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A New Life

FIRST IN THE FATE'S COURSE SERIES! After a tragic car accident, a young girl is taken to Forks,Washington to spend some time with one her long-lost family members... but... who is it? Image and video hosting by TinyPic

I do not own Stephenie's characters .. or J.K. Rowling's for that matter :) Update: We find Elizabeth not too alive AND well, but alive at the very least. The 'death' I am refering to in Chap 2 is the vampire that rescued her from the car, E.G. Alice. I haven't even gotten to the reason for that yet! **groan** I had my story plotted out and then I found all these ideas running through my head! Hopefully, I'll be able to calm myself down after the Volturi and it will explain it all. I was planning on them explaining it after her casts were taken off but then my character discovered her powers (without my permission and when she's not even a vampire yet! for goodness sakes!) then the Volturi decided to come, but bring Aro (all without my permission) and so now my rebellious characters are careening out of control. Sorry for the rant, but I needed it out of my system. :)

14. Fate

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I did manage to make it through the week, surprising even myself. Not once did I need Jasper's assistance about controlling my hair.

My family went hunting more than usual, which was odd, but still, I assured them I could take care of myself fine, (which was obvious) and that I didn't want one person to stay back just for me.

To my surprise, they obliged.

Their hunting trips were very short, and they usually left in the evenings and would arrive early the next morning, their hair filled with wood shavings and with a strong piney smell that made me curious. They had never been coming back from hunts like that before, until earlier this week.

It was a Friday, and they were getting back from a hunt, their hair filled with more wood than ever before. Rosalie had a look of disgust on her face.

"What, are you hunting squirrels now?" I teased Emmett. "They must be better than grizzlies. Now, an irritated squirrel. That's what I call dangerous."

To my surprise, instead of becoming irritated by my taunting, Emmett just smirked at me, leaning in, he whispered, "I know something you don't know."

"I'm sure." I said sarcastically, but my hand curled up at my side.

His sharp eyes didn't miss it and he grinned widely at me.

Ignore. Ignore. Ignore.

I chanted over and over in my mind, knowing he wanted me to be annoyed.

Don't give in. That's what he wants. Don't.

I breathed out slowly, and my hair, which had been becoming alarmingly copper, faded back to blonde.

Emmett's face, which had been becoming more and more eager, fell suddenly as I regained my mood, and I laughed.

"I'm getting better because of you...Thanks." I flashed a wide smile at his as he glowered at me.

"Have fun getting all that wood out . . . Squirrel whisperer!" I laughed jollily as I skipped to my room, leaving Emmet fuming behind me.

As long as I carefully hid from Alice in the morning, I could dress myself, and make it to the car RIGHT when it was time to leave so there was no way of her dressing up her walking Barbie Doll.

This morning, I selected a light green shirt with a design on the front emblazoned in curly gold strokes. It complimented my eyes nicely and I threw on a pair of jean capris with All Stars that matched the light green on my shirt. The pluses of living with a vampire family with loads of money because of Alice's uncanny ability to predict rises and falls in the stock market was that you could have practically anything you wanted. That didn't mean I took advantage. Alice would literally beg me to come shopping with her, and most of the time I would oblige.

There was ONE thing I wanted badly but I knew I couldn't ask. I stared at myself in the mirror as I ran a brush through my slightly blue-gray hair. Just forget about it. You have a new life now. Sighing, I set the brush down and focused hard. I watched in the glass as my hair brightened to the platinum blonde that was my school identity.

I switched of the light and closed the door quietly, turning invisible as I made my way down the stairs and to the kitchen. I pulled a box of cereal out of the cabinet and fixed myself a bowl, sitting down to eat. I scooped the cereal into my mouth and Alice walked glumly into the kitchen, watching the cereal fly through the air and disappear as I swallowed it.

"That looks pretty weird, you know," She said with a sad voice.

I made my head appear, giving the impression I was floating in midair.

"You're not dressing me up," I warned her menacingly and she continued sulking.

"I know," She moaned but she tried anyways, "But can't you let me this one time? Pleasssssse? Pretty, pretty---"

"That's what she did for my wedding!" Bella called from upstairs. "And don't even try the, 'You're my sister don't you love me?' deal!"

Alice scowled at the ceiling and then at me. I shrugged, but then realized she couldn't see my shoulders, so I just scooped more cereal into my mouth.

"Dunaskme. IcansaynounlikeBella." I mumbled through my cereal.

She frowned deeper and stalked out of the kitchen, clearly seeing I wasn't going to change my mind; in more than one sense of the word 'seeing'.

At school, Katie and Michelle has become my best friends. They were the only things that helped me cling to my 'human life', which I clung to rather despratly, despite me knowing that it would be better to let go. Without them, I don't know what I would do. Michelle seemed really interested when I told her about my horses I had back home, and I recommended she take lessons. I felt a stab of pain as she said she'd ask her parents, but I had to be happy for her. That part of my life was over, I told myself.

I caught myself, thankful no one had noticed the slight blueing of my hair. I thought of what it felt like to jump, and immediately my hair glowed platinum.

After school had ended, the Cullens still followed me around occasionally, and today was one of those days, Edward opened the door for me, and his eyes narrowed over my shoulder. "What?" I asked, turning partially.

A blonde haired boy in my English class was pointing at me, talking to a similarly blonde haired young man that looked like he was in college.

"Like cousin, like cousin I suppose." Edward sighed, motioning for me to get in the car. I waved to Michelle and Katie, who were walking along with their older sister, Angela. "Edward! That's Angela!" I motioned to the group and Edward turned.

"Can we go talk, please?" I asked and Alice hopped out of the car.

"Let's go!" She cried, dragging me by the wrist to where they stood, looking at us.

"Hey!" I greeted the twins.

They smiled in return.

Michelle turned to Angela. "This is Lizzie, she went to the Cullens after her parents passed away," She informed her, her voice getting soft as she talked about my parents' 'death'. Angela smiled at me.

"Angela," Alice said warmly, hugging her gently. "So nice to see you. How's Ben?"

Angela smiled timidly and held up her left hand, where a small silver band was settled on her ring finger. "We're engaged," She announced, her seemingly shy voice strong with happiness.

"Congratulations!" Alice and I exclaimed.

"Thank you, and the girls have told me tons about you, Lizzie. I'm glad the Cullens took you, they're such a nice family," She said, smiling at me, then Alice.

"They've been wonderful, I love them very much," I said, my voice unusually soft as I stared at my shoe.

"I'm sure," Angela told me, then looked down at the girls. "We should probably go, have a nice spring break!" The Webers waved and left.

"Err....Alice? It's spring break?" I asked, blinking.

"Yes, it is," Alice laughed dragging me back to the car, " No wonder you didn't ask where we would be going."

I opened the car door. "Where are we going? On vacation?"

"I don't think you're gonna go on a vacation after we get home, but we will be traveling." Edward said with a mysterious smile.

Alice exchanged a loaded glance with him and he and Bella smiled.



Jasper was the only one who looked as left out as I felt.

"So annoying," I grumbled to him and he nodded, rolling his eyes.

The car ride was silent the rest of the way home, Edward Bella and Alice having private thought conversations while Jasper and I sulked.

When we got home, the rest of the family was standing out front; waiting.

"You've never run before have you?" Edward asked.


"That's a no, I'm guessing," Emmett boomed.

"I'm taking her! I call it!" He added energetically.

"Yeah, but I'm faster than you," Edward argued, then turned to me.

"Do you like roller coasters? Or do you get motion sickness?"

What the heck are you talking about? I though with a raised eyebrow.

"Just answer."

I love roller coasters.

"Okay," Edward said, nodding and turning to the others. "Emmett can take her the first time, since he's slow, just in case." Edward teased as Emmett scowled.

"Climb on my back," Emmet said, standing with his back turned to me.

"Uh, Emmett? Has anyone told you lately that you're gigantic?" I asked him. "You need to kneel down. Unless someone knows how to give a leg up?" I turned, eyeing everyone.

"I've got the concept from your thoughts," Edward approached us and cupped his hand under my knee.

"One, two," I counted, bouncing on one foot. "Three!" He vaulted me up, and I grabbed onto Emmett's shoulders, locking my arms around his neck.

"You're as big as a couch," I mumbled into his neck, and he laughed.

"You might want to close your eyes," Edward warned, and Bella looked down.

"Yeah, right."

I stared over Emmett's shoulder at the trees.


"Go for it."

And he ran.

The trees I had been staring at a second before, were all ready behind me before I could blink.

The wind rushed past me so fast; I felt like I had taken up free falling out of helicopters, except I was vertical.

"Woo-hooooooo!' I yelled into Emmett's ear and through all the wind I heard him laugh.

I could see only the vague shapes of my family darting around trees beside me; my eyes were watering.

"Is this as fast as you can go?" I teased Emmett.

"Actually, no." The wind carried Emmett's yell past my ears.

"Well, faster then!" I yelled, clucking like I did to my horse.

We accelerated faster than I would have thought humanly possible. But then again, they were vampires, not humans.

The landmarks were starting to look familiar.

"Are you dizzy?"


"You're going in circles!"

"You're enjoying it a lot more than we expected!"

I was smiling so big my entire mouth felt dry like it had been filled with sand.

I laughed and whooped some more, my emotion flooding Jasper so that he passed it on to everyone else.

After two more laps, everyone was laughing and yelling along with me.

Edward, who was ahead of us, slowed to a walk and everyone else followed.

I dismounted gracefully, landing softly on the turf, and I grinned at everyone.

"That was AWESOME!" I exclaimed happily, my hair glowing bright blonde.

Alice fidgeted and I frowned at her, my hair dimming.

Edward answered the questions in my head.

"She's upset because the wind messed up your hair."

Everyone laughed as I lifted my hands up and felt my bangs sticking straight up.

"Holy cow!"

Alice was in front of me, patting my hair down and combing it with her snowy fingers before I could protest.

I rolled my eyes and followed Edward as he began to walk, Alice shadowing me and patting down my hair.

"What's the use? I'm gonna mess it up on the way home."

Alice glared at me and muttered, "I'm gonna take you home nice and slow."

"Alice, I'm taller than you."

"Plus, I'm pretty sure she can handle going faster," Edward added, winking at me.

I grinned back.

Alice growled softly and I smacked her hand away.

"Ow." It felt like slapping a wall.

Everyone laughed again, but Alice continued trying to tame my wild, wind-swept locks.

"We're here," Edward announced as he stepped out of a shroud of trees, me following close behind.

"Oh my god!" I gasped as I took in what was before me.

Author's note : (I'm not that mean!)

A beautiful wood, breezeway barn took up half of the arena, with paddocks on the other side. There was a wide dirt path that lead the way into the woods at the side opposite of me.

"The trail leads to the arena," Edward informed me, smiling crookedly.

My mouth was hanging open and I closed it, turning around to look at my family. "YOU BUILT THIS?" I asked, shocked.

They smiled at me and nodded, Emmett adding, "And you thought we were hunting squirrels," with a snort.

I hugged him first, failing to wrap my arms all the way around his massive torso, then hugging each of the other family members.

My eyes were stinging, and my hair was changing; not just in color, but in texture.

My hair was suddenly incredibly light, floating around my face like I was immersed in water. It emitted a cool glow, of bright white. Like the color of white-hot metal, glowing in the same way. It wasn't an aged color, it was the purest, prettiest color I'd ever seen, and the way it floated around my face tickled my cheeks.

Everyone turned with shocked faces to Jasper, who was also looking surprised.

"Love," he uttered softly.

Love. The love I felt for horses, which they were giving me to make me happy, but more than anything, the love I felt for my new family.

I let go of my old life, never looking back, never dwelling on the memories that would be impossible to experience ever again.

I stepped back from Edward, the last one I had hugged, and looked over my shoulder to hide the tears that were filling my eyes, causing the flecks of gold in them to glimmer.

As the gold glittered in my eyes, and as my hair swirled white around my face, I embraced my fate --- the fate I had been chosen to live ever since the day my I had been born with gold specks in my eyes --- and the family that I was now wholly a part of.