxing. It made me want to go to sleep, though I knew that was out of the question. Yet, as I leaned back in the chair and faced the western windows, I felt nothing but the yearning to rest as I slowly let my eyelids droop. It was all so much to handle. Too much.

So, instead of facing reality for the current time, I drifted off into a world that was entirely my own, a world where nobody could hurt me or touch me or try to bite me….

I was in my own world.