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Post Eclipse. Another vampire has arrived in Forks, but wants nothing to do with the Cullens and everything to do with Bella. Is this newcomer friend or foe?Banner my fiance made, same pictures different style. Ok, so it's all finished. Thank you all for your wonderful reviews and be sure to check out the sequel, "Unraveled", which will be coming soon. :)


19. Chapter 19

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I whimpered as I curled on the ground, writhing in pain. Rolling onto my stomach, I pulled my knees up under me. As I lay hunched on the ground with Ambrosi and his minions lording over me, I knew death was coming. I knew he would make it hurt, but it would be quick because Ambrosi didn't like to drag things out.

Raising my head slightly, I looked out between the soldier's legs to the forest beyond. I tried to focus on the trees and ignoring the laughing and chattering above me. They seemed to have forgotten me, like I was in another world separate from them. Soon they'd remember, and then I would die. I stared into the trees and tried to go numb.

Then, I saw a flash in the woods and I felt a flutter in my stomach. I knew that brown shaggy fur, those long, powerful limbs. I wanted to cry out to Jacob, to beg him to help me. But then, maybe he wasn't there to help, maybe he was only there to watch me die.

I felt a hand close around the back of my neck as Ambrosi dragged me on my feet. He turned me around and shook me fiercely. I saw the malice in his eyes as he grasped the front of my shirt. All around me the other vampires snarled and hissed. Ambrosi raised me up off the ground, drawing his fist back as he prepared to hit me. I closed my eyes and braced for impact. The world went black, and I wasn't sure if the impact came or not.

When I woke up, I was alone and alive, in the relative sense. I was crumpled on the ground in the clearing and I was all alone. The sky was still black, but the moon was lower in the sky so I knew some time had passed. I sat up, trying to clear my spinning mind.

I called into the wind, “Jacob?”

There was no answer. There was nothing and I knew I was alone. I couldn't smell Ambrosi or the werewolves, but I knew something had happened, that Ambrosi would have never left me alive unless he didn't have a choice. I climbed slowly to my feet and stumbled across the clearing. A cloud crossed over the moon, casting a dark shadow across the grass.

I went in the direction of the Cullen's house, desperate to warn Bella of Ambrosi change in plans. I had just made it into the tree cover when I stumbled. I couldn't run, I could barely move. My head was still spinning, my body was trembling.

“Lilly,” came a soft voice behind me. I turned to see Jacob, dressed only in his denim shorts coming toward me. He had a gash across his chest, but even as I watched it was healing into an angry pink line. I wanted to rush toward him, fall against his chest and feel safe, but I remembered his actions before and I stayed where I was.

“He was going to kill you,” said Jacob, walking toward me. He chuckled, running his hand through his black hair. “Sam and the others chased them all off. Think we got at least one of them. It was a pretty nasty fight. They're pretty tough.” He laughed again. He took another step toward me, his face lit with a smile.

“The big one got away though. Sam and Jared went off to tell Bella and the others.” I felt numb and I still couldn't move. My hands were shaking and I couldn't meet Jacob's eye. He continued to chatter like nothing was wrong, like we'd never fought.

I felt the tears welling up in my eyes and without another thought I collapsed into Jacob. He seemed startled, but supported my weight. He wrapped his long arms around me and let me cry. He pushed his head into the crook of my neck and breathed hotly on my skin. I got that melting feeling again.

“You really think I was gonna let you die?” Jacob asked, his voice surprisingly even. “Nah, that just wouldn't be right. We're still not friends though.” I could hear the smile in his voice.

“Sure,” I whispered into his chest.