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Shades of Gray

In 1432, Aro heard a prophecy that would change the immortal lives of the Cullens......forever.


1. Prologue

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Florance, Italy-1432 A.D

Aro sat limply at the wooden table, watching the girl's every move. His eyes flickered to Marcus, who was sitting at the bar, glaring holes into Persephone's back. He shook his head at Aro, noting that she could not be trusted. Aro reached forward to touch her hand, but she pulled away.

"My dear child, if you want to be part of my family you must let me know that I can trust you. Your power is useful and could be easily used, but how do I know that you are loyal?" Aro asked, knowing what he must do. It was a shame that a power so wonderful should be lost.

"Our relationship, will not be built out of trust, surly you know this. I will give you the prophecy, that I have for-seen, if and only if you turn me." The seer said, still avoiding the touch of Aro's pale skin. Any type of contact with Aro, could bring a fatal end to the seer.

"But child, why would you choose to damn your soul, when you have a chance to live?" Aro said, his curiosity getting the best of him. Marcus shot him a fleeting look that clearly stated that he needed to hurry up this meeting.

"That is for me to know and you to die trying to figure out" Persephone said, choosing her words very carefully. Aro raised his eyebrow as Marcus began to get up. Aro shot him a look and he sat back down.

"Ah, well now, tell me what you know and I will decide if it is worthy of making you immortal." Aro said, watching her very carefully. She considered, and finally, she nodded; making her fatal move. She closed her eyes and began reciting in a mystic voice that was almost unrecognizable from the one she had had only moments before.

"Sixty years after the new Milena a human child will be born from the womb of a vampire mother. The child will grow until it's sixteenth year when the powers will surface and it's heart will stop. The child will bring the end to the darkest power known to man and vampire alike." Aro just sat there, not moving. Marcus, was wide eyed and looked as if the end of the world had come early.

"Is that all? That is hundreds of years from now, why should I worrying about such a, trivial, thing? Some thing of such unimportance?" Aro said, playing his cards carefully.

"Your kidding me! I gave you the future. Something will arise and it will kill us all! Now you know of it and how to stop it, this is big and-" He held up his hand and she was silent at once.

"Though you have displeased me, with something so unimportant, I will reward you, for I am feeling, generous today." He said, lying thorough his beautiful teeth. Aro stood up, and pointed to a door that lead to an alleyway. Persephone headed towards the door as Aro followed. When they were out of sight, Marcus followed.

The customers of the tavern all jumped when they heard her scream.