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Shades of Gray

In 1432, Aro heard a prophecy that would change the immortal lives of the Cullens......forever.


2. Heart Beats

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Forks, Washington-2059

Edward ran his long white fingers across her marble skin. A playful smile played across his lips as Bella pretended to sleep; as neither of them had any sleep for decades. Being with her made it seem as if he were sleeping, thanks to her power that she seemed to have obtained when she was turned into a vampire. Since Edward's and Jane's powers were both illusions, they could not work on Bella, however her power was basically one in the same. She could create illusions, they are not really there, but it seems as if they are. The Cullen vampire's or anyone in general could see them, feel feel, smell them and hear them. It seems as if they are truly apart of reality but not there at all.

Suddenly Bella's skin grew warm as it was when she was human. She turned to face him, grabbing his hand that was rubbing her arm and interlocked their fingers. His skin to grew warm and he felt his heart beat; though not really beating at all. She could hear it too and she smiled at thought of almost being human with Edward. Bella placed his hand over her heart so he could feel it beating. This had to be one of the many reasons why he loved her power so much. It made it seems as if Bella never became a vampire at all, as if she was still human. And Bella knew that he missed those little human things she did, so she uses her power to seem as if her body was still the same. Her mind never changed from how it was before.

Though there are some advantages for that little fact. They could do things they could not do when she was human because she was to fragile. When she was turned, their relationship became more physical, and it annoyed many of the other vampires in the household. Though Alice thought it was sweet how deep their love was, since she had seen visions of it for years, other than her, nobody truly understood. But Edward and Bella had to admit, they were kind of loud.

Bella sat up to meet his height level while the covers feel off of her, showing that she was only wearing a cream tank-top and a matching pair of underpants. Edward raised his eyebrow at her choose of night apparel. She threw him a questioning look at the mischievous one he was giving her. Then in a flash of light, Edward was on top of her, tickling her like there was no tomorrow. Bella squealed like a school girl and that was clearly hear through out the house. For Emmett and Rosalie, who were passing by Edward and Bella's room, rolled their eyes a whispered something like "their at it again".

Edward stopped his tickle attack and began kissing her neck while Bella played with the strains of his perfect hair on the back of his head. As their session became more and more intimate, Bella started to feel a little bit....off. She pushed Edward's shoulder, showing that she was not in that mood. He stopped at once. His eyes held the notion that he was completely confused. Had she not been the one to started the advances?

"I feel weird. My stomach is feeling, odd." Bella said as her hands flew to her stomach in almost a protective way.

"When was the last time you hunted? Maybe your thirsty" He said as he ran his fingers through her long hair. Oh did he love her hair, he loved to play with it. Between him and Alice trying to mess with her hair, it drove her insane. She felt like a barbie doll and it annoyed her.

"It's not that I'm thirsty. This is different, I don't know how to explain it." She said still rubbing her stomach, feeling utterly confused. Then her hand flew to her mouth and she was out of bed before Edward could respond. He followed her to the bathroom and stood frozen in place as Bella hurled contents, that should not exist, into the toilet. He shook himself mentally, he could figure this out once she was done, and pulled her hair out of her face. But as soon as he did that there was pounding on the bathroom door and the sound of Alice's voice on the other end.

"Edward you pervert! You could not keep it zipped could you! This is all your fault" Alice screamed as she figured out that the door was unlocked. Bella was lying next to the toilet look as confused and surprised by this outburst as Edward did. Alice looked as if she was going to kill her brother. Bella tried to jump in between the two of them but was not feeling very well and fell back into her original position. Edward's eyes went wide, clearly showing that he had read her mind and new what her outburst was about.

"Alice, that's not possible! You know it's not!" He said as Alice advanced on him, pointing his finger at him. She seemed as if she was trying to hold laughter back as well as being angry.

"I saw it Mr. I am to horny to keep my hands off my wife!" Alice said as she softly punched him in the chest. The punch was bordering on playfulness, as if she was happy about whatever reason that Bella was sick.

"And" Alice continued "You've already made the decision! You cant take it back!" She said through fits of laughter, clearly showing that she was not mad at all.

"This is not funny! This is extremely serious because of the fact that it is not possible!" Edward said in a tone with a mixture of terror, shock, annoyance and irritation. The last two were clearly because of Alice.

"Will someone please tell me what the hell is going on!" Bella shouted as she stood up. Edward and Alice looked at her, both clearly forgetting that she was there.

"Whats going on is something that is clearly impossible! Your premonition has to be wrong Alice! Are you sure that's Bella in your premonition and not someone else? Like that girl Jacob imprinted on? She did look a awful lot like Bella." Edward said, referring to Blaze, a clumsy British girl that made Jacob finally get over his love for Bella. The fact that Jacob imprinted on someone else was painful, but she made him happy and he could finally live out a full life with her, once she got older of course.

"First off that girl giving birth in my premonition was not Blaze! I mean she is only 18! Besides she is always with Jacob so that means I can't see her! And I am one hundred percent sure that Bella is the woman having the child in my premonition!" Alice replied, getting slightly annoyed by the fact that her brother did not believe her after he seen what she had for-seen.

Bella went wide eyed at what Alice was saying. Clearly it was impossible! How could she have a child after being technically dead for more than five decades. But, it did match up. The nausea, the puking, mood swings and the other endless things that have been bugging her for awhile. But still, impossible; absurd even, there has never been a vampire woman giving birth to a child or anything else for that matter.

"Alice that is so not possible! And you know it!" Bella said as she threw a meaningful look at her husband. She knew in her heart that Edward would love to have a child with her, and she to for the matter would giving anything to bear his child. But it simply was not in the cards for then, since them both being vampires and what not.

"Isabella! You know for a fact that this was not the first time you've thrown up. You start two weeks ago when Edward went hunting with Emmett! And you went to the school nurse a couple of times in the past week being sick!" Alice pointed out to her and Edward snapped his head toward Bella.

"You've been sick and you didn't tell me?" He asked, his eyes shining with a mixture of hurt, annoyance and concern; his eyes dripped with concern.

"It's nothing really. I just have the flu or something." She said lamely, avoiding their eyes.

"You know that vampires don't get sick Bella! You should not be puking at all because you don't have bodily fluids!" Edward said trying to make sense of the impossible notion that maybe, just maybe that their may be a chance at fatherhood for him. But he could not get his hopes up; for he reminded himself that this could not be possible.

"Well on that happy note, isn't it convent that I told Carlisle that we would be meeting him at the hospital around 8:00 and its now 7:50! But you two might want to get dressed first" Alice said, pointing at the couples lack of clothing.

"First off, you told Carlisle?!? And when did you tell Carlisle?" Bella said, outraged.

"I told Carlisle that we had a problem and that we had to come to the hospital. And I called him when I had the vision. Now go get dressed before I dress you myself!" Alice added impatiently.

The couple shot her looks that clearly said that they were very annoyed with her but listened to the pixie like woman and went to go get dressed into something decent. They dressed in complete silence, not wanting to say what they know the other was thinking. It was simply impossible for them to conceive, but that still did not hide the tiny shred of hope that Alice left hanging in their minds. When they were done getting ready, they headed toward the main room, not touching.

When they reached the main room, it was only Alice that was their which made Bella wonder were the other three vampires were, who should be home.

"Where are the others?" She asked and Alice knew the question that was truly behind the one she asked.

"They have no clue Bella. It is up to you two to tell them" She said, looking straight into her golden eyes.

"There will be nothing to tell Alice" Edward said, little to harsh.

"If there is nothing to tell, then why are you coming?" She asked and Edward could only turn and head out the door. Alice wrapped her arm, in a supportive manner around Bella. And they to began to head out the door.


Dr. Carlisle Cullen's office was simply simple. It had shelves that had an endless supply of books. There were file cabinets that held patient files and on top of those held one single plant. There were no pictures of Emmett's and Rosalie's most recent wedding or pictures of birthdays. For those luxuriates were lost among the the dead or undead.

Edward and Alice were on opposite sides of the office, having a staring contest. Neither of them blinked nor moved. If a stranger were to walk into the office, they would assume that Dr. Cullen collected very odd statues. Neither were going to move until the other did, or that was at least what Alice thought. She was taken by surprises when Edward sighed and closed his eyes.

"Your wrong Alice" He breathed so silently that it would be unheard for mortal ears.

"I for saw this Edward and I know I am right about-" She was not able to finish her thought because he cut her off in mid sentence. Edward just stared at Dr. Cullen's private examination room, where Bella was getting her blood work done.

"Don't you think I would love for Bella and I to have a child? Don't you think I would do anything to give her that? But you know better than anyone that, that can't happen!" Edward said as he picked up the plant on top of cabinet next to the door. He crumbled it into dust.

"I know, but this is happening! I do not know how and I sure as hell don't know why. But it is! And I've seen what your like as a father." Alice said as she remembered her premonitions. Edward saw what she saw.

Bella holding a infant in her arms, cradling their child to sleep in a rocking chair. Him playing peek-a-boo while the baby laughed. Watching their child grow, learning to walk, talk and becoming more and more their parents each day. Pushing the child on a swing set and watching the child fall asleep in their fathers arms. Seeing the small golden eyes look up into his, but feeling the child's heartbeat. Their child was human.

When Edward opened his eyes from what he had seen, if he could cry, tears would have been flowing from his golden eyes.

Inside the examination room, Bella watched as Carlisle drew blood from her arm. Though her skin was impenetrable, she reduced her flesh to mortal standards. Once again, creating a simple illusion. Her skin would always be as hard and cold as marble, this did not stop her from having blood physically drawn from her. Something that would not have been possible for a normal vampire, but there was nothing normal about her.

Even though she was a vampire, she still could not stand the sight of blood. The rest of the Cullens found this pretty humorous because of the simple fact that she lived off blood. Well, it was not that she did not like the taste or the way it slid down the back of her throat, it was human blood that she had a distaste for. Animal blood smelled different and was more appealing to her than human blood. So, her record was as clean as Carlisle's, she had never spilt a single drop of human blood.

They were silent as Carlisle worked; both lost in their separate thoughts. Bella was lost in the impossibility of her being pregnant. Yes, she would love a child; correction, she would love to have Edward's child. Any other child would not be the same to her. She wanted their baby to inherit his bronze hair and his gracefulness. Bella shook herself, she could never, ever, get her hopes up for something like this. It would hurt to much to be let down when she knew what was coming.

Carlisle on the other hand was not lost in thought about how impossible a vampire pregnancy was. In reality, something was nagging at the back of his brain, something he remembered from along time ago; when he spent time in Italy with the Volturi. It was something Aro said about a prophecy and a human child being born out of a vampire mother's womb. But Carlisle simply ignored what Aro had to say on the matter. For, at the time the prophecy was long into the future and he never thought it would affect him.

When he was done working, he pulled the needle out of her vein and sat it on the tray that stood beside him. Bella hooped down from the examination table and faced him.

"Bella, the blood work should be back in a couple of days." He said, not meeting her eyes. Should he tell her what he knew? Or just wait until he was sure of his thoughts?

"Um, is this possible?" She asked, looking down at her feet. Should she be embarrassed by this "pregnancy scare"? Technically she was only 19 and 19 year old didn't get pregnant very often. Well, responsible 19 years old didn't.

"To be honest Bella, I don't know. We won't know for sure until these test come back. So, therefore, I suggest that you go home and rest." He placed his cold, stony hands on her clothed marble back and led her out the door to where Alice and Edward were waiting.


Days passed as if they were seconds, when you live forever, a day is no time at all. Although, when somebody is waiting for something, time likes to toy with them, and make it seem as if that person is in their own personal hell for the time being. The Cullen household was sending a vibe of worry and fear, and Jasper was going insane with all the confusion.

He knew that Alice knew what was wrong, and like any good wife and lover would do, so told him about her premonitions. Like the others, he was convinced of the impossibility. And like Alice, Carlisle told Esme of the situation, but told her more than he told Edward and Bella. He told her about the prophecy that he knew nothing about. He told her, that if this is the child, Aro must be notified as soon as possible.

Yet, Rosalie and Emmett were left in the dark. No one wanted to deal with the drama and pain that would be caused. But, the two of them did not even notice that the others were holding a secret from them. And so, the clan went about as they normally would. Pretending to be human, going to high school and wishing for the simple life they could never live. If they all got their wishes, they all would be in their graves.

Four days later Bella got her blood work back. Carlisle pulled into the driveway and stepped out of his car. He held her file in his hand; he hadn't looked at it yet. He was almost afraid of what the results would say. He opened the front door and whispered so silently that anything mortal would be unable to hear him. Yet, every member of this household could. He said for Bella and Edward to meet him in his office, and when he got there, they were there.

Carlisle went behind the desk and sat down in the master chair. He looked across the desk at them and then down at the folder, debating weather or not he wanted to open the file. What the file held, could mean change for his family. Though he would be willing for it, however, others may not think along the same lines.

"Just open it, please" Bella said as Edward squeezed her hand. He was still utterly confused on the matter. He saw what Alice had for-seen, but he still does not understand.

"Okay, here goes nothing." Carlisle said as he flipped it open and began to read. He smirked at the news, for some un-known reason.

"Well, congratulations, Edward, Bella, your going to be parents" He said as Edward jumped up and grabbed the file out of his hands. Bella just sat there wide eyed.

"What!?! Carlisle, how in the world is this possible?" Edward said, while Bella sat there unable to speak.

"Sit down, it looks as if we have to talk" And so he began to tell them, about the prophecy. He knew he could be heard all over the house. It was better than having to see the look on his daughter's face when he broke the news to her. And as he suspected, he heard a wale of fury and a very upset Rosalie standing in the door way of the office.

"I am sorry, but apparently my hearing is off" Rosalie said with her perfect eyes closed, trying to calm herself down. "I thought I heard Carlisle say the Isabella is pregnant, something that will never happen! Believe me.....I know" She added, trying to sound sweet and innocent. Which was not working because her eyes were sending daggers at Bella.

"You heard me right Rose, Bella is pregnant, and I believe you heard the rest as well?" Carlisle said calmly, wishing Jasper was here, but he and Alice had gone hunting.

"I did. Can't she get rid of it? None of us want a child in this household that will endanger us all" She said lying through her teeth.

"What do you mean, abort the child?" Edward asked, already knowing the answer.

"Yes, if you two can get us all into this mess, then get out of it! I don't give a damn about a god-forsaken prophecy!" Rosalie said as Edward stood up; they were inches apart. Bella was just lost in shock.

"Bella will not abort my child Rose! Emmett would never let you do a thing like that. Would he?" Edward asked, trying with all his might not to hit her.

"I'll never know, now will I. It's always her" She nodded towards Bella. "Who gets the fairy tale ending." Rosalie finished and walked out of the room. Bella jumped up and followed her out. Rose was already in the main room of the house, Emmett and Esme blocking the door.

"Alice just phoned, she saw you leaving Rose." Esme said, heading towards her daughter. Bella reached the end of the stairs and was standing behind Rose.

"Can we talk, please, Rose?" Bella asked, grabbing her torso, as if she was trying to hold it together. Rose whipped around causing the ends of her hair to hit Esme in the face

"No! I will talk and you will listen! Why do you get to have a child? Why is it always you who is the center of attention? Why is the fairy tale all about Bella and Edward? When will the rest of us have our moment? Don't you think that Esme would love to have a child with Carlisle? Or Alice and Jasper for the matter? And what about me. What about my hopes and dreams? All I ever wanted was a family of my own but I did not get a say in the matter! You on the other hand did this to yourself. You had a chance to live but you damned yourself of a eternity of hell just to be with your precious Edward! Why did the fates pick you and not someone who deserves it?" Rosalie screamed at the top of her lungs, inches away from Bella's face; which held a look of pure fury on it. Edward, who was standing in the back ground was ready to kill.

"Don't. You. Dare. Blame. Me. For your unhappy ending! I do not know why the powers that picked me to carry a miracle child, but they did." Bella paused to collect her thoughts and then began again. "And I am sorry that my presence striped you of the spot light, but I did not give you this life that you so openly hate. That fault belongs to Royce!" Bella finished, hitting way below the belt.

Then in a flash, Bella was thrown across the room, hitting the south wall made completely of glass; causing it to shatter. Rose was on top of Bella, pinning her to the ground, cursing insanities to her. Carlisle and Emmett were attempting to pull her off of Bella, but with great difficulty. When she was finally off, Edward was at Bella's side, protectively putting his hand over her womb. Esme just stared in shock, painting the look of pure agony on her face. Rose threw one last glance at Bella as she stormed out the door,Emmett following, just as Alice and Jasper were running through it.


Hours passed, and as the rest of the group cleaned up the broken glass, Bella sat on her bed, trying not to blame herself for what transpired early that night. However, she was failing with great difficulty. There was a knock on the door and she saw her husband leaning beautifully on the door frame. He look concerned, but still, his eyes swam with a deep connection and love he felt for her.

Watching her sit there, knowing what she was feeling, made him feel weak for the first time since he had left her, all those years ago. She was wearing gray sweats and a holey white shirt, but she had never looked more lovely to him. Though seeing her like this almost made him wish that they were not granted this baby. No! Edward thought, he wanted this child like he wanted to make Bella happy.

"Alice said that Rose will come back and that she will accept the fact that we......but it will take little while" He could not finish the sentence for some unknown reason. He went over to the bed and sat on the foot of it, facing his wife.

"Are you upset?" Bella said in almost a whisper. She looked up at him, spying the confusion written on his face.

"About Rose? Bell, we're all upset about what happened, but we don't blame you at all, none of them do. Believe me..I've seen their thoughts." He said, going to sit beside her and rubbed his fingers across her cheek bones. Normally, when he did this, she would make a fake heart beat skip, but this time her body was silent.

"Not about Rosalie. About us. About the baby." Bella said, without looking at her husband.

"What? How can you ask that? Bella I always wanted you to have a normal life, with a loving husband, children to run around at your feet, an insane dog to entertain the children when you couldn't. And it kills me that I could never give that to you. And yet, for some unknown reason, we were given the best gift the gods could offer us. I can't put it in words how happy I am about this. There will be a little mixture of you and me running around and I will love our-" Bella silenced him with her finger, which was pressed against his lips.

"I don't want to know the sex of the baby, and I know you know. So don't tell me" She said and he just smiled against her finger. He then pulled her onto his lap and began kissing her passionately. Then falling forward and landing on top of Bella. A stray piece of hair was in her face and Edward pushed it out the way while he kissed her nose.

"We're having a baby." He whispered in her ear.

"We're having a baby." She whispered back. They both felt their hearts begin to beat.