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What happens when Renee is leaving Charlie.


1. Leaving

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I can't take it anymore! I hate Forks! It's boring and no one we really know lives here anymore. I need sun. Being stuck in a house all the time because of rain gets very irritating after awhile. Bella is six months old and can go out now. I can see if she was one month or younger , but she is not. She deserves sun. Something I was robbed of in my childhood. To top it off Charlie and I have been having fights. He is never home. When he is he is watching T.V. He's usually working or out fishing with Billy. He argues back saying he does it because he needs to support us. Yes, I understand, but I need time to do stuff also. All I do is go to the store every two weeks and take care of Bella. "Oh! Bella!" I screamed out loud remembering she was still in her highchair. I ran to the kitchen in a panic. Thank god, Bella was fine entertaining herself with her small hands. At that point Charlie walked in to the house.

"Hey honey! How's Isabella?" he asked uninterested.

"Bella is fine." I answered angrily.

"I'm going out with Billy tonight." Charlie spat back.

"No your not. I said sourly.

"Yes I am. You are not my mother Renee. You are Isabella's!" he said acidly. I couldn't believe it. He called her Isabella again. When I was pregnant with her we discussed how we were going to nickname her Bella. That we were going to only call her that. When he brought Bella into it that's when I lost it.

"I never go out! I never see you. I am here with your six month old daughter whom you seem very uninterested in. Oh, and her nickname from us is Bella. Did you know she said daddy two days ago? No, you didn't because when I told you....you were watching the television!" I yelled meanly. He just stared in shock.

"You know what Renee? I can't stand to be around you anymore. You complain to much!" he said evilly.

"Divorce me and marry the god damn television! I'm leaving! I can't take this town anymore!" I said while the tears rolled down my pale cheeks. I ran back into the kitchen and got Bella. Once I grabbed her I went up the stairs.

"Renee I didn't mean what I said. Please don't stay here." Charlie said sad.

"To late" I said crying a river. Charlie ran after me up the stairs pleading. All I did was move faster.

I got my suitcase, money, Bella, and Bella's suitcase. I ran down the stairs going towards the door. Right when I reached the door Charlie tugged on me and I turned around to face him.

"I love- " Charlie began to say when I cut him off.

" Me and Bella or this town?" I asked sniffling. He stood there not moving. He had to stop and think? I gave him two minutes then I opened the door and went out. I never looked back.