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Alice's Twilight

This is a story that by it's title is pretty self-explanitory. It is what is going on in Alice's mind during Twilight.

I had an old version but deleted it. This is the new and improved version!

2. Chapter 2

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The next day, we all knew, was going to be awful. There would be no Edward, no jokes, and no happiness. Jasper and Emmett never did wrestle a second time and Rose and I never did go shopping that day. Our whole existence had changed just because of a clumsy, awkward human girl. For the rest of the night, I listened to music, hopping the melody would calm me as I scanned the future, trying to see if Edward had changed his mind about anything, anything at all. He hadn’t.

For once, I barely paid attention to what I was putting on my body.

I walked downstairs and saw that Carlisle and Esme were talking in a corner with Emmett and Rosalie next to them. They seemed to be discussing something really important and when they saw me, waved me over. I grimaced. That second I knew what they were going to ask me to do.

“Alice, dear” sighed Esme, her hair falling softly on her shoulders cooed. “Dear, do you think you can pretend that Edward is sick? No moaning or complaining? We can’t draw attention to ourselves.”

Carlisle cut in. “We have to remain unsuspicious. How would it look to teachers if one of you wasn’t there and then the four of you went around in zombie mode? I guarantee they would think that something was up. They could even call Children’s Services on us. We have to remain unsuspicious.” The four of them looked at me hopefully.

“Where’s Jasper?”

“Hunting.” Rosalie replied impatiently. “Now answer the question.”

“Fine I won’t go around acting depressed. I will stay happy and perky. I promise.”

“Good. Remember that you are a Cullen and sometimes we have to do things that we don’t want to for the majority of us.”

Esme and Carlisle walked away and Jasper walked in. Rosalie grabbed my wrist and pointed Jasper to the door. Emmett walked silently beside her. We loaded into the Volvo, feeling weird since we didn’t have to guard our thoughts. Mine drifted to last night with Jasper. Rosalie was at the wheel.

Suddenly my phone vibrated in my pocket. In barely a whisper I informed the rest of the car “It’s Edward!” They all crowded around me, Rosalie craning her head to look at the text message.

It read I’m Fine. Don’t come looking for me.” I sighed. I had hoped for something more informative then this. This wasn’t all that interesting or anything. Silently I text messaged the message to Esme and Carlisle, figuring that they would like to know that he was okay. Esme was a nervous wreck.

I pushed the phone back into my bag and leaned my head against the headrest. We were soon at school. Rosalie parked and we all piled out. Rose and Emmett walked towards their first class and Jasper started to walk me to mine.

“Did you get enough to drink?” I asked him. I didn’t want an incident on top of all of this.

“Plenty. “