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Post Eclipse. Another vampire has arrived in Forks, but wants nothing to do with the Cullens and everything to do with Bella. Is this newcomer friend or foe?Banner my fiance made, same pictures different style. Ok, so it's all finished. Thank you all for your wonderful reviews and be sure to check out the sequel, "Unraveled", which will be coming soon. :)


3. Chapter 3

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I didn't want to walk blindly into a city, near humans. The smell of them didn't bother me anymore, especially when I had so recently fed, but I wouldn't take any chances. One slip-up would cost me. One taste of their blood was sure blind me with pain. I didn't want to know anyone's thoughts but my own at the moment.

Crossing over to a small grove of fir trees, I set about devising a plan. It was as I stepped between the first trees that I caught the scent. It was dry, like oak wood. Crinkling my nose, I turned to the east just as a very large, very furry thing slammed into me. I was caught off balance and therefore tumbled hopelessly to the ground.

“Umph!” The noise escaped my throat, more out of habit than from actual pain. Then, I realized that the beast had teeth that were growing closer and closer to my throat. I reached my hands up to take hold of it, to push it off of me. It was strong pinning me to the ground, but I could tell that it was using all its strength to do so. It snarled in my ears, fighting desperately to take hold of me.

As I struggled, the fear began to creep in and settle in my stomach. I'd never faced death before and now here it was growling and drooling in my face. I squirmed under the weight of the animal, as it pushed me further into the dirt. Its teeth grazed my shoulder, tearing through my jacket, my shirt, and my flesh. I suppressed a scream. Summoning what little courage I had and pushed into the musky smelling monster. It fell back, but then came right back at me. I jumped to my feet, ready this time. I was facing what looked like a huge reddish brown wolf. It was breathing heavily, growling low in his throat between clenched teeth. There was something in his eyes, something slightly human. I could see that it was the human, and not the beast that hated me. And it was the human that would be the one to kill me.

“Please,” I whispered, trying to hold my voice steady. All the courage I had just gathered was evaporating. “I don't want to hurt anybody, please. I haven't done anything.” I sounded like a frightened child. I took a step back, wanting to run, but positive that this creature would catch me. It growled again, softer this time. The monster began to circle me. It bared his teeth and continued to circle. My hands trembled and the hair on the back of my neck stood up straight.

I stepped back again as I said again, “Please don't kill me.” I backed against a tree, bracing myself. My mind raced grasping for anything that would save me. I thought of meaningless arguments, trivial things that would mean nothing to this creature. Then, my thoughts returned to the brown-haired girl. Without thinking, I cried, “I have to get to Forks before he does. Bella, please, she needs me. Please. She'll die unless—“

And then suddenly the monster fell back, it's eyes cautious. It sat back on its haunches and eyed me. He came toward me, but not violent like before. He sniffed me and fell back again. Then, he ran behind the trees and a moment later a tall, dark-skinned man stood before me, dressed only in denim shorts. His bare feet barely made a sound as he loped toward me.

“What did you say about Bella?” he demanded.