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Edward's out hunting and Bella decides to go to Port Angeles. She runs into something she never thought she would see.


1. Chapter 1

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Today was going to be very boring. Edward was hunting with Emmett but he said he would be back later. At least he isn’t going to be gone all weekend. Charlie was fishing with some of his friends from work. I figured that I would make my room perfectly spotless to take up as much time as possible and to keep my mind busy. I know that Edward is a vampire but I can’t help think that something might happen to him while he’s hunting and I would lose him forever.

After cleaning my room to perfection, I took a shower and dried my hair so that it was stick straight. I looked at the clock and saw that it was only 11 o’clock. Why couldn’t time fly when you wanted it to? I decided that since Edward wouldn’t be back for a few hours, I would go to the bookstore in Port Angeles. I never really got the chance to since Edward to me to the meadow instead. I got dressed and headed out to my truck after leaving a note for Charlie. I listened to the cd that Edward made me and that seemed to shorten the ride because I was there before I knew it. I parked the truck a little farther back than I normally did because I wanted to take my time. As I was in the bookstore I saw a shiny Volvo that was parked down the street. I started to walk over to it.

“Bella!” Crap. I turned and saw that it was Mike and there was absolutely no way to avoid him.

“Hi Bella. What are you doing here?” It was a bookstore what else would I be doing here?

“Just getting some books for school.” It was a complete lie. Just that the books weren’t for school. I didn’t feel like telling him that Edward was hunting and that I was here by myself. That would get him to think that we were broke up and he could start asking me out again. He just now got to the point where he would only ask once a week.

“Mike, where are you?”

“Sorry Bella. Gotta go. I’m here with my little cousins. See ya later.”

“Bye Mike.”

Whew! That was close. As I finished paying for my books, I decided that I would walk down to where the Volvo was parked. Just as I passed one of the stores, something inside caught my eye. What I saw was something I thought I would never see. I saw Angela…..with Edward.