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Post Eclipse. Another vampire has arrived in Forks, but wants nothing to do with the Cullens and everything to do with Bella. Is this newcomer friend or foe?Banner my fiance made, same pictures different style. Ok, so it's all finished. Thank you all for your wonderful reviews and be sure to check out the sequel, "Unraveled", which will be coming soon. :)


7. Chapter 7

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We continued on in tense silence. Jacob seemed sheepishly avoiding conversation. I let him simmer in what I had said for a little while. I hoped he felt guilty. Then I thought of something else to fuel the guilt trip.

“Why did you attack me anyway?” I demanded. He turned and stared at me as if the answer should be obvious.

“You're a vampire,” he said as if that explained everything.

“Yes,” I retorted, “And you're a wolf man!” My voice was rising, I was almost yelling at him. “What's your point? I bet people don't run around tackling you for no good reason!” He didn't respond for a long time.

“When you said you can't kill human, what did you mean?” he asked quietly, staring intently at his lap. I sighed, perturbed by the sudden change in subject, yet relieved we were playing which kind of monster is worse.

I didn't know how to broach the subject. It pained me a great deal to reveal any weakness I had, even more so because Jacob had already once tried to kill me. Glancing over at him, I saw him looking at me with honest curiosity, and my decision was made. Maybe if he knew the truth, he would have a reason to trust me.

“When I bite someone, usually when I taste blood, I see stuff about them. Things that already happened and things that are going to happen. Sometimes, there are a lot of different paths that a person could go down, like if there's someone making a lot of important decisions and sometimes there only one. Either way, I see it all. It goes in my head.” I paused, unsure if I should reveal the rest. “It hurts, a lot.” I admitted finally, “It's like over filling a water balloon.”

“So your brain could explode?” he asked. He sounded completely serious. I shot him a look, but his face was hidden as he looked out the side window.

I didn't answer and he didn't say anything else. We sat in silence again for a long time. I guessed we were passing through Canada now. Snow was blowing into the windshield, creating a white curtain. I thanked my vampire senses, otherwise we'd be stuck. I ventured a glance at Jacob. He had his arms crossed tightly over his bare chest. I could tell he was deep in thought, chewing on his bottom lip.

“You saw Bella in somebody else's mind,” he stated. I didn't want to tell him whose mind it had been, although I doubted the death of a vampire would cause him much grief.

“You don't like people like me,” I said after a pause. Again it was a statement. He nodded sagely and we lapsed back into silence. I began to think about Tanya, running through her memories in my mind. There was Bella, living in Forks and others, like me, who had befriended her.

The idea baffled me, vampires and humans being friends. I had learned to live near humans, occasionally among them when it suited me, but I had never befriended one. It was something I would have to ask about. I considered a number of things that Tanya had loved, and Bella's vampire friends had fit loosely into this category. I shifted to see the things Tanya had not loved. The more things I saw the more upset I was becoming. Just as I had resigned to close off her memories, I saw a flash of fur that caught my attention. I fell into her mind again, chasing that memory.

“Who do they think they are?” shouted a female vampire that I recognized as Tanya's sister Irina.

“Carlisle says they are not our enemy,” Tanya assured her. “He says Laurent was treatening Bella and the werewolves acted to save her. He was still in league with Victoria. He would have never been able to conform to our way.”

“I hate them,” hissed Irina.

Werewolves, I thought with amusement as I pulled myself out of her thoughts. Why hadn't I thought of that. I was back in the car, on the road, with the blinding snow, next to a werewolf. I looked over at Jacob. He was silent, slumped against the passenger door. His breathing was heavy, and even, and I knew he was asleep. How long had I been gone, lost in someone else's mind. There was so little room left in there for my own thoughts, I mused.