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Shades of Gray

In 1432, Aro heard a prophecy that would change the immortal lives of the Cullens......forever.


5. A Silent Reunion

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The sun was blazing, making their crystal skin glisten as if they were crystals made of a beautiful rainbows. They all sat silently while the plane began to land in the private airport. They all, except Carlisle and Edward, realized that Bella was in such a fury and they feared what her husband would go through when she reached him. For she did have a blazing temper. However, Alice knew that her anger would last no more than a few hours. Hours which Edward would be completely miserable. The thought made Alice laugh silently to herself as they gathered their things and left the exited the private jet.

Jasper, too, was weary of Bella. He could feel the fury just radiating off of her as they walked down the abandoned terminal. Bella, though, was not the only person annoyed with Edward and Carlisle at the moment. Rosalie was sending of a vibe of pure annoyance. It ws not the first time she had to leave her home, because of Edward's love for Bella. And that alone she could not except. Edward and Bella's bond may have been deeper than the one she held for Emmett, who was completely fine with the move. Then again, any place where he could be by his perfect angel was fine with him. If Rosalie wanted to adventure to the jungle and live only off of tree bark, he would do it, if it made her happy. Just being around the feelings Emmett was givign off made Jasper want to claw his eyes out, it was sickening.

However, nobodies vibe was stronger than Bella's. She held a mixture of emotions. Besides being extremely upset over having to leave Forks, when she wanted to come to Italy all along, she was also happy to be able to see Edward again. That, too, made Jasper want to puke, if he could that is. Alice was continuing to smirk by his side and Jasper just raised his eyebrows at her. She shook her head and mouthed "you'll see". Then nodded to the two people standing in front of them.

Carlisle and Edward were looking at the people who were walking towards them. Carlisle really was only looking at one person in-particular, Esme. She, too. held only eyes for him. Edward, however was holding a apologetic look on his face and held a single red rose in his hand. He knew what he was in for. However, Bella just walked right past him and gave a one armed hug to Carlisle (who saw the look on her face and was trying not to laugh) and said how they all missed his company. She then walked away leaving Edward completely confused and tad bit depressed.

"It will pass, I promise. But she will rub in the fact that she was right all along, when she forgives you." Alice said while Jasper and Emmett could not control their laughter. Esme (after a long kiss from Carlisle) went to find Bella, who she suspected was heading toward the car that would take them to the castle.

Edward sighed and picked up the rest of Bella's luggage that was coming off the plane now and headed to the car. He slid into the seat beside his wife, but she would only look out the window to avoid his gaze.

"Bella, talk to me please." Edward whispered in her ear, while the rest of the Cullen clan climbed in. "I love you" He added as he handed her the rose, which Bella took. She put the rose up to her nose smelt it, smiled and then placed it on her lap. Still not looking at her husband. Edward sighed in defeat.

Look at it this way son. She took the rose. Carlisle thought in his head while looking at Edward who just nodded. Absentmindedly, Bella grabbed Edwards hand and began rubbing it with her thumb, not realizing what she was doing.

Just give her time. She isn't very happy with you right now. But I gathered you figured that one out for yourself. The rose was a nice touch by the way. Esme thoughts were always kind and welcoming. She always knew what her children needed and how to help them through. Plus, she always knew what to say, or think in some cases.

Then Alice replayed her vision for Edward, so he knew what he was in for. He winced. It was going to be a long night, filled with no sound from the love of his life for the first couple of hours. Then she would simply nag about how she could have come with him and how she didn't like to be apart from him. That surprised him. He thought the reason why she was angry with him was because of the prospect of leaving Forks. Though if truth be told, this hurt him deeply. Being away from Bella was the hardest thing he ever had to do. He hated being part from her and her being away from him.

Then he focused back onto the vision re-playing in Alice's head. And what he saw there pleased him, really pleased him. She would forgive him, more than once.

Her anger isn't as strong as it was before. Just thought I'd throw that one out there. She is always calmer when your around. For some unknown reason, she loves you. Personally, I don't see how. Jasper thought while smirking at his brother who threw him and look that clearly stated that he was going to pay for that remark later on. Alice narrowed her eyes at what he was planing. Also, Rosalie isn't to happy with you. She is extremely irritated. Jasper added on. Edward rolled his eyes and focused onto Rosalie's thoughts, which were, of course, on herself and so were Emmett's thoughts.


Aro, Caius and Marcus greeted the family of vampires with the rest of the Volturi and the entire Volturi guard standing behind them. All but Jane. She was standing beside Aro, who had his arm wrapped around her childish body in a fatherly way. The Cullen's walked up to the over-sized coven in couples. Marcus snickered and touched Aro's back, who in return also laughed.

"The mother not to happy with her husband at the moment?" Aro asked while his blood shot eyes twinkled, in a sick, demented way.

"My dear old husband has some explaining to do." She responed simply, though her voice hid a hint of humor. However, Edward was not really paying attention, his eyes were on Alec. And in return, Alec was glaring back; as the saying goes, if looks could kill. Edward then reached out to meet Aro's empty hand. They shook each other's hand and Aro's head snapped in the direction of the leader of the guard. The twinkle gone from his eyes.

"We don't need any problems from the peanut gallery Alec, please excuse us so the guard can get back to work." Aro's voice was dripping with venom that hid a silent threat with in his voice. All enthusiasm gone. Once Alec and the guard was gone, Aro bent down to Jane's level and whispered into her ear. She smiled and skipped off in the direction of her brother's wake. Once Jane and Alec were out of sight, the twinkle in Aro's eye seemed to be resurrected. Whatever Alec's thoughts, he seemed to pass it off as unimportant. He lifted his hand towards the open door and Edward nodded. They were going to see the place that their new lives awaited.

The expecting parent's room was very serene, to say at the very least. It was more of a miniature apartment, a place that they could call their own. It opened up to a living-room like area that held a couch that was facing a fireplace made out of white marble. That seemed to be the theme of the room, white, purity. Though if truth be told nothing pure would transpire in this room, well, most of the time. The living area also consisted of living chairs in a corner and a table holding nothing but expecting photos of the new occupants immortal lives.

A arch way with glass doors (that held white curtains) opened to another room. This room was clearly the bedroom. There was a wooden four poster bed with white sheets. The room also held a wooden dresser and a full length mirror. There was another door that Bella assumed led to a bathroom, even if they didn't need one. She opened the door, and if she could have cried, she would have. That was something Bella rarely did with her power, make herself cry. She believed that tears were something beautiful, and something they were robbed of. If she was truly meant to cry, the tears would come naturally; she would not force them.

It was a nursery. Like the rest of the apartment, it was themed in white. The crease were the walls met the ceiling held a golden trim around the edges of the room. And on the white crib and changing tabled held the same design. The only thing in the room that did not hold that perfect golden accent was the rocking chair. The same rocking chair that Bella had in her bedroom when she lived with Charlie. She turned to face Edward, who was just as surprised by this as she was. He too, looked as if he could cry.

She ran to him, but not in a speedy movement. It was slow and human like. She buried her face into his chest while he ran his finger through her hair. He held her close to him, never wanting to let go. She was his life, his air, and the mother of his un-born child. It killed him inside to know that, if the grand design was playing their hand of cards, or sewing their quilts, correctly, she would not be here, in his arms. And he would have died more than a hundred years ago. Bella was the one thing in this world, full of demons and chaos, that truly made sense to him; and even she confused the hell out of him. She held his soul, the core of his existence, in the palm of her perfect hand. She was the only reason why never being able to sleep or not being able to die seemed barely a sacrifice.

She tilted her head upward and their golden eyes met. Edward bent down and their foreheads touched. Moments as beautiful as these came when their emotions were raw. When all shields were down and everything in the world seemed to disappear. It was as if their lives were perfectly normal. As if they were a human couple living human lives. And in this particular moment, that they have never been closer to mortality except for when they were human.

Bella kissed him. Not passionately or tenderly, not even lovingly. Just simple, sweet, innocent and perfect. Edward ran him thumb over her cheek bone, a habit that never died over these long years. She shook with pleasure; they didn't have to be intimate for Bella, or Edward for that matter, to feel that outer body experience. They kissed again, only this time, more passionate and he picked her up with one arm while he carried her to their new bed. He placed her down on the heaven looking sheets and crawled on top of her, kissing her jaw. When he reached her ear, he began to whisper.

"I'm sorry I le-" Bella silenced him with a finger and then matched his whisper.

"No talking, just silence." She replied and he nodded, continuing the work he began.


Carlisle and Esme laid in bed while Carlisle rubbed her wrist. She moaned in pleasure which made him smirk in satisfaction. Esme wanted to blush, even after all these years, and if she could, her stone skin would have reddened. Their relationship or marriage has been said to be spiritual, and it was. Their love for each other was built on a different plane than the rest of their family's was. They didn't have to be physical with each other nor did they have to speak, all they needed was each other's company.

When one being loves another, they create a bond, so strong that is takes an extremely strong force to break the tie between the two souls. A love so deep and true that it feels painful to be away from one another. Not simple "I love you" and "I love you too". Soul mates. When Carlisle fell in love with Esme, she was only sixteen and he lived without her for years. He let her go because she had a chance to live. After she broke her leg from falling out of that tree, he never expected to see her again; let alone be married to her for all eternity. He needed someone to share his pain with, so, he created Edward. Something, he learned now, that he should never have done; but he got the feeling that he had no choice in the matter. That fate took hold of his life, or death, and prevented him from choosing himself. Now that he thought of it, he never would have picked to give him immortal life.

Then, years later, there she was; dying. Seeing her so close to death had made his still heart shatter. He didn't know why she was there or how her bones were broken, but most of all he didn't understand how she was still alive. He couldn't let her die, he would much rather die for her and let her live. He was in love with her still, a decade later.

Edward hated the plan from the very beginning. He believed if she was meant to die, there was no reason for her to be given this second chance, but Carlisle disagreed. He turned her, or in Edward's point of view, damned her soul. Three days of having to hear her tortured screams and begging to die from the pain, made Carlisle almost regret turning her. When the process was complete, Carlisle never expected that Esme felt the same as he did all those years, but she did. They were soon married, once and only once.

Then, Esme told him of the novel that was her life. From marrying Charles to jumping off the cliff, Carlisle never felt such hatred towards one person in his entire life. Charles Evenson could burn in the deepest circle of hell, and he wanted him to. He thought when he learned the way of her ex-husband, he felt the extent of his hate toward one soul. He was wrong. Three years after she became his mate, there were personal items that she had left behind when she fled from that life. She fled to protect the unborn child growing within her. Those things ranged from a golden locket given to her by her mother to a silver mirror. Esme had left her items with the man who made her life a living hell. So they watched. They watched his house, his movements, the small Cullen brood watched for the perfect time to burglarise his "stable" home.

Esme shortly learned that Charles had re-married. This didn't surprise her, Charles needed some way to vent his anger. Charles needed some way to vent his anger onto someone, rather, and preferably physically. So the three of them watched him and his new wife, Lila. Lila looked a awful lot like Esme. They were built the same and had the same hair texture. If some one would stand them side by side and looked at them from the back, they wouldn't be able to tell them apart. The only thing that was different was their faces. Different, but both still beautiful.

Charles hit her, not expecting anyone to see. It wasn't a light, playful punch and when he kicked her stomach, it was like he was playing soccer, only ten times harder. The vampires could tell that something would bruise.

Carlisle tensed beside Esme. He didn't see Lilia, all he saw was Esme's past and what she had to deal with. Carlisle saw Esme get beat, he Esme's bruises, but worst of all, he saw Esme lying there, dying with broken bones. He hated him before, but now, for the first time in his very long life, he wanted to kill him. But Edward stopped him.

"Don't, you know you could never live with yourself if you did. I know its hard watching this, but she needs this." Edward whispered into his father like figure's ear and glanced at Esme. She didn't notice the exchange between the men, she was to focused on the same thing Carlisle was, not kill Mr. Evenson. It wasn't helping that she was dreaming of what his head looked like detached from his body. Edward reading her mind didn't make a appearance.

When the sun was set and the stars shined, Charles was asleep. It was a full moon that night and it's light glistened off their skin like crystals. They looked alike, three beautiful angels about to fall from grace. More than one sin was about to be commented in this house hold of nightmares. They moved gracefully, grabbing the items she came for and Edward grabbed random things that he liked. Not truly caring that Charles would realize that they were missing. Then, Edward realized that the Evensons were not asleep.

Charles had heard their nose, well, Edward's noise. He wasn't being very careful and none of them truly cared either way. So once again, they waited while Charles checked the house, but Esme had something else on her mind.

"She wants to see him." Edward said to Carlisle and he snapped his head at his wife.

"Why?" His voice was curious, but was masking jealousy.

"Not for that reason. She never loved him." The substitute son said to the father.

"Then why?" Carlisle asked, confused.

"She needs to add another name to her list." Edward responded while Carlisle searched his lovers features. Her eye's were black and pleading. Esme needed closer and he could see that. But what truly surprised him is that, he didn't care if she murdered him. He wanted her to. The thought terrified his entire being.

Let her do this and deal with the guilt later. Carlisle thought and nodded.

"You don't need my permission, but you have my blessing." He said, signing the death threat. With that, she was gone, out into the open. She was in plain sight of the place Charles was going to look next, and by her side was her husband and her son. When Charles reached the parlor, where the Cullens stood waiting, he froze in place with Lilia steps behind him. Lilia was clutching her night dress, the fresh bruises radiating off her albino like skin.

"Esme? But your dead? How.." He stopped just now noticing the two men behind her and his face flushed with pure anger. He put down the baseball bat that he was using as a weapon. He was never fond of weapons, he liked to use his fist. Esme was standing in front of him in a flash, smiling a radiant smile. A smile only a vampire could pull off. Charles was dazzled, remembering what he had lost. But was trying to remember if she was this beautiful when he had her.

"She was never yours Charles." Edward said standing beside Carlisle, who was sending death glares toward the man across the room. Charles eyes widened as Esme put her stone hands on either side of his face.

"So cold." He whispered, still entranced by her beauty.

"Shh" Esme replied in a soft whisper that a woman would use to stop a child from crying. There was a loud crack and Charles fell to the floor with a broken neck and a lifeless body. Lilia stumbled backward and fell to the floor in fright.

Carlisle was at Esme's side in an instant. He wrapped his arms around her waist and they both glided over the body and out the front door. Passing Lilia without a second thought. Edward was fascinated by the fearful human. He was kneeling in front of her then and he looked at the bruises, old and new. She had one on her right hand, the same hand that held her wedding band. Edward's eyes held nothing but pity.

He picked up her hand gently and kissed the bruise in a gentleman would if greeting a lady. He stood up and began to walk out, but a faint whisper stopped him.

"Thank you" Lilia said, eye's fearful, but not leaving the sight of Charles's body. Edward left, without glancing back.

Carlisle snapped from the daydream that was turning into a nightmare. His eyes were black, not from hunger, but from pain. Esme sat up and cupped his face in her hands, knowing what the sad look on his face meant.

"Don't Carlisle, please. Don't feel guilty. You did nothing. It was all me." She said, trying to sooth her husbands remorse and guilt. He had never gotten over not stopping her. He let her kill someone, even if he wasn't innocent. She brought their foreheads together and pressed her body next to his. "You did nothing." Her words were more painful than she realized.


Alec sat at the cherry table, while he tapped his child like hands on its surface. He wasn't pleased as he watched his two friends or cronies, Felix and Demetri, take hurried glances in his direction. He was a small child, but the guard knew their place. He, was in charge, and if they disobeyed his orders, their heads belonged to him.

In the other hand, Alec held a glass ball. On the bottom it was pitch black, but through the middle to the top, the darkened color got lighter till it was clear. He threw the ball and Demetri caught it. They would do this for hours, it was a simple was for Alec to clear his jumbled thoughts. He hated this, he hated everything. When someone dies they expect the afterlife to be peaceful. Well for Alec its been nothing more than a living nightmare.

Aro, Cauis and Marcus were always at the head of everything. The only thing he had any amount of control over was the guard and even they had to obey their orders. If he were to direct differently, Marcus would see that. Not to mention the simple fact that Aro got on his nerves. All that enthusiasm, and happiness really makes a little boy want to create a massacre.

Then letting those so called vampires live with them. They could even be graced with a holy title such as vampires. They didn't even feed off the natural food resource. Living the vegetarian life style, or that's what they called it. Alec just called it pathetic. Though, he did find it a interesting predicament that landed them here. That baby meant power and anyone who got that power would be unstoppable. Something Alec always wanted to be. He even had this little fantasy where the trio bowed down to his feet and not the other way around. It's such a same that they were not going to use it for anything. They even set strict orders not to harm the Cullens. It made him sick. He sometimes wondered if he had more freedom as a human.

He remembered being a human child and getting odd looks for the villagers. He was always deemed weird and unmoral. They looked at him funny because he was fascinated with life, and death. Just because he found it fascinating to watch things die, death was fascinating and still is. That is was got him and Jane into the whole burning at the stake mess. He would gladly take the blame for that, and Jane loved to point that out to him every chance she got.

Another thing that angered him was Jane, his own sister. How she looked up to Aro and daubed him as their father figure. News flash, Aro may be his creator, but would never be his father. His father was drunken man who he slaughtered shortly after he became a creature of the night. He hated how she pretended that they were a happy and loving family. Could a bunch a dammed vampires ever truly be a happy family? The one and only thing him and Edward Cullen would have in common is that they both believed is that their souls were dammed to hell. And if Alec had his way, Edward and the entire Cullen family would be wiped off the map. Well, maybe not Isabella, she could be useful. She was pregnant after all. Demetri threw the glass ball to Felix, who tossed it back to Alec.

"We need a way that they can't see. A way that they will be blind." Alec said to himself but the other two thought that he was talking to them. Felix began to say something but changed his mind. He was never really outspoken, that was Demetri's angle.

"Sir, Felix has a idea and I believe it might work." Demetri said, nudging Felix to speak his mind. The worst thing that could happen is Alec not like it and him dying for such a stupid idea.

"Go on"

"Um, well, you remember that trouble that was caused in Romania a few years back. With the vampires who claimed to created by Dracula himself, and the wolves?" Felix said, sheepishly.

"Of course I remember you idiot, never smelled anything that disturbing." Alec said, crinkling his nose at the memory.

"Well the soothsayer couldn't see them remember. She was blind." Felix said, urging Alec to caught on.

"Werewolves. I never thought of that." Alec said, still examining the blackened glass.

"Yes, and there is a extremely powerful pack in Washington, and most of the pack have a strong distaste for the Cullens." Demetri chimed in.

"Werewolves, I like the sound of that. But what do you mean by most of the pack?" Alec asked, looking up from the ball for the first time.

"The chief might be hard to sway, but, it could happen" Demetri said while Felix was glad to be off the hook.

"I will figure something out. If these werewolves are as powerful as you say, that child will be mine." Alec said, shattering the glass into a thousand pieces.