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A New Life

FIRST IN THE FATE'S COURSE SERIES! After a tragic car accident, a young girl is taken to Forks,Washington to spend some time with one her long-lost family members... but... who is it? Image and video hosting by TinyPic

I do not own Stephenie's characters .. or J.K. Rowling's for that matter :) Update: We find Elizabeth not too alive AND well, but alive at the very least. The 'death' I am refering to in Chap 2 is the vampire that rescued her from the car, E.G. Alice. I haven't even gotten to the reason for that yet! **groan** I had my story plotted out and then I found all these ideas running through my head! Hopefully, I'll be able to calm myself down after the Volturi and it will explain it all. I was planning on them explaining it after her casts were taken off but then my character discovered her powers (without my permission and when she's not even a vampire yet! for goodness sakes!) then the Volturi decided to come, but bring Aro (all without my permission) and so now my rebellious characters are careening out of control. Sorry for the rant, but I needed it out of my system. :)

8. Aro

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"They're here. Change." Edward whispered to me and I did, trying to be very careful not to focus on making anything disappear.

We all made our way down the stairs and I didn't need to worry about the noise because apparently, my power wasn't just invisibility, it was all of the senses. It was as if I wasn't part of the world right now.

"Friends! Nice too see you Carlisle." Exclaimed one of the four vampires, spreading his arms wide. They were all standing in the living room, watching us descend the stairs. Carlisle smiled slightly in response. The unfamiliar vampire had long, jet-black hair that matched the color of his cloak. "Hoo, Hoo! My dear Bella you look wonderful!"

"Thank you, Aro. Your generosity is great." Bella replied politely.

"So nice to see you !" Aro walked forward and pressed his hands to Bella's, but it wasn't really a handshake.

I tilted my head as I watched this vampire. He looked, almost breakable. A vampire, breakable? How odd. He had dark red eyes, almost the color of my hair right now, and I shivered. His red eyes were slightly clouded my a milky film. It didn't seem to affect his vision, but then again, vampires have such strong senses...

Aro's face was growing frustrated, then it cleared. "Ha, ha! My good Bella, you are still as blank as before! Is that your only power, I wonder?" Aro turned to Edward and held his hand out.

Edward shook his head. "Bella, won't you give a little example for Aro?"

A small female vampire that could have looked beautiful if her face wasn't marred by such a malicious expression hissed.

"Now, now Jane." But before he even finished, Jane's smile turned angelic as she turned to stare at Edward. Edward was immediately on the ground, writhing silently in what I took was great pain. Bella growled and immediately Jane was on the floor this time. Edward sprang up to look at Bella, and I tore my gaze away from the struggling vampire to Bella's face. She was smiling innocently at Jane who was staring up at her in horror.

"What is this?!" Aro cried happily, oblivious to Jane twitching and screaming on the floor. He clasped his hands together eagerly.

"I can borrow other's powers. I can share Edward's mind reading, Alice's seeing, Jasper's mood changing, all of it." I saw Aro's mouth twitch and for the first time, Aro was not smiling.

"So my dear, if I'm not mistaken, you can use my powers?" Aro's face looked hopeful that, I'm guessing Bella could not use Aro's own powers.

'Yes, I can hear all of a person's thoughts, but only by touch."

"Interesting. You of course know that we will always have a spot open for all of you in our family," But Aro only cast glances at Edward, Bella, and Alice. Jasper wrapped his arm around Alice protectively, and Edward and Bella exchanged glances.

"Well friends, it was so nice to see you! of course, Edward, don't think I am unaware you have been negligent to shake my hand." Aro stuck his hand out, with a fake, cheery smile.

Edward's expression was wooden as he approached him, his hand extended. Aro's eyes were wide as he let go of Edward's hand.

"Where is she?" Aro demanded greedily as the Cullens exchanged glances.

"You can search for her," Edward said, nodding to another vampire. "But she is not here Demetri."

"Of course she isn't!" Aro replied indignantly. "I know that her scent, mind, sound, and appearance is gone when she decides it. But perhaps, she needs a little convincing." He cast his eyes around the room and I shivered. I knew nobody heard it, but Esme looked troubled and Carlisle grim.

"Jane, dear. Pick one, and hopefully this little girl will have the heart to come out of hiding."

"Yes, Master!" Jane smiled happily then narrowed her eyes at the Cullens. Her eyes drifted greedily to Bella, but she knew better and chose Alice.

Alice, screamed and fell to the floor writhing like a snake just tossed in the air. She screamed for about twenty seconds, and then there was silence. She lay on the floor panting, and Jane called loud enough for me to hear, "Come out little girl."

Alice's screams echoed through the room and I gritted my teeth. My hair was whirling around my head like angry ocean waves, lit on fire. I burst forth with a snarl, and Jane turned her cherubic face to me.

A wave of pain hit me and my hair shone so red, a metallic glint came off of it. "Stop!" I growled and as her grin widened, I smiled too.

Jane disappeared. Aro stared at the spot she where she had just been grinning. I counted to twenty in my head. "My, my." He whispered. Then his face brightened. "Not even a vampire yet! Tut, Tut! No one can pass up this power, I'm afraid."

The corner of my mouth twitched and my hair lightened a shade. Now that Jane was where ever I sent her, it would be a lot easier. Felix was snarling and I glared at him.

"If you must." Aro watched greedily.

I looked at Edward who shrugged and nodded.

Turning back to Felix, I raised my eyebrows and he too, disappeared.

Aro finally seemed to realize he was much out-numbered without Jane who could obviously stop people in their tracks, and Felix, who had looked like a fighter. "Would, you be so kind, Lizzie, as too return my guard to me?" After a moment, grudgingly, I nodded and Aro looked relieved.

I glared at the floor and let Felix appear on his feet. He eyed me warily, and moved to stand next to Aro, gazing, along with everyone else, at the spot where he had appeared. I knew I would never have the opportunity again, so I made bringing Jane back quite fun.

I stared hard at the floor where Felix's feet had landed and concentrated with all my strength. Jane crashed down so hard that her head cracked the hard wood floor. I would have to apologize to Esme later, but I smiled as little chuckles came from the Cullens' group.

"Oops. I'm sorry!" I apologized, innocently widening my eyes. Jane started to smile at me but I disappeared and Aro said with a hint of panic in his voice, "Now now, Jane. Let's not scare young Lizzie away. I thought you would be intelligent enough to realize she out matches you, even not being a vampire."

Jane hissed angrily and, I returned, on the other side of the Cullens, smiling.

Emmett jumped when I poked him and then laughed.

"Well my dear friends!" Aro exclaimed, clapping his hands together. "Seeing as your last change is successful, I must leave it to you to change the girl..."

I felt my stomach drop and I could tell there was more.

"But," he cautioned, his face darkening. "I would appreciate it greatly if you were very cautious, and I advise you not to fail. If necessary, we can bring her back to Italy." Aro finished, looking at Carlisle.

Carlisle nodded. "Please do not worry yourself. It will be fine." Aro nodded, looking wistfully at me, and then turning to the door. "Come, Jane, we must be back to Italy soon." And with that, all four pulled their hoods up, Jane giving me a last dirty look, and darted out the door.