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A New Life

FIRST IN THE FATE'S COURSE SERIES! After a tragic car accident, a young girl is taken to Forks,Washington to spend some time with one her long-lost family members... but... who is it? Image and video hosting by TinyPic

I do not own Stephenie's characters .. or J.K. Rowling's for that matter :) Update: We find Elizabeth not too alive AND well, but alive at the very least. The 'death' I am refering to in Chap 2 is the vampire that rescued her from the car, E.G. Alice. I haven't even gotten to the reason for that yet! **groan** I had my story plotted out and then I found all these ideas running through my head! Hopefully, I'll be able to calm myself down after the Volturi and it will explain it all. I was planning on them explaining it after her casts were taken off but then my character discovered her powers (without my permission and when she's not even a vampire yet! for goodness sakes!) then the Volturi decided to come, but bring Aro (all without my permission) and so now my rebellious characters are careening out of control. Sorry for the rant, but I needed it out of my system. :)

3. Veins of Fire

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I had passed out, probably out of shock. Now I was starting to come to but all I could feel was wind whipping around me, making my hair dance and whirl around my face. All I heard was the air rushing past my ears. And the cold, like I was being held up to ice, only my body heat couldn't melt it. Cold arms that felt rock hard were running with me slung in them. I felt like I was bigger than the person who carried me and supposed angels were small in Heaven. At, least, that's where I hoped to be going. One of my hands weakly found my neck, and grasped not a cross, but a beautiful, crystal heart that I always wore. The heart gave me strength and I hoped despratley the angels would let me keep it. Would they let me bring it to whatever after world I was going too? The hard arms where giving me bruises. Every jostle upset my legs but I couldn't tell if I was screaming, the wind whipped past so fast. Despite my discomfort, I was grateful that death had taken me away from the hot exhaust and roaring engine. I shuddered and felt my awareness slipping back into the shadows.

I was being laid on a long wood table, and I heard the most glorious voices of angels arguing quietly in another room. "Jasper, this is of vital importance! You must think of something else, anything else!" The voice said feverishly in a quiet voice.

"But, I mean if he comes in and isn't expecting it ..." I could hear the cringe in the second voice that was at a louder volume you would use in a polite conversation. My head felt like it was spinning and with the prodding of the tweezers, I winced. "She's so confused right now." The male voice I assumed was Jasper whisper. Like heck I am! What the heck was going on?

My legs felt heavy and I felt as if my face was being slightly pinched and pulled. A bright light was creating warm dots of red to disrupt the endless black I saw on the back of my eyelids. All I could hear was my steady breathing, making an effort to pull in every breath of air. I rolled my head but gentle, strong hands held it still.

I winced as something long was extracted from the flesh of my cheek and realized whoever was doctoring me, was removing the various shards of glass. It seemed odd that they used tweezers in Heaven, it was just an odd thought. I didn't want to even be conscious when they got to my legs. I was sure my legs were shattered beyond repair, and along with the glass, they would be a mix of burnt flesh and glass clinging to bone. Maybe Heaven could heal anything, I hoped desperately thinking all of the nasty accidents that resulted in people's deaths.

I moved my fingers, trying to stir and feel what I could and couldn't move. The pain started to flood through me and my body stiffened but before I could open my mouth to scream, something much more forceful dropped on me like a load of soft pillows. I was almost suffocated by it but then I surrendered and felt eternally grateful when my body numbed. I sighed, and heard someone's smooth voice fairly close to me murmur, "Jasper," with a profound amount of gratitude.

"Carlisle, what was she thinking?" The one I recognized as Jasper murmured mournfully.

"I think there's something she's hiding something from us." He replied as he pulled out a short piece of glass from my chin. I winced and another wave of numbness hit me.

The two men seemed to be completely ignoring the hissing from the other room.

"I'm proud of you son." The father that was working on me said emotionally.

Proud? Proud of what?

"I would know." The one named Jasper said in a joking tone but he seemed quite happy. Why shouldn't he be? This is the most glorious day! Why am I sitting here on the table? I should be out, running and skipping and SINGING!

I started humming a happy tune, trying to get my arms under me enough to sit up and leap off the table. Two pairs of hands were on me, gently forcing me down. "Jasper, I think you need to control your enthusiasm." Carlisle said laughingly and immediately the sense of joy stopped, and numbing replaced it. "What in the---?" I mumbled groggily, my eyes still closed, and the other two chuckled.

I forced my lids open a crack and found two glorious golden orbs staring down into mine. I fought to keep my eyes open as the voice said softly, "I'm sorry this will burn, but it's necessary." I nodded slowly then closed my eyes. "Jasper, you better leave." It cautioned and immediately the numbing feeling vanished. My ankles suddenly started stinging, then, as if I had been doused in gasoline, a fire erupted through my legs. The monster was back, but this time more painful than ever.

I screamed as the flames shot up my veins.