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This is a ton of one-shots that I wrote. They take place in the mind of people that in the Cullen's human life they were close to. For example their best friend, sister, etc.


3. Jasper

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I remember the fights in the south like it was yesterday. Those were the glory days, the good days. The days before this blasted fake knee. Yes sir, those were the good days.

Jasper Whitlock was one of the best men that I had ever fought with though he disappeared one night and never came back to camp. I can’t imagine without grimacing what must have happened to him that made him so injured that he couldn’t even drag his behind back to camp like I did when I lost my leg from my thigh down. He was a tough boy, some might say even tougher then I, though I wouldn’t go that far. AHEM. Anyway… Where was I?

Ahhh, yes Jasper Whitlock, such a tough tall boy. Some might even dare to say good looking though that depends on your taste. AHEM.

Anyway, Jasper was a good boy that didn’t deserve to die. A good hardworking boy. He never complained about nothin’ and I like that in a fellow. It is a good quality to have in life. A quality I value in a soldier.

He left camp to round up the women and such and that was the last time I’d seen him. It’s haunted me my entire life. My wife told me that I should just forget it, but I can’t. There was somethin’ eerie like about how he’d be dying. I ain’t sure he really is dead anyways. He was a good boy and solider, I took him on as a general for me and kept promoting him and promoting him. He was a good worker a good boy, my favorite in all the years I was in battle and let me tell you, I was in battle a long time!

I ain’t sure that his family ever figured out what be happening to him either though they sure has a right to be knowing about that! I do too for that matter.

I ain’t going to live much longer but I sure hope that I will see General Jasper Whitlock again wherevers we may go after life. Whether is heaven or hell? Heck, I’ve killed many a man with a rifle in my deserving hands. I’m sure Whitlock did too. I think we will end up in the same place, if we end up anywhere at all.

Years on the battlefield have worn down my heart and soul, now I cannot even believe that there is still a God. How any God could let innocent men die at the hands of pain and suffering? HUMF! My men shouldn’t never have died buried in their own blood, a horrible ending. I am lucky enough to go with family by my side taking care of my needs and my knee.

As I die I will remember Jasper. I will remember how my family won’t have to constantly be wondering whether I’ll be walking through the front door or whether I’m dead. Yes, me and my family is lucky.