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Shades of Gray

In 1432, Aro heard a prophecy that would change the immortal lives of the Cullens......forever.


3. Temporally Goodbye

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The Cullen manor was dark and silent. Most of the family was away hunting for something light to quench their thirst. Since two of the members would be leaving soon to visit a long lost family friend. Well more of acquaintance than friend. A grandfather clock chimed loudly through the silent household and echoed off the lonely walls. The clock's voice was heard, but by only two people in the house, who were not very happy with each other at the moment.

When a couple walks down the aisle to matrimony, they make promises to each other that are meant to be kept. Those promises range from a variety of things from love and commitment to never leaving each others side. But on some occasions, promises have to be broken. No matter how painful or wrong it feels, those things must be done.

Edward promised Bella that he would never leave her. He promised her this when she was in the hospital in Phoenix, but he broke that promise. When he returned, or whenever she went and got him during his suicide attempt, he promised again to never leave her. Unless she ordered him away, something she would never do. But, if he broke that promise once, who says he would not do it again. But this time, he promised to come back to her and deep down inside, she knew he would.That still did not mean that she liked the idea anymore than before.

Edward packed his suitcase slowly as a irrational Bella sat on the end of their bed. She was cursing obscenities at him for leaving in a time like this. She did not care what Carlisle had to say on the matter. She did not care for the fact that he had to go and see Aro. Bella just did not want to be away from Edward for any length of time. Leaving him or him leaving her would be like stepping into the gates of hell for Bella. If anything in the least, she wanted to go with him.

"We have been over this a thousand times Bella, if you come, Aro, Marcus and Caius might not let you leave!" Edward said throwing a sweatshirt into the suit case.

"I can't be away from you! I need to be by your side for eternity. That was the deal!" Bella said, jumping off the bed to follow Edward who was opening the closet.

Fear gripped him as it dawned on him what was going through her mind. Memories of her broken shell; having to hold herself together from the last time he was apart from her cursed through his veins like venom. The last time either of them were on their way to Italy, it was in a prospect of death, this time however, is in the hope for their future..as a family.

It won't be like that this time. He told himself that, a thousand times, but, how did he know whether or not it was true? So many questions were popping into his head and none of them were getting answered. The only way to get the answers that he needed was to go to Italy, something Bella was far from pleased about.

Edward turned around to find that Bella was less than a foot away from him. She was close enough to kiss, to run his hands through her hair. Her scent was driving him mad with pleasure and she knew this very well. She leaned up into him and wrapped her arms around his neck. She brought her lips to his, slowly, and kissed him gently, before the kiss grew passionate. Edward soon left her mouth, trailing kisses down her jaw to her throat. She moaned with satisfaction making him smile in delight against her neck.

"Edward" Bella breathed as his hands worked their way up her shirt. "Don't leave me" she whispered in his ear, causing him to stop. He brought his head up to her length; their foreheads touching and fingers interlocked.

"Please, don't leave me. Don't leave us." She said in a voice that was barely more than a whisper. Their hands went straight to her stomach and Edward made circles with his thumb. His left hand lets go of hers and went to her face to rub her cheek bone. As always, she quivered at his touch. She made her blood rush and her checks blush. This caused him to smile.

"I'll come back for you, I promises. I love you." He said brushing his lips against hers and then dropped down onto his knees to kiss her stomach. Her hands went slowly to his hair and Bella closed her eyes.

"And I love you" Edward whispered into her stomach. If she could, Bella would have let tears flow and she knew that he would have kissed them away.

There was a knock at the open door and Carlisle, who just came back from hunting, was standing there with sincere apologize in his eyes. Edward stood up and nodded at Carlisle's thoughts. Bella knew that he was thinking it was time to go, because if he would have said them aloud, it might have been more painful. And for that, she was thankful that those words were not spoken. It was simply a tacit agreement.

Edward shut his suitcase as thunder rumbled over head and he followed his father out into the room that held his piano. Bella could see it was raining outside through the open door of the main room. And it was not a simple drizzle, it was pouring as if the gods above were crying.

Carlisle went over to Esme and kissed her lightly on the lips and whispered something that no one, but themselves, could hear. While Edward and Bella just stared at each other; forgetting that their entire family was in the room. He slowly walked over to her, and put his arms around her. Bella did everything she could to get him to stay. She made her heart beat, made her skin grow warm, begged him and put his hand over her womb; reminding him that she was not the only person he was leaving behind. He looked deeply into her eyes and what he saw there, made his soul tear into a thousand pieces. He closed his eyes, trying to make himself leave. Edward dropped Bella's hands, picked up his suitcase and walked out; fallowed by Carlisle.

Bella ran to the door and watched the two men put their bags into the car. She yelled his name and he turned around to find her looking up at him. She was dripping wet and Edward was not getting any drier, but he bent down to kiss her. The kiss was short, yet, beautiful and it spoke a thousand words that need not to be spoken. He just simply sealed his promise with a kiss. Edward turned away from her and got in the car. They drove away and he watched her from the rear view mirror. He left her standing in the rain.

Esme came out to were Bella stood and put her hand on her back. She led her back into the house to get dry.


The plane ride was silent, for it was a late hour and many of the passengers were asleep. All but two, that was. Carlisle and Edward were sitting side by side on the long plane ride to Italy. They just stopped in New York to change plans about an hour ago.They had not said a word to each other since Carlisle drove them from the manor. Instead, Edward preferred to pick the thoughts of the passengers around him, when they were awake anyway.

There was this little girl, Dee was her name, that Edward gathered from her mothers thoughts, who sat across the aisle from him. Her mind was like any other little girl's. When she saw Edward, her mind shouted Prince Charming! and that made him giggle. Then Dee's mind went into overdrive thinking about her personal fairy tale and her "prince charming" looked alot like Edward. But it was not her thoughts that made Edward so interested in this little girl. Seeing this little girl really put it in prospective that he could be a father to someone just like her. Someone so sweet and innocent. That is why he smiled.

"You realize that your child will be spoiled beyond belief? You do know that right.?." Carlisle said with a chuckle.

"When Rosalie is the child's aunt? Of course my kid will be spoiled. I don't think the baby will go with out designer clothes and the best toys." Edward replied with the same sense of humor.

"Esme is really excited about this, you know. She can't wait to be a "grandmother" Carlisle said, while putting quotation marks around the word grandmother.

"I know." He answered. They didn't speak for awhile, but then began again. "When you first met Esme, how did you leave her when you felt that spark between the two of you. Did you never think about it" He asked trying to understand the reasons for the things that they do.

"Well, why did you leave Bella during her eighteenth birthday? Or why did you leave today? She begged you to stay, but still, you left." Carlisle questioned.

"Because I had no choice" He replied.


"Well, when did you know you loved Esme?" Edward asked.

"I knew I loved her the moment her father carried her into my office." Carlisle said, looking directly into the eyes of his son.

"And you lived without her for all those years? I couldn't do it, my life without Bella would be....." He trailed off without finishing his sentence. He began reliving memories that haunted him from day to day.

"But you did, for ninety years you lived without her. Though I will admit, you are more bearable to live with now than before." Carlisle said with a small smirk, trying to pull Edward from his fallen face. "And now you have a chance to be a true family with Bella and your child." He continued, trying to reassure his son. Edward read the doubt in his mind.

"I am happy, really Carlisle, I am. It's just, I need answers. And according to you Aro has them. I feel....lighted about the fact that I am going to be a father. It's similar to walking on a cloud." He said, putting a charming smile on this face and flashed it towards the little girl; who squealed and blushed. He had just made her day. "But I am kind of feeling guilty, about, well...all of this. I mean you don't get the chance that I have and neither does Esme or anyone else for that matter." He said, still focusing on Dee who was trying not to look at him but failing greatly. Dee was trying to distract herself with dolls that were not as interesting. She had a innocent crush.

"Don't worry about us Edward, if it was Rosalie in this position, you would be happy for her. The same thing for Alice or Esme. Though I will admit, all three of them will adopt the kid as their own. You know that right? Like I said before, spoiled. I bet Alice can see it now." Carlisle said, trying not to laugh so hard.

"Yeah, I know." Edward responded but was not look at Carlisle. Instead he was wrapped up in watching this little girl play with her dolls. Watching as she made the Ken doll interact with a smaller doll the resembled a baby. She made Ken rock the baby, what Edward guessed, to sleep.


Bella sat on the black sofa playing a soft melody on the guitar and sang along. This was a habit she picked up over the years that she has been "dead". She played only one song and that song reminded her of Edward. And she only played when she was away from him. It's a song she heard shortly after she was changed into a vampire. Old Movie by Juliet Simms.

"We would be happy singing in the rain, and our love story is classic in everyway. Perfect couple in a an Old Movie. In our black and white lives our love would never die. And one day see that colored sky. It all starts with a roar and ends in your eyes. In our black and white lives our love would never die.We would be happy singing in the rain, and our love story is classic in everyway. Perfect couple in a an Old Movie" Bella sang beautifully, even though Alice was standing in the doorway, listening. She swayed back and forth to the simple melody that went perfectly with Bella's voice. This song matched Edward and Bella wonderfully, nothing suited them better.

When she was done singing and Alice was done dancing, she put the guitar aside and strolled up to her sister. Alice grabbed her hands and began dancing with Bella who groaned. Although she hated every minute of dancing with Alice, Bella put up with it until Alice got it out of her system. They slowed when the invisible music was done, though Bella expected Alice could hear it playing in her mind. They stopped and broke apart while Alice smile widely and plopped down onto the bed. She sighed and Bella knew what was coming.

"Do you really think that is the best idea Bella? I don't like being blind and not seeing your future scares me." She said calmly but Bella knew what was really behind that fairy tale face of hers.

"I need to see him and I know you agree. He won't do anything but wrinkle his nose at my smell. But if it makes you more comfortable, you can come with me." Bella replied softly while she played with her bracelets. One contained a glass heart that was hard and cold, just like her Edward. But the other one held a faded charm with a wolf carved into it. Something she refused to take off. Something to remind her of that small piece of her heart that was stolen away from her.

"But Bells, you haven't acutely sat down and talked to him since before your wedding, which was beautiful I might add, and you only got news of him through the grape vine." Alice said.

"I wonder why my wedding was beautiful Alice?" Bella said in a sarcastic voice before continuing. "And I know, but if we are going to leave town, then, he needs to know why. Since Sam decided to age for Emily, he is the chief of the tribe now and needs to know. And it's best if he hears it from me" Bella finished with the knowledge that she had won this disagreement. Alice sighed in defeat and pulled out a cell phone to hand to Bella.


Jacob Black sat at the table of a small cafe in downtown of Forks. Which was not far from any other part of Forks but still, she wanted to meet him here. Though why she wanted to see him confused the hell out of him, let alone in a place that served food. Although Bella always did do things that confused him before....she changed that is. Is it possible that she is still the same Bella? Jacob thought but pushed it out of his mind. She was apart of them now, she choose them. She picked to become a bloodsucker.

Though if truth be told, he was some what glad she did. If she would have picked him, he would have grew old with her, and never found Blaze. And that scared him, being without Blaze. What he felt for her was nothing compared to how he feels about his mate. Jacob smiled as he remembered the first time he saw her.

Her and her parents had just moved into La Push. Blaze was trying to carry a box through the front door but could not figure out why she could not get through. She had not realized that the box was too wide for the door frame. He offered his help, and it was history from then on. And Blaze always did little things like that. She was extremely naive and hair-brained. Common sense did not always click with her and was completely oblivious to the reality of things. But he loved her none the less. Bella broke his heart into many pieces for many years, but, he did get his happy ending. He did become the prince in shining armor though just not to the girl he originally planned it for, and he was okay with that.

He pulled himself from his day dream when he smelled a way to sweet of a stench. He looked up and there was his first love. She was more beautiful now than before, but still, she smelled horrible. He winkled his nose and Bella did the same. She realized that they were not joking about the B.O because of their prejudice. But Bella still had nothing against the werewolves.

"Bells" was all Jacob said, since she was the one who asked him here.

"Jacob, how are you?" She asked, truly wanting to know the answer to her question. Bella was not really one for conversation fillers. Jacob smirked that famous smile of his. Bella used to call it, her smile.

"I am quit amazing at the moment Bells!" He said with complete sincerity, and that made Bella smile and feel amazingly better. When she left Jacob all those years ago, it hurt her and she knew she had hurt him as well. But she wanted him to be happy again; and he is. Sitting before her as if he truly was sixteen years old; a foolish teen in love, though she knew that imprinting was much deeper than that.

"That's really good. How is Blaze?" She asked and the question took him aback. How did she know about her? Jacob thought to himself but did not voice it aloud. What did it matter if she knew about his goddess?

"She's..well...she's Blaze. I really don't know how to describe her. She just...marches to her own drum beat." He said, still smiling. He then noticed that Bella was still wearing her bracelet that he made her for graduation. "You still wear that thing?" He asked, noticing that the other addition was still there.

"Yes, Jake, I do. It's never left my wrist from the moment you gave it to me." She said with complete sincerity.

"I didn't realize you still thought about me. Even after I've moved on, I thought that maybe you pushed me into the back of your thoughts." He said, trying not to look into her eyes.

"Jake, I could never forget you. You were my best friend" She said, hoping he would look at her. This was alot harder than she ever thought it would be.

"Key word, WERE. But that was then and this is now. Things have changed" He said a little bit harsher that he intended to but continued. "Look, I don't want to seem pushy or any other you can come up with in that mind of yours. But why did you want to meet me? I know it was not for old times sake." He said suddenly feeling little uncomfortable. She was a vampire after all.

"We're leaving town Jake, and I don't think we will come back..ever." Bella said avoiding his eyes now; which lit up in surprise. Had something happened? Did they break the treaty? Because if they did, he would have no choice but to create a war, and nobody wanted that.

"What why? Did something happen?!?" Jacob asked with a worried expression and Bella knew exactly what he was thinking.

"Nothing that would break the treaty Jake, you should trust us by now, or at least trust me." She said, trying to calm him down.

"Yeah, well, that ship has sailed the moment you turned yourself into a freaking bloodsucker!" Jacob said, getting even more worked up than before.

"I didn't come here to fight!" She said throwing her hands up in the air then plunged on. "I'm pregnant Jake, and we are leaving for Alaska once Edward sends the okay." Bella finished, looking deep into his wide shocked eyes.

"What? How..who..when? How is this possible?" Jacob pushed out the words through his tangled tongue. He was clearly to shocked to speak properly.

"I don't know, well at least I won't until Edward gets back. Carlisle said something about a prophet being born from a vampire mothers womb. And apparently I am that mother." Bella said, explaining little of what she knew was going on. Jacob was stunned into silence. He expected somethings when she wanted to see him, maybe even a little bit hopeful that she would beg for him to take her back. Then he would just break her heart like she broke his. He still was a little bit bitter about that. This how ever was not among the things that he was expecting.

"So, I take it that Edward is the father then?" He asked, Edward's name sounded bitter on his tongue.

"No, it's the prince of England's child. Who the hell do you think is the father?" Bella said annoyed by the fact that he even had to ask. Jacob puts his hands up defensively.

"Just wondering." He said while shrugging. Bella rolled her eyes at him. Maybe, she didn't change after all. Jacob thought to himself.

"Sure, sure" She said smirking through the painful truth. A truth neither of them wanted to except. They did it once, but its just as painful the second time around. Maybe since, they truly didn't have anything this time. They both knew that this was goodbye, permanently.