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Post Eclipse. Another vampire has arrived in Forks, but wants nothing to do with the Cullens and everything to do with Bella. Is this newcomer friend or foe?Banner my fiance made, same pictures different style. Ok, so it's all finished. Thank you all for your wonderful reviews and be sure to check out the sequel, "Unraveled", which will be coming soon. :)


6. Chapter 6

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We stood there for seven tense beats of his racing heart. The anger was draining away quickly, and I had a job to do. Wordlessly, I raced into the house. It only took a second to find the keys to the shiny red car. When I got back outside, he was still fixed in the same place as I'd left him.

I jingled the keys in his face. With my rage melted away, I felt almost giddy about the task at hand. I was almost a hero, on my way to stop the bad guy and rescue a damsel. Almost a hero, real heroes didn't drink blood or dream of screaming children. Internally, I decided that being an almost hero was enough for now.

“Get in the damn car,” growled the man, shaking me from my daydream. He'd already folded himself into the passenger seat. I slid behind the wheel and turned the key in the ignition. The engine purred to life and I could feel pulsing under my foot. I jammed the gas pedal down and we sped off into the night.

We drove in silence for what seemed like hours, before I asked, as politely as I was able, “Who are you?” I wanted to ask, what are you? But I feared that might be a little harsh. Despite my attempt to force a casual tone, I could hear my voice ringing false in the cramped space. He didn't look at me, didn't hardly blink.

For a long time I thought he was intending to ignore me, but then, “Jacob.” It was a muttered so soft I wouldn't have been able to hear it had I not been a vampire. I could still taste the anger coming off him, but there was something else something that looked and smelled a lot like regret. It went beyond me, back to Bella, I could sense that much. She was getting less and less ordinary.

“I'm Lilly,” I said. My voice wobbled a little like it was about to fall of the edge of reason into complete terror. As much as I wanted to be courageous, I was barely holding it together. I was never brave, even after I was changed. I was awkward, prone to fits of humanity and outpouring of ridiculous emotions, most often fear. I knew Jacob could kill me, at least the wolf side of him. He seemed calm enough now, staring out into the thickening darkness.

“How do you know that these people are after Bella?” he asked finally. I kept my eyes on the road, not wanting to admit my involvement. He waited patiently, shooting me a curious glance. I fidgeted in my seat.

Finally, “I told them where to find her.” The words sounded hallow, meaningless, and evil. I felt the weight of his anger instantly. He bristled again, his skin vibrating with rage. I cowered, gripping the steering wheel so tight my hands hurt.

“Why would you do that?” he practically shouted. The sound made me jump in the confined area. It sounded loud and booming. I was trembling slightly, fearing he could lash out and hit me. I wanted to be mad again, I wanted that power back.

I mustered what I could manage and spat back, “Do you think I wanted to? Do you think I had a choice? If I wanted her dead why would I be racing off to tell her so?”