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This is a ton of one-shots that I wrote. They take place in the mind of people that in the Cullen's human life they were close to. For example their best friend, sister, etc.


2. Clayton and Mary Alice

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Mary Alice Brandon was once my best friend. Sure, she was a bit on the weird side with all of her visions of the future and such. Well, actually she called them premonitions, yet they were always more than that, somehow deeper and more complex than just a good guess. Mary never guessed; she just knew somehow. It’s true, though it sounds silly and like kid’s nonsense.

We were actually set to marry when Mary was of age, though I didn’t find this out until the accident happened. I can’t say what the accident was; only that Mary was taken away in a van and never seen again. I went to her funeral which happened shortly after and I remember crying and crying. My parents deny that there was ever a funeral. That I ever cried my heart out over a lost friend. That Mary even existed. I know she did. I know in my heart she did.

Mary was a good person. She was always kind to everyone, including Alexandria who lived across the street. Nobody was nice to Alexandria. She was stuck up and pompous and everything else that you never wanted to be. Mary, however, saw past that and would play with her all day long.

I ended up marrying Mary’s sister Catherine who resembled Mary in almost every way-except her personality. Even Catherine denied she had a sister. Catherine kept to herself, unlike Mary. I did love Catherine, don’t get me wrong. We even had a daughter together-beautiful Maria, named in Mary’s honor, though my wife never realized it.

However, I feel Mary would have suited me better. Loved me more. It always seemed to me that Catherine was just with me for convenience. Mary would have loved me for who I was, cherishing each moment that we spent together. At least, I would have.

I am now an old man, a widower and yet every weekend I visit the proof that Mary existed-her tombstone. I am not sure what I am hoping to find, maybe peace, maybe reassurance that there is life after death. Whatever it is, I haven’t found it yet.

Sometimes, my daughter goes with me. She has always believed me about Mary and it has never fazed her when I told her the stories that I remember. Though, I remember nearly every time that we spent together. I loved Mary and still do. There’s no way around that piece of information and I have learned to deal with it. I will never have my happily-ever-after with my queen, the one I truly love.

I hope in heaven Mary hears me. I hope she forgives me for marrying her sister, though I have never escaped her death. It has held me these many long years that build on top of each other, prolonging my life. I know Mary is in heaven; such a clean beautiful person could never go to hell that would be a sin.

I know my life is almost over, but I rejoice in the fact that soon I will be with Mary again.