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Through Rosalie's Eyes

This is my first Fanfic it is a poem of what Rosalie is seeing and thinking at different points in her life.

This is Rosalie's point of view when she kills one of the men who attacked her and the second is when she tells Edward that Bella killed herself.

1. Rosalie's POV

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Rosalie's Revenge

I see the blood splattered all over the wall

And the body of a man who stood six feet tall

I fall to my knees in the pool of crimson red

I feel the blood that this man has just bled

I inhale the warm liquid's sweet, savory scent

No words can describe the hour I have just spent

His death was insignificant, no reason for me to wallow

I cup my hands filled with blood and begin to swallow

I have never felt such a magnificent sensation

The thought of doing this again fills me with anticipation

I heard nothing but this man's beautiful scream

It all happened so fast it felt like a dream

But he continued to scream and I did not care

I just grabbed his limbs and began to tear

I just adore this feeling of power

Next time I will make my fun last more than an hour

Rosalie Tells Edward

I look over and see that you are staring

Through your eyes I see the pain you are bearing

There is nothing but the dark of a moonless night

No warmth, no color, no sign of light

There is a fire but it is as black as coal

I never realized that this was in your soul

This type of pain I did not know could exist

It has consumed your mind in a thick mist

I want to be there for you and help you cope

Bust as I look deeper there is no sign of hope

Your love is something she would want you to keep

She truely did love you but she was in too deep

She would want you to let it go and just be free

Her heart she left with you but her body in the sea