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Here's my entry for the Jared Challenge and the second place winner. Girls. From alien creatures to goddesses, Jared can never really figure them out.


1. Vivacity

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In the third grade Jared was cast as Prince Charming in the school play. A cape and a flimsy paper sword were thrust upon him as all the students waited in line to receive their own consumes made by the kindergartners of the school. A paper yellow crown was placed on a slant atop his head and his teacher cooed; apparently he looked adorable.

Jared didn’t think so.

Some of his friends were dwarves and they were allowed to wear ragged clothing that looked like something out of one of those old fashioned action films that all the kids watched late on Friday nights or Saturday mornings. Jared was instantly jealous. They got to be cool mythical creatures and he was stuck as a sissy in a purple cape. Prince Charming? He scoffed at the guy. Who wants to kiss a dead girl anyway? (Or a live one at that?)

He didn’t know the girl who was playing Snow White. All he knew was that her lips weren’t red, her skin wasn’t pale and she certainly wasn’t beautiful beyond belief. Defiantly not enough for an evil queen to send her minions after. And when he made eye contact with her she blushed violently and glanced away before a moment was up. Jared just rolled his eyes and play fought his dwarf friends.

Girls. What strange creatures.

Dancing was never one of Jared’s strong points. All the twirling, twisting and turning… he got nauseous just thinking about it. He left all that elegant garbage to the women. He would gladly just sit on the sidelines and drink the punch as they moved in imperfect synchronization; fifth graders weren’t exactly professionals when it came to coordination.

But he saw one girl that stuck out from the rest when it came to this dancing stuff. She wasn’t falling over her feet or waggling her butt around for all the boys to stare at. She was just dancing for the fun of dancing. The shy, slight smile on her large lips filled most of her wide set face. She looked harmonious and melodic. Nothing could disturb her from her little trance. Not even the tough-but actually really wimpy when you get to know them-boys pointing and taunting her from the sidelines.

Jared turned his head away from the sight. Hormones weren’t exactly kicking in for him yet and a girl with her eyes closed and swaying perfectly to the beat wasn’t very interesting to a ten year old.

So he looked back to the girls shaking their back sides and laughed along with his friends.

Girls. Cootie catchers at best.

Seventh grade and he was going insane. The math teacher was droning on, the boy behind him was shaking the back of his seat and Elisa, the girl sitting next to him, didn’t even know his name.

He was past elementary school days and all he wanted was good grades and a girl friend. Not any girlfriend. He wanted Elisa.

He would have characterized her as one of the booty shakers a few years back. But those times were forgotten due to crazy semi-teenage hormones setting in and taking over. He had his handful of crushes here and there but none of them were as beautiful or witty as the popular goodness right to his side. When she smiled or smacked her gum… Oh my. Jared lost all his focus in a blink of an eye.

“Sixty four.”

The abrupt voice startled him out of his thoughts and back into the incredibly boring classroom. He glanced around and saw the source of the distraction. It was a simple girl who’s name he couldn’t seem to remember.

Kiera? Katie?

It didn’t matter. The teacher just nodded his head and the girl looked back down at her paper which was covered in small doodles. Jared wondered briefly how she was able to pay attention in class and doodle at the same time. But all thoughts of this girl and silly little drawing was wiped out of his mind when Elisa dropped her pencil and leaned over with her low cut shirt to pick it up.

Girls. Wonder if they realize you’re there.

He was a teenager. Gangly, smelly, and utterly bored in his tiny, worn down school. How do people survive this hell hole? All these cliques and mindless people blocking up the hallways and stairs. It was madness!

But he was able to live through it, and only because he was in the best history class ever. Mr. Wilkins had a knack for teaching. Jeopardy, movies, almost no homework. Jared hit the jackpot. The kids in the class were pretty cool, too. Except for one girl who just sat there and smiled. But she was usually sucked into a conversation so Jared never felt the compulsion to talk to her. Anyway, at the end of each day he would just walk into Mr. Wilkins’s room and have the best time he could ever hope for.

But March 14th that year was something that even surpassed Mr. Wilkins and his classroom of knowledge and fantastic fun.

Jared got his first kiss.

Up until that year, Jared wasn’t exactly one of the beefy, good looking kids at his school. No sense of style, a few friends he would hang out with and no social life whatsoever. This wasn’t a bad thing, in fact, Jared liked it very much. But he was getting older, more mature, and more eager for new friends and girls. He was a bored teenager in search of something else to do.

So when his body started to fill out with new muscle and he lost some of his baby fat, he started to realize the girls that were eyeing him in the hallways. With a boost of self confidence, he acquired new clothing(which were actually hand-me-downs but, hey, they were better than nothing) and started to actually comb his hair in the mornings. He liked his new look and he really liked the attention he was suddenly getting.

One day after school and behind the bleachers, Jared and his friend, Frieda, held hands and chatted for at least an hour. When she checked her watch and realized it was time for her to go, he stood up from the wet ground with her and pecked her lightly on the cheek. She kissed him back, but she was much bolder than Jared and touched her lips softly to his. Jared was elated, to say the least.

In the next ten minutes when waiting for the ride-on to pull up, they laughed at how the damp grass made their butts all wet and made a date for the following Friday.

Girls. You have to love ‘em.

It was too hot. He was too hot. It was torture. His anger swelled up again and he had to force it back down. That’s what he hated most about it. The anger, the fierceness that came with it. How he exploded and couldn’t even stop it…

His whole life was exploding.

It took him two weeks to change back to his human form. By that time he knew all about werewolves and how he had to be able to control himself before going back to school.

Forget your studies. Just don’t kill anyone.

Humph. If anything this was killing him. Not being able to go out like a normal human being. Not being able to see his friends. Not being able to focus during class… He was going crazy!

And there was nothing he could do about it.

He wasn’t expecting a fun time when he stepped into his math class. An hour of trinomials wasn’t a day at the beach or anything. His seat was hard and creaky; just how he remembered it. He let out an involuntary groan. There was an intake of breath in the seat next to him and he squeezed his eyes shut.

There was a relatively quite girl sitting next to him in class. They never made any form of conversation in the past, and he didn’t want the tradition to start there. He was in no mood to talk.

“Are you…okay?” she wondered. He was about to reply ‘No, I’m not okay’ but then he realized how completely wonderful and agonizingly beautiful her voice sounded. He looked over at her and his jaw dropped to the floor.

Jared took his first glimpse of Kim since he transformed into a werewolf, no matter how many times before hand, and he has never looked away since.

Girls. All turned invisible when she appeared.