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A New Life

FIRST IN THE FATE'S COURSE SERIES! After a tragic car accident, a young girl is taken to Forks,Washington to spend some time with one her long-lost family members... but... who is it? Image and video hosting by TinyPic

I do not own Stephenie's characters .. or J.K. Rowling's for that matter :) Update: We find Elizabeth not too alive AND well, but alive at the very least. The 'death' I am refering to in Chap 2 is the vampire that rescued her from the car, E.G. Alice. I haven't even gotten to the reason for that yet! **groan** I had my story plotted out and then I found all these ideas running through my head! Hopefully, I'll be able to calm myself down after the Volturi and it will explain it all. I was planning on them explaining it after her casts were taken off but then my character discovered her powers (without my permission and when she's not even a vampire yet! for goodness sakes!) then the Volturi decided to come, but bring Aro (all without my permission) and so now my rebellious characters are careening out of control. Sorry for the rant, but I needed it out of my system. :)

4. Vampires

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I tossed and thrashed but hands with strength I had never imagined would come out of a human body, held me down. My legs felt extremely heavy as I tried to get them to move and escape the fire, but they were held down by heavy braces that refused to budge. "It's fine now, Carlisle. That's enough alcohol, I can see she won't obtain any infections." A soft but silvery, high voice carried from what I supposed was the doorway to the room. Apparently she had gotten over her 'hissy fit'. And then I could feel her absence fill the room. Where had she gone?

I started yowling as the pain continued. "This is horrible." I heard the voice next to me utter quietly. All that could be heard in the room were my howls that then faded into soft whimpers as the alcohol soaked into my wounds and soon only the soft bubbling and hissing as it got rid of all the bacteria. Then, all was quiet.

I finally found the strength to open my eyes and for awhile I just lay there, panting at the ceiling. The only thing I could feel were the warm, salty tears sliding down my face, and stinging as they entered the gashes where shards of glass had become trapped in my flesh. "Owwww." I moaned, throwing my hand over my face. I felt as though I my hand was a hot iron. I screamed so loud that my voice cracked. A pair of cold hands lifted my hand off my face, setting it on the table, while keeping one cold hand pressed against my hot cheek to ease the pain.

I realized my eyes were still open and had glassed over and I blinked until the off-white ceiling became detailed to the point I could actually see where the lighting arrangements and air-conditioning vents were located. I rolled my head slightly to the side to thank my savior and would have gasped if I had the strength. Instead, I stopped breathing altogether. He frowned for some reason unknown to me.

"Breathe." He reminded me and I obliged, taking a steady breath of air. "I'm Carlisle." He informed me, and I nodded. "Elizabeth." I choked out. 'Lizzie' which what I had gone by for years, hardly seemed a name fit for an angel, if that's what they were, and Carlisle and Jasper were certainly beautiful, old names. And Carlisle certainly looked like an angel.

Carlisle was young, maybe in his mid-twenties, and yet, he seemed extremely wise. His skin was alabaster and he had shiny blonde hair the color of champagne. I immediately recognized the deep ocher eyes I had opened my eyes to earlier. His features were perfect, with full red lips and a straight, perfect nose, I felt very insignificant. What a beautiful person, I thought, my eyes wandering back to his. They were filled with emotion, and I immediately forgave him for putting me through the pain. It was that compassion shone in his eyes, and a slight hint of worry.

"Why are you worrying about what I think, Carlisle? Jasper came to tell me that I should come back and I didn't manage to catch any----" My jaw dropped as a beautiful boy with bronze hair that looked like he was in his late teens stopped in the doorway and his eyes narrowed --- right at me. I felt the color drain from my face. "Carlisle, what is this?!"

Uh oh.

A tiny girl danced in behind him and didn't seem to be at all surprised at the fact there was a thirteen year old girl with broken legs and gashes filled with glass covering every length of her body, to be lying on her dining room table.

"Hello Edward!" Her sing-song voice chimed. So this was the girl who had been hissing. These two were just as, if not more beautiful than Carlisle and the girl had the same golden eyes as him. The boy had deep black eyes that stood out on his also sickly-pale skin.

The boy named Edward turned on Carlisle and started yelling at him with such vigor, that my hands started shaking. " WHAT ON EARTH IS SHE DOING HERE? I GO OUT TO HUNT, JASPER COMES AND TELLS ME TO GO HOME, AND HE WAS BLOCKING HIS THOUGHTS SO THERE WAS NO WAY FOR ME TO BE PREPARED TO COME HOME TO A TEENAGE HUMAN GIRL LYING ON OUR DINING ROOM TABLE LOOKING LIKE SHE -- SHE'S ..." The tiny girl with obviously an insane amount of courage stepped forward and offered, "Looks like she's about to die?" He turned on her. "YOU KNEW! THAT'S WHY I'VE HAD TO LISTEN TO THAT HORRIBLE, ANNOYING SONG YOU WERE SINGING?" The girl shrugged.

Edward let out the scariest growl I've ever heard in my life and, stalked out of the room. I sat there shaking so hard that I bit my tongue and it started to throb. The small girl shrugged again, flipped her short black hair, and skipped over to me.

"Hi, I'm Alice! Nice to finally meet you!" Her buoyant attitude didn't seem to have a bit of falseness and she smiled cheerily as if what I now thought was the scariest thing I had ever seen, had been nothing more than a snappy complaint. I blinked back at her. "I know you're probably in shock and stuff but don't worry, you'll be fine!"

She ignored my wince as I heard something in the other room crash. "Oh, Edward's not as scary as he thinks he is, he's really quite ---" Edward stormed back into the room and started pacing and growling under his breath as if none of us were in here. Alice grew quiet and she and Carlisle looked as if they were really concentrating hard on something, but Edward looked like he was concentrating harder. He stopped pacing and quiet filled the room while I fidgeted uneasily.

Out of nowhere, Edward snapped at Alice, "For God's sake! Stop singing that song! You know how much I hate that--" Alice cut him off in an equally annoyed voice, "If you don't like the song then stop listening Edward! After a little under a hundred years I would of guessed you learned how to control it!" Edward pulled his lips over his teeth and growled at her and pretty little Alice growled back.
These people are lunatics! I wonder if I could make a run for it ... Oh wait. My legs are broken! Darn it! Maybe I could roll ...

Edward suddenly broke off his growl and snorted. "What?" Alice demanded. "Apparently, she was ready to make a run for it until she realized she didn't have properly working legs and even then, she was prepared to try to roll out the door." He snorted again, nodding towards me. My eyes widened and I let out a little "Eeep!" Carlisle and Alice turned to stare at me, Carlisle looked understanding and Alice looked hurt. Edward's face was tense and it would have been a lot easier if he wasn't in the room. He looked like he wanted to rip me to shreds, and it scared the living daylights out of me.

Out of the corner of my eye, ( I was looking down at my hands) I saw Edward's face soften. "It's not your fault," He murmured quietly. "I'm absolutely livid at the others, but you couldn't have had anything to do with this." Talk about Multiple Personality Disorder. He chuckled quietly. I looked up into his midnight eyes, and even though there was anger lurking, there was a sweet gentleness that absolutely did not match the behavior he had demonstrated moments before. And what was scariest for me, was that I completely trusted all of them.

"It's lucky she hasn't seen Emmett yet!" Alice exclaimed brightly. "That might just make her try to make 'a roll for it'." Alice made air quotations as she said her made up nickname, and giggled.

I gazed around wide-eyed at everyone, wondering how on Earth I got here. "I was actually wondering that too." Edward informed me and I gasped. He turned to look expectantly at Alice and she sighed. "I think before we tell her story, we should tell her about us first. She doesn't even know some of the stuff I do ..." Edward nodded then turned to me. He took a deep breath. "We're vampires."

Oh, lovely.