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A New Life

Bella's life changes and the Volturi come to get Bella. Will she have what it takes to escape the Volturi or will she become one of them?


1. 1. The Change

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The Change


I paced the room swirling my ring. The Volturi couldn't come for me. It couldn't be possible. Alice said they wanted me to be a vampire and if I wasn't they would turn me. Edward had to do it soon.

"Edward, we have to do it now. The Volturi are coming. Alice told me. Please turn me, you said you would after having a wedding. You won't win this time," I begged as Edward held me tight in his arms.

"I know, Love. Carlisle said it was about time. Alice said it would be at least a week before they came. You shouldn’t worry." Edward kissed me and whispered “I love you” in my ear.

I kissed him back and whispered, “I never worry with you by me.”


The plan was set. I would be turned tonight by Edward. But first, I had to write a letter to Charlie about how I was to busy to see him.

Dear Charlie,

I am really busy with my job and college studies. I’ll be able to write and everything, but seeing you soon will be difficult, so don’t expect to see me in a while.


Now all Alice had to do was drop off the letter in the morning.

Charlie thought I was at school in Alaska trying to get a degree in Education. The last month I had been doing work at the Cullen’s house. Carlisle said it was best if I didn’t go anywhere until I was changed so no one could notice the change in my skin tone. Alice was supposed to be coming back to visit the family and was getting a degree in Fashion. Charlie liked her so she was going to drop it off.

“Are you done, Love?” Edward asked slightly distraught. He new it was time to bit me.

“Yup,” I said cheerfully since I really wanted this.

“Fine, let’s go.”

“Go where?” I asked.

“The treaty will break. You know that,” Edward said like I was a silly, little girl.

He picked me up with a swift, gently move and ran to his volvo. We drove for so long, I could have fallen asleep, but Edward talked the process over and over to make sure I know what was going to happen after being bitten. Finally, we got to the woods, where he picked me up and ran me to a meadow.

Carlisle and the rest of the Cullens were there.

“Are you ready Bella?” Esme asked with anxiety. They are all nervous for me, I thought.

“Yup,” I said strongly.

Carlisle came to me with a needle, in which I had stumbled away from. Edward had to explain that it was to make the pain go down and give me sleep. After about fifteen long seconds, I was fast asleep.


I stared down at Bella as she slept soundly. It was the last time I would get to see her sleeping. I wanted her human, to have a life, and to have a soul, but I also wanted her to be one of us so bad. I was so selfish.

Hurry up, Edward. Her morphine will wear off. Jasper thought.

I knelt down and feverishly kissed her neck. Then bloodlust washed over me and I bit down into her veins. He blood was so sweet I could have sucked her dry. Emmentt and Jasper were at my side pulling me away from my feast. I was soon smacked into reality as Bella screamed for the pain to stop.

I wished I could kill myself. It was because of my selfishness that I hurt her. Jasper was calming us, but her screaming tore at me.

“Carlisle said we should go hunt,” Alice whispered after about a day.

“No, I must stay with her. It is all my fault,” I replied, but my eyes were pure black and I wanted to suck Bella dry at periods of time.

“Edward, it was an order. Please don’t be hard.” She whispered. I know she had a vision so I asked. “Okay, I did. You were going to try to kill her and your eyes are pure black. Just come.”

“Fine,” I said gloomily. I really did need to hunt.


When I came back from the hunt, the morphine had worn off. Bella screams echoed in my mind, which frustrated me.

Then I saw Bella’s eyes flicker open, exposing red irises...