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Edward's out hunting and Bella decides to go to Port Angeles. She runs into something she never thought she would see.


6. Chapter 6

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A week had passes after Edward proposed to me which meant that today was our wedding day. I called Alice just as I promised. She insisted that she come pick me up because she didn’t want Edward to see me at all before the wedding.

“Good morning Bella.” She was unusually happy.

“Are you ready for you big day?”

“Not really.”

“Well you’re coming anyway.” She grabbed me and pulled me to her car and drove to the Cullen’s. She talked about all the stuff she would do to me today. As soon as we got there, Alice dragged me into her huge bathroom.

“Alice,” I said as she washed my hair. “Do you think that Edward will still want me after I’m changed?” She looked shocked.

“Yes he loves you too much Bella. Why would you think that?”

“Well after a while he’ll get bored with me and want something new.” She laughed at this. I wondered what was so funny.

“Bella I don’t think that is going to happen. He goes crazy if he’s away from you for 5 minutes. I’ll show you.”

She showed me a vision of me and Edward 300 years from now, happy as ever. By the time I had watched it, she already had my hair dried and curled. I needed to start paying attention.

“Now let’s get you dressed.” This whole time we had been talking I hadn’t realized what Alice had done my hair and make up completely and that we had one and a half hours before the wedding. We decided that we would wait until I got there to put on the dress. So I put on a button up shirt so when I took it off it wouldn’t mess up my hair.

Alice grabbed the dress and a little bag of make-up and we were out the door. Time flew inside the church because before I knew it I was getting ready to walk down the aisle. I was so nervous. Not because I was getting cold feet but because I had on heels and I was likely to fall on my face and embarrass myself. Then the music started playing and I was walking. Edward was so beautiful in black. He looked as if he was ripped right out of a movie.

As a request from Alice, I had to keep my veil down until Edward started to kiss me. After we said our ‘I do’, he lifted up my veil. He gasped when he saw me.

“You look so beautiful.” And then he kissed me. After we were done with the millions of pictures that Charlie and Renee insisted on, we got to the part I was dreading: dancing. My dress was long enough the Edward could pick me up and make it look like I was dancing.

After the reception, Edward took me to the white house on the river. We didn’t have a honeymoon because Edward wanted to wait until I became a vampire. He led me up to his room and put me on the bed. Then I realized that he was going to change me now.

“Is there anything you want before I change you?” he was still hoping I would change my mind but that wasn’t going to happen.

“I want you to kiss me without holding back.” With that he pushed me back on the bed and crawled on top of me. I placed my hands on his arms and he lowered his face until it was an inch from mine.

“I love you Bella.” Then his lips were on mine. He kissed me like never before. His lips were like they were hungry. They moved like they needed mine. When I though he was going to pull away, that’s when I felt his tongue slide over my lips. I took advantage of it and kissed him without worrying. He was the one to break the kiss when he put his lips to my neck and bit me.

“I’m so sorry Bella. I love you.” he moved off of me and I screamed. It hurt so badly. Edward had said it would hurt but I never thought I would this much. My chest was on fire. All I could do was cry and hope that 3 days would fly by. I lay there thinking it had already been 3 days when only it had been a few hours.

I heard Edward crying tearlessly in the corner. I felt bad about making him cry. I decided that my crying wasn’t going to make the pain go away so I just lay there silently. But before long the pain stopped completely and I slept for the final time. When I woke up I didn’t open my eyes, I was afraid I wouldn’t like what I saw. I heard Alice talking to someone, maybe Jasper?

“I wonder what her power will be.”

“I don’t know but she better wake up soon. Edward is going crazy.” I decided now would be a good time to get up. I looked up and stood.

“Hi guys.”

“Oh Bella. You’re up.” She came over to me and hugged me.

“Wow you’re so beautiful. Wait until Edward sees you, he’ll go crazy! Come look.” Alice grabbed me and ran to her bathroom. At first I didn’t recognize me. I was beautiful. I could almost compete with Rosalie. Almost.

“Edward’s home.” I rushed down the stairs just in time to see him shut the door, turn around, and see me. He stared at me forever but finally came up to kiss me.

“I though I killed you Bella. You scared me.” That was all the reunion we got because Alice had a vision and I learned what my power was. I saw Alice’s vision, I felt jasper using his powers, and I could read Edward’s mind while all that was happening.

That’s when it hit me. I was a chameleon. Or I think that’s what it was called. Carlisle had told me something about it a long time ago. When someone used their power, I gained it. But I needed to talk to Carlisle to make sure. While everyone was talking about Alice’s vision, I went upstairs. I knocked on his door.

“Come in.” I walked in.

“Carlisle can I talk to you a minute?”

“Sure what’s up?” I hope nothing is wrong with her and Edward.

“I think I’m a chameleon. I saw Alice’s vision, I can read minds, and I can change emotions.

“Is she serious?” Thought Carlisle.

“Yes I’m serious.” Did he think I would lie to him?

“Whoa. She heard that.”

“Yeah so does that mean I am?”

“I don’t know. Try to make me sad or something.” Oh great. I didn’t know how to do that. So I tried to think about when Edward left me. It shocked me when Carlisle fell.

“Bella! Stop!” Oh no I caused that.

“Oh Carlisle I’m so sorry. I didn’t mean to.”

“How did you do it?” He said as he stood up. I didn’t know if I wanted to tell him but I did.

“I thought of when Edward left me.”

“Wow. Well those are the symptoms. That could come in handy Bella. Let’s go tell everybody.” As we walked down the stairs, Alice came up to us.

“Bella that’s so cool.”

“Alright.” I said a little confused.

“Your powers silly. I have already filled in everyone. Edward’s furious of course.” Uh oh. Was he mad because he changed me?


“Because you can read his mind and he can’t read yours.”

“Oh.” This could be fun. I went down to Edward. Everyone else had gone hunting now that I was awake. He was thinking about things that we could do now that I was a vampire.

“Edward you naughty boy. You shouldn’t be thinking those kinds of things.”

I went over to him, sat on his lap, and kissed him. He stood up with me sitting on his hands. He carries me up to our room, placed me on the bed, and crawled over top of me. Needless to say that we carried out his thoughts and some of mine nicely.