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A New Life

Bella's life changes and the Volturi come to get Bella. Will she have what it takes to escape the Volturi or will she become one of them?


2. The Power

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"Bella. Bella!" Edwards sweet voice sang in the velvet tune.

"Yes, my Edward. What is it? Oh I love dreams about you Edward," I said with a soft giggle.

"Bella, love, this isn't a dream. Your a vampire now," Edward said. I loved dreams about him, I truely do. He's always so realalistic in my dreams.

"Sure, Edward, can you prove it. I'll win again. I'm dreaming, I know I am."

"Carlisle! She thinks this is a dream. What should I do?" Edward called and all I could hear back was "I'm coming."

"Bella, it's me Carlisle. Your one of us now, Bella. Your not dreaming. Wake up," Carlisle said. That's when I finally started to believe I was acually awake.


Bella finally woke up after Carlisle came. I was starting to get worried about her. After she got up I took her to a little pond to see herself.

She is completely gorgous. She's prettier than Rosalie and Tanya combined. Her eyes are blood red but her skin wasn't pale, it was normal. She was so shocked when she went to the pond she almost fell in. Bella is still klutzy and I hope she stays that way so I can keep helping her.

"Mrs. Cullen, your the most gorgous vampire alive, and you should know it," I said and bowed down. She blushed. How weird, I thought, but I let it go.

"And you Mr. Cullen, is the most gentlemanlike vampire alive," She giggled and then we started to kiss all over.

"You know that I meant that you really were the prettiest vampire I've ever me," I whispered in her ear and started to kiss her throat. I didn't feel the need to control myself anymore since she was just as strong as- well stronger than- me. She turned around and for the first time ever her tongue took a stab in my mouth.

"Well, I guess it isn't a good time. I'm sorry, but we're going on a hunt and wanted to see if you wanted to come," Rose said.

"We'll go later, Rose. Tell them to go without us, please," I replied and she just turned and stalked away. Then we started kissing again.

"Well, I guess we should hunt now." She nodded.

"It's really natural," I said in her ear. I could smell a deer and a bear but I let her get her first pray. "Just use your instincts and sniff the air good. Your sense of smell leads the hunt."

She darted. She was after the bear so I followed just in case she needed help. But she didn't, she moved as lethal as a venomous snake and as fast and a mountain lion. With one pounce and swift attack she killed it and started to drink it's blood. Her eyes imediately turned topaz like mine.

Suddenly, I realized I could read her mind. Yum.... she thought. Then as sudden as I could read them, I couldn't. That was it. That was her power to be blocked from all mental powers of others.

"Now, I'm tried," she said.

"Vampires can't sleep...." I said but she was already curled into a tight ball and I knew she had more than one power. She could sleep and dream of the future like Alice sees the futue. But she could also be like humans, since her skin never change.

I had to tell Carlisle.

"Edward, we have to go, the werewolves are coming!"