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Edward Gets a Ticket

Edward mometarily forgets to look out for police cars. Look what happens!

lol! i was bored and notced we number 8 of most prolific authors. This story popped into my head.

1. Chapter 1

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Once again, Edward was speeding down the road, with me clutching the passenger seat armrests for dear life.

“Don’t you think you should slow down?” I glanced at Edward, terrified. He turned fully to look at me.

“Bella,” he said, “It’s not like I’m going to crash or anything. Don’t worry.”

I tried to calm down. The last time we’d been driving this fast, he’d nearly killed a cow. I scanned the road ahead anxiously for cows. All clear, for now. I still didn’t like how fast the trees were flying by, and how Edward was turning to look at me every five seconds. The love was appreciated, but I wanted to yell, “Keep your eyes on the road! I’m not that interesting!”

Edward reached down to fiddle with the radio. He turned on Claire de Lune softly, and I knew he was trying to calm me down. The funny thing was that it was working. It had to be the calmest song ever. I slowly untensed, and I was able to relax against the seat. That was when sirens started blaring.

“AAAH!” I screamed.

“Jeez Bella. It’s fine. Just cops.” Edward tried to look calm as he pulled over, but I could tell he was mentally cursing himself over and over.

A cop came over to the window, and Edward rolled it down, grimacing slightly. A second later, I realized that the cop was Charlie. The whole thing suddenly struck me as very funny. I burst out laughing hysterically.

Charlie stared at us. I couldn’t stop laughing. “Edward, you . . . and Charlie . . . for driving too fast!” I gasped out between laughs.

Edward looked like he was about to die of embarrassment. Charlie ignored my hysteria and turned to Edward. “Uh, Edward, you know you were driving at about 150 miles per hour, right?” he asked sternly, “Do you have any explanation?”

I clamped my hands over my mouth to stop the giggles. I wanted to hear this.

“Um, no.” Edward said shamefully.

Charlie looked at me. “Bella, you should know better than this too. What were you two doing?”

I looked at Edward. “Well, I told him to slow down . . .”

Edward banged his head on the steering wheel. Charlie looked between us.

“Well, Edward, what you were doing was very dangerous. I have no choice but to steal- I mean take away your license and charge you $500 in fines.”

I couldn’t help it. I burst out laughing again. “Looks like you’re going to have to get used to my driving,” I told Edward. Charlie tried to look all business, but he cracked a smile as he walked back to his cruiser with Edward’s license.

Edward and I switched seats, and he sullenly crossed his arms. I opened my mouth to tease him, but he stopped me.

“Don’t say a word.” He pleaded.

I started up his car and we drove away at an exhilarating 35 miles per hour. I snickered the whole way. I couldn’t wait to get to his house.